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Status Updates posted by timaeus222

  1. Aw yeah! I just passed my qualifying exams for my Physical Chemistry PhD!

  2. About to start grad school in a few hours! Ready, set, bye-bye, a-go-go!

  3. I feel accomplished! I just got published in the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation as a co-author of a computational chemistry paper. http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.jctc.6b00190

    I did the orbital optimization procedure to make the calculations of the ground-state energy of large conjugated systems more quick and efficient. :)

  4. One more post til 10000! :D

    1. Brandon Strader

      Brandon Strader

      Liontamer padding his post count by generating all the "What do you think of this mix?" posts

      My post count was forged through blood. Sweat. Tears. Years and years of being an outcast. Working my way out of the shadows. Working my way back into the shadows. Finding out I can't hide anymore in the shadows because I'm in the spotlight. That was me in the corner, in the spotlight, losing my religion. Trying to keep up with you, and I didn't know if I could do it. Saying too much. Not saying enough. 

      Some day I realized it's not the post count that matters. It's the post. An allegory. 

  5. Finals week coming up! Cracking down on the biochem. :-?

  6. Happy birthday!

    1. Esperado


      Thanks timaeus! It's been a good one!

  7. Yo man! Did you get my PM?

    1. Clem


      sup dude. ya i got it. ill finish that track soon

  8. In reply to "For a lot of flash videos that have the option of running full screen tend to crahsh whenever I switch to full screen mode..." from 2012: If you're using windows, I managed to get out of that by pressing the "Windows" key next to the Alt key. Then you can use the task manager. :P

  9. Went to celebrate my grandfather's birthday yesterday; found support beams right outside the party building and climbed them... 4 times. #American #Ninja #Warrior

  10. When 1 reddit post tells you everything you need to know about a topic that was difficult to find on specialist forums. T_T

  11. Happy birthday, dude! :)

    1. bLiNd


      just saw this! thanks <3

  12. Hey Larry, did you get my message from about a week ago?

  13. Making major progress in the programming! 956 lines and growing!

  14. Happy birthday, bro! :)

  15. Happy birthday, man! :D

  16. Hm... I think this upload of the Bleach OST track 029 is clearer:

    1. WiFiSunset


      Yeah you're right, it does sound clearer. I've edited the post and used that link. Thanks for helping out :)!

  17. Learning a new programming language to solve the Schrodinger equation. YEAH!

  18. Just knocked my Physical Chemistry final out of the park. I'm on a roll!

    1. Mikeaudio


      Nice! Go for broke!

  19. Just kicked butt on my 4th Physical Chemistry exam. Feeling extra nerdy.

  20. Just met Robert Irvine. Highlight of my day!

  21. Happy birthday, man!

  22. Haaaaappy birthday! :D

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