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  1. Currently playing Awakening for the first time. DANG this game is good. And I might find something worth remixing too There's already some neat stuff in here, but nothing that's super catchy quite yet.
  2. whoa, chill out man. I was just asking questions. I get your point but I mean, man, this must be super serious or something. But thanks for the info, it actually helped. I'm not a Mega Man guy, this is just what I've read. I just wanna know what everyone's input here is on the subject.
  3. like I said, my knowledge with Capcom and Mega Man is very limited. I get your point, though. I mean personally, Sonic Unleashed was quite decent, Sonic Generations was really good, Sonic Colors actually kinda bored me but that's probably just me, I really enjoyed the Sonic Adventure's (especially SA2), and Sonic Heroes is kinda cool but too slippery. All of that set aside, Sonic's transition to 3D was pretty rough and still is (clearly). I could understand how that could be the same with Mega Man. Some game franchises just can make it through anything, like Zelda, Mario, and Metroid. So is Capcom doing ok? Cuz last I heard they weren't doing so well. Granted, I think I read that on ZeldaInformer and they're sometimes known for being pretty biased. Everyone's biased, but some more than others.
  4. so my knowledge on Mega Man and Capcom is not all that advanced but someone please explain to me where the common sense is in not making a new game with your most successful character while your company is slowly going down the toilet.
  5. To a certain extent it is but you're also right, it's a site of professionals as well.
  6. Uhhhhh Wow, ok. It's not like any of us need work or anything. It genuinely does harm to those who need work and therefore can harm the industry. Not sure how I'm supposed to explain what I feel is clear as day. It has nothing to do with getting a "better chance". The other guy will be taken advantage of, put other potential musicians out of work in the meantime, and the guy getting the work won't even be getting paid what he should be getting paid, which is practically demeaning the value of musicians and music. I'd say that clearly harms the industry. Also Meteo and Nase, there was an actual thread we moved this to.
  7. Can't agree enough, especially with the portions I emphasized. Being taken advantage of is an issue already. It only gets worse when the person takes advantage of the person going far too cheap or even for free and therefore very well could put other potential musicians out of work because this one guy over here is doing it all for free or is undercharging. Then it becomes a problem for both sides and that's at least part of problem and the harm that can be done to the industry. Also, I'll just quote what Joe said:
  8. This probably should be taken somewhere else on a new forum thread, but I have to agree with Joe here, it generally does harm to the industry. However, I appreciate your very generous attitude. I think anyone would and should appreciate that.
  9. Hey there. May be interested. Not sure if I can do it or not. Been in Florida for a week and will be back Monday night. I'll check into this more.
  10. I would love to see a movie-adaptation of a video game that's actually good
  11. GameCube was honestly a much simpler and easier controller to use than the gamepad, but that doesn't go to say the gamepad controller is bad. Just a tad bit more awkward for me, personally. And yeah that's right, the LR triggers on the GCN controller could be half clicked. I forgot about that.
  12. Wii U has four different buttons at the top, maybe that's what's being referred to here. It's got those two bumpers or whatever, and behind those, the LR triggers. GameCube had a Z button in front of the R trigger but not too bumpers (or whatever they're called) on both sides.
  13. Listen, I've got no issue with the Wii games for digital download. All I'm saying is it just feels a little like a waste when the only good thing about it is its discounted price. I've got plenty of those games for my Wii already and I think there's only a limited amount of people that actually care about the gamepad. It just seems like making GameCube games available either in replacement of that or in addition to that would be a good move for them and seems to just make more sense. Heck, GameCube games on the gamepad would be far more interesting, but maybe that's just me. Because no one cares about Nintendo. It's not "cool" or whatever. The "hip" stuff is Xbone and PS4. But there also are only a few really great titles for the Wii U right now, but more are coming. Nevertheless, it seems like places like GameStop have intentionally been emphasizing on Microsoft and Sony stuff for the past 7-ish years or probably longer. But also, for the record, I hate GameStop. I usually get all my stuff online now on Amazon or something.
  14. I feel like there needs to be some Need for Speed in here but... I'm not wanting to remix a NFS track myself. xD Also, I only see one Crash Bandicoot song... I feel like there needs to be one more.
  15. the whole Wii games on Wii U is kind of lame. I don't usually bash Nintendo but it's just really underwhelming. You can already put Wii games in the Wii U; just having the ability to play it on the gamepad doesn't do anything for me. What they really needed to do was add download support for GameCube games. I don't know why they didn't do that.
  16. no we definitely need a lot of this heck let's make the whole entire thing a FFIX project nobody's doing that, right
  17. Ok so you can get fairly decent USB mic's for like, $150 or less. I have one that I just graduated from and it seriously has done me so much good. I used it as my mic for all of my work for the past 3 years. What I've got is an Audio-Technica AT2020 USB condenser mic. It's honestly got really great quality, even flat with no EQ or compressor. However, if you do get a "real" mic (one with an XLR input), you'll need to get an audio interface. There are plenty of good ones for sub $150. I have the M-Audio M-Track and it's working great. I got mine for only $75. I think it was cheaper because they have the newer model, the M-Track Plus, but they still sell the older model new and the older one only lacks like two things that the newer one has. However, I bet there might be XLR-to-USB cables out there, but I'm not sure.
  18. I love snow for about a day or maybe at most two days and then I'm like "ok, time for Spring please". There is a LOT I love about snow but I also can't constantly have it. Again, I like when it's sunny out and I like that when it's snowing too. It melts faster so I don't have to deal with it forever and it also looks way prettier. I love the way snow looks when the sun is out, especially the morning and evening sun. But yeah, definitely would agree that gray and wet days are almost always something I can't really dig. I always try finding good reasons to enjoy a day like that and I think there is always some good in some gray and wet days, but it's not my cup of coffee. I'd definitely have quite a few cups of coffee on a gray and wet day, though.
  19. guys. Dirty Loops. for crying out loud. if you're not listening to Dirty Loops then something's wrong. http://youtube.com/user/DirtyLoops
  20. Dang dude. I'm going the end of this month.
  21. Nope, I love winter. It's my least favorite season, but I love every season for different reasons. I'm a nature-lover. And it's very beautiful where I live. It gets really cold here for sure, though. What does make me feel kinda gloomy is cold, wet, and gray days. I have found some things about those days that I enjoy and I just work on my music and play video games and just kinda jump around to keep myself active and whatnot, but I definitely could say I often feel gloomy on rainy days. I like it bright and colorful. Hope ya feel better, bro!
  22. Hi, I'm on iTunes, but none of it is even related to video games: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/garrett-williamson/id519060238 EDIT: Just kidding, I forgot that "Settle It In Smash" is purely about Smash 4. But that's it.
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