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  1. When I heard this on the album trailer, I was racking my brain wondering which Animal Crossing game it was from. No wonder I couldn't figure it out!
  2. Can we PLEASE get Rough McGruff doing a cover of the best acapella in VG: The "Secret Stage" music from Super Mario Sunshine?
  3. BTW guys, TimeShock Extra is still on YouTube (DL links still broken tho)
  4. I don't have any music that I really refuse to do, but I most certainly prefer to work with catchy songs that I remember fondly. Since I grew up playing a Gamecube, my current "brain mixes" are a jazz-ish medley of Double Dash and a rockin' remix of the Hooktail battle theme from Thousand-Year Door.* The problem with working with newer tracks is that (a) I can't deviate too much without the risk of "ruining" the source, and ( The source sounds so good that there isn't much room for interpretation. * P.S. Seriously guys WTF why are there no Paper Mario remixes yet?! If I'm the first one to get a PM ReMix posted, I will be sooooooooooo disappoint.
  5. Aw Yeah!! Never especially liked the original, and despised the SSBB version, but DAMN this is good. PR, don't ever stop making music.
  6. Well I do, but the youtubez are always faster for me...
  7. What's the current official statement regarding this issue? Also, way to ruin my peaceful weekend, YouTube. I was just gonna watch Desert Bus and listen to music but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  8. This was sudden; it was working yesterday! ;(
  9. Grrr. I lost my weekend to buying a new suit for senior yearbook photos (why they do this in junior year beats me), so no new headphones were bought... so I have another week to choose. Suggestions are still welcome, but I did some research and I have decided to purchase Sennheiser headphones (haven't picked a specific model yet, though). UPDATE: I have just ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD 203 headphones (and a 360 copy of L.A. Noire) on Amazon. Since this shopping journey has (hopefully...) ended, Moderators: you may lock this thread at your earliest convenience (despite the lively, fast-paced discussion it triggered ).
  10. Thanks for the links, StigTrix. I'll check them out in a minute. I'm looking for portable over-ear headphones or good-quality earbuds. Not sure what "monitors" are (a certain style of headphones, maybe? Made for a certain purpose?) or why they're special, but that's because i iz terminology n00b As for comfort, it's... moderately important. Obviously, pain is bad and should be avoided, but past that, they only need to be comfortable enough that I'm not constantly aware of their presence. It's safe to say that I will use my new headphones/earbuds more for pleasure listening than for serious production (in case this has any effect on anything). Oh don't worry; my iPod's battery life became unusably short about a year ago I use my earbuds mainly on my laptop and on my original ("chunky") DS. And I do agree that iPod sound quality could use some improvement. EDIT: When I'm shopping around, I'd like to know what the different specs mean--mainly "Frequency Response," "THD," and "Impedance"--and maybe some example values for each (i.e. what frequency is bass at?, etc). EDIT 2: I'm starting to compile a list of songs (all from OCR, of course) that represent all of the genres that I like to listen to, so I have a constant to test headphones against (a.k.a. my family-room stereo). I've updated the OP with my list and my other updates.
  11. Hello, OCR; today is a sad day; my old, loyal, beloved pair of iPod earbuds (SHUT UP OUR LOVE WAS TRUE ) finally died. I put them away for literally less than a minute as I walked to class, only to find when I took them out again that the left earbud had a fully detached cover and was unable to play any sound at all (I can't leave you two alone for even a minute, can I? ) I'm going to go to the store this weekend to buy a replacement pair, but I wanted you guys' suggestions as to what pair of earbuds or headphones I should get. What I need: Earbuds or portable headphones (over-ear headphones preferred, if possible) Low cost ($50 at most, but preferably less) Available at a major retailer in Northern Virginia (Apple Store, Best Buy, or Target plz) OR an online retailer that can ship them to me very quickly Good all-around sound quality, including bass (I <3 phat bass, but it shouldn't overpower everything else) Doesn't "leak" sound (those nearby should not hear my music; sadly, iPod 'buds fail at this catastrophically) Cord length >= 3'6" (42", or 106.7cm) Fits comfortably in/on ear and stays there (must not fall out/off when I'm headbanging) Longevity -- I really don't want to do this again any time soon! I do not need or care about an on-cord microphone/volume control or noise-cancelling capability (actually, I'd prefer if they weren't noise-cancelling). I checked Consumer Reports' latest headphone ratings, but they're all way too expensive (the only pair within my budget was Apple iPhone earbuds:tomatoface:), so I definitely need suggestions from you guys! Any recommendations are appreciated. EDIT: ABSOLUTELY NO CLIP-ONS. THOSE THINGS HURT. A LOT. EDIT 2: I would like some guidance on headphone specs (what the heck do "THD," "Frequency Response," "Impedance," and "Signal Sensitivity" mean?) and some example values for each (i.e. "Frequency Response with 30Hz or less has good treble," etc). EDIT 3: I'm making a list of OCR tracks that represent my personal favorite genres with which to test my headphones (against my family-room stereo set), but I need some help on certain genres. Here's my list so far: General (does everything equally, but nothing exceptionally; middle-of-the-road): NEED SUGGESTIONS Orchestral: The Angels of Hell by Random Hero Phat, "Evil" Techno: Sturm und Kong by djpretzel Clean Techno/Electro House: Casino Lounge by Mattias Häggström Gerdt and GSlicer; Chemixtrixx by PrototypeRaptor Chiptunes! Agahnim Arsenik by AeroZ "Chiptunes Plus": Spoiled R0TT3N by Benjamin Briggs Ambient/Trance: The Forerunner Mix (Alpha) by Nick Singer; NEED TRANCE SUGGESTIONS Rock (NOT METAL): NEED SUGGESTIONS Choral/Vocal: Oil Ocean (WT-40 Mix) by PlanetSkill; Time to Oil Up by zircon and Jillian Aversa
  12. Love it. Definitely sounds like VVVVVV, but I swear I hear Meat Boy themes in there, especially in the background melody (at 2:12, I DEFINITELY hear the "Teh Internets" tune), but I guess you can't plagiarize your own original work... ...not that Danny would ever do such a thing.
