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  1. Happy birthday you freaking genius.

    What a moron you are.

  2. Saw it dude. Awesome stuff man. :) I responded on the forum but yeah I saw that you said that you changed a few things so I watched it again.

  3. In case you haven't checked, the album is up now. I know you had said something about notifying you or something like that. :-P

    CD Baby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/garrettwilliamson5

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-beat-demon/id896955735

    Have fun. I'm totally not advertising at all.

    *barrel rolls away*

  4. hey man. I accepted your Skype request, finally. may not be able to tonight, but I'd love to talk about the project in the near future.

  5. yup yup. co-directing sounds cool. I just gotta get a bunch of projects outta the way. it may be a bit of time before I can fully come in and put a lot of time and effort into this.

  6. hey man, sorry. this week is super stressful. if we're to talk at all, it probably won't be until after Christmas hahaha

    are you wanting to assist in directing this project? I can't do it entirely by myself and it looks like you're someone who could keep me sane and on the right track. :-P

  7. yeah let's just talk about it tomorrow

  8. yeah no Skype right now. maybe tomorrow afternoon, if I'm not too busy. sorry, just don't wanna spam that thread with our quick responses to each other. I'm for real busy trying to get some tracks done by deadline so I'm working on those right now, as well as switching back and forth on that thread.

  9. omg I used to watch this like every day

  10. I'll check my PM box again but I'm perty sure you didn't.

  11. lol I totally PMed you about doing guitar on my Dragon Roost Island remix because I'm going for a more rock style. I'm getting Argle to do some violin as well.

  12. Hey bro. Did you get my PM a bit of time back?

    Apologies if I'm being an annoyance or you are just really busy right now.

  13. Well yeah, I mean, everybody's gotta be SUPER SONIC RACING.




    Had to let that out. Hate that singer, but I know the songs like the back of my head.

    I mean, the game is practically as old as I am (well, a bit younger, but pretty close)

  14. How does this make you so happy? I'd be glad to take on a Sonic R remix! But how does this so heavily affect your happiness level? :D

  15. Not sure... I've got a lot of other stuff on my hands.

  16. I have no clue. I've already remixed it once, but I would love to try it again differently.

  17. Hey man. Don't want to be obnoxious or impatient, but did you get my PM?

  18. You know what, I may take that back. I just remembered we have Amaterasu, and I may ask him if he could do a violin solo on the track.

    Still thinking about it...

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