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  1. You guys ever heard of Dirty Loops? http://youtube.com/user/DirtyLoops
  2. Ya need to get some Final Fantasy in there. I'm interested, but I might be one of those freaks that takes up until the last minute to record stuff because of other projects.
  3. I'm gonna go ahead and go with it being a joke even though I meant 4:3 but hey yeah let's go with 4:9
  4. everybody's saying "1080p" nope, I'm gonna rock the good ole 4:9 over here on my little tv.
  5. mine would be not to make another New Years resolution because every time I do one, it doesn't work out. which probably means that since my resolution is to not have one, I will have one and then it won't go through. or maybe I'll get lucky and something will happen this time.
  6. I have 78 points from my DLC purchase of MK8 and that's it hahaha. I get every single game physically. I always buy the disc (unless it was the Wind Waker game that came with my Wii U). Digital download takes up space and it doesn't feel right. I've gotta have the disc.
  7. As for Speed Highway, I've got nothing. But as for Emerald Coast, I've definitely got a WIP for ya.
  8. atatata taata taatatata zukkyun watatata taata taatatata dokkyun
  9. oh look another game that I genuinely try caring about but I just don't. something turns me off when every game in the series is just another Roman numeral. it's like I can't keep up or something. I get lost in all of these letters, man. maybe I haven't played FF enough, I donno. I should go do that.
  10. yeah it's clear that Eiji was like "Wii U is this much more powerful than the Wii? screw it make the map ginormous". Not only that but for what they're showing off now (other than the rock textures), it's really good looking for that large of a map as well. I mean you remember those leaves in the first showing? That was honestly impressive to me. here's hoping that a ginormous map will be worth it. I love huge worlds. I remember when I was really young I thought that Station Square in Sonic Adventure was big. Games like Skyrim make me so happy because of their ridiculously large maps. But I also remember feeling like some of Skyrim is just kinda... bland. I don't want that for Zelda U.
  11. I got pretty pumped seeing the demo. I'm just sick of hearing Zelda fanboys being butthurt because it doesn't look exactly like what they wanted it to look like in their heads. I love how people seem to expect that a game is going to look exactly like how they imagine it or else they'll bash it around. just kidding no I don't
  12. Currently I've gotten far behind in my projects so if I've got anything to give you on 12/31, it will be brief. Do not get me wrong, though, this is something I am definitely wanting to do. I just have paid work I have to get out of the way and some other deadlines that are coming up fast.
  13. my mom apparently was woken up at her school camp by "Cum on Feel the Noize" every morning with blazing loud speakers
  14. I would agree with that. except for Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask at a mind-blowing 25fps or maybe even lower. Also, yes, MK8's 3 or 4 player gameplay has got to be like 25 fps. I think they had to make the decision to either drop a lot of cool graphical stuff to keep framerate high or drop the framerate to keep the graphical stuff at its best. They picked the latter. Obviously I don't know that for a fact, that's just a guess. But with like Mario Kart Wii, they dropped some graphical additions from characters and stages in 3-4 player modes to maintain a high framerate. They did that in 2-4 player modes in Double Dash as well and I'm pretty sure they did that in games before it too. Pretty sure MK8 was the first time they decided to go for graphics over framerate in multiplayer modes, which honestly I think is a little silly. It's hard to see how pretty stuff is when your screen in 4 player is ¼ what it is in one player. And see Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask still get a lot of praise. So as long as it's a very good game and obviously the framerate is good enough that you can actually see what's going on (which should be always on a console game), then framerate and resolution don't matter as much. Obviously we're now in the generation where graphics and speed are everything. It's always mattered but now it does more than ever. I mean I know younger kids that won't play older games just because they are graphically worse than games of today. I think that's straight up pathetic. But that's beside the point.
  15. I say consoles up their game and do both at the same time if it's such a big deal personally I don't care, just give me a good game.
  16. Probably Green Hill Zone or the melody part of the Mario theme. The first one I can really remember sitting down and giving time and commitment to play, though, was the Super Mario 64 Bob-Omb Battlefield Theme. And then the Fairy Spring song from Zelda, both the left and right hand. That's my greatest feat. and I still struggle to play it.
  17. Also guys, just uploaded the live music video version of the Settle It In Smash song, if anyone's interested. http://youtu.be/u6qnHS4stXE
  18. Hahaha yeah That kinda went super viral.
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