  13. Just finished listening to all the tracks straight through. I... don't know how to explain how epic this is in words appropriate for ANY website. Let's just say that I cried at the end because there were no more tracks to hear. I'm especially sad that a bunch of great source tunes had to be neglected on this album, especially a bunch from DPP. Also, imma let you finish, but Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD had some of the best music ever (even if most were just variations on a theme). What's Missing(no) IMHO -- a rough draft: All games: PokéMart theme DPP: Game Corner Colosseum/XD: Pyrite Town (The XD version has better quality) (synchronized Ludicolos ftw!) To fully represent the series, I say a sequel album ("Still Missingno"?) is in order, maybe in a few years. It would help fill in the HUGE gaps that Missingno Tracks didn't cover, and could cover the gen-5 musics...
  14. Nice, calm piece with a recognizable (and this followable) melody. I find it interesting that style of this ReMix is nearly identical to that of "Breakout" by Hollidayrain, whose name is similar to the title of this ReMix... probably just a coincidence, though.
  15. I'm going to assume my second question got lost in the discussion, so I'll ask again: is there a way right now to use the tags to search for mixes? As a proficient Grammar Nazi, I noticed, but chose not to mention it because I gave up long ago on trying to grammar-nazi forumites. (No offense.)
  16. Oh, neat! Are those tags just server-side for now, or is there a way to use them right now to search for songs (and if so, do enough songs currently have tags to make the search results relatively complete)?
  17. After mostly lurking around on the site for just over a year, I really have only one request for the site: the ability to search mixes by genre. I know that this might be difficult to implement (what with having to go through around 2000 songs and classifying each one), but I think it would be worth the effort in the end. By having a genre search, it would be easier to find songs in styles that one likes, rather than the current system of random chance, stumbling across songs in the Russian ReMix Roulette or by random browsing. My rough idea of how this would work is that each song would be given two "main" genres, e.g. Electronic and Orchestral. Then, each song could be given a set of secondary genres, such as Dance, Jazz, Latin, Ethnic, etc. Genres would most likely be assigned by the judges or djpretzel, dedpending on who reviews and posts the mix. From a layout standpoint, my first instinct says that on the page of search results, the one or two main genres would be listed on the right side, along with the post date. Secondary genres could be viewed on the ReMix detail page (along with the main genres), and could link to each genre's Genre page (like the pages for individual systems, ReMixers, and composers). It seems impractical to me for the search box on the front page to have a Search by Genre feature, because there would be a set list of genres; however, I like the idea of having a Browse Genres button beneath the search box that links to a page listing all the genres. (Unfortunately, this would make it hard to search for songs in two categories, such as if I wanted to only see songs that are both Dance AND Jazz.) Secondary genres could be the same as main genres (meaning, for example, that Jazz could be used either as a main genre OR as a secondary genre) or they could be a separate set, although I think the former is a better system of classification. If the first system is used, it would probably settle into a pattern similar to the second system, with certain genres being used mainly for main genres and others being used mainly as secondary genres, but the first system leaves open more possibilities. Here's my rough list of genres (in no particular order): Orchestral Electronic Acoustic Vocal / Choral (might need two separate genres) Ambient Hardcore (= not ambient?) Dance Jazz Funk Chiptune Solo (generally for solo piano mixes) Rock Metal Upbeat Dark (or distorted...? Mazedude might need his own genre...) Ethnic / World Hip-hop/Rap (might be covered by Vocal)
  18. Love the track. Great piece to listen to while doing homework. Listening to it in depth, though, I am heavily reminded of two things: AnSo's ME2 remix "The Sound of the Galaxy" (I can't imagine why... ) and Daft Punk's kick ass soundtrack to TRON: Legacy--I swear some of the background synth melodies are identical! Amazing work, Hy Bound. Keep it up.
  19. Just stumbled upon this off the main page. PR, you're my *checks iTunes play counts* 5th favorite ReMixer here (behind zircon, halc, chthonic/Ben Briggs, and AeroZ), so it's always nice to see you making more truly B.A. music. Never heard of either of those artists, but whatever. I find it quite similar to your own Dark Matter, but with less volume and more demonic possession. Unfortunately, I probably won't download this one because I can't use it as background music; it drops out and pulls so much distortion that I'd never be able to focus on my homework long enough to get it done. Good work, though. Good luck with getting it accepted!
  20. Fun and interesting. I've been a fan of maze's work for a while, mainly SpaceStation and Psychotic Censors. This is an excellent mix, very fitting of his style, although it's not a download-now mix for me. However, it does reignite my desire to hear maze take on some of the more intense themes from the Metroid: Prime trilogy. ...and congrats on 50, maze. Here's hoping you're still hale and hearty through 50 more!
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