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  1. Oh okay so you have no idea if its a good game then. I can watch videos of games all day too, I wont KNOW its good until I've played it, or at least until some reviews come in which I could base if its good or not. Looks can be deceiving. Developers are of course, going to say the games great: They want it to sell. Doesn't mean its truthful Looks like a good game =/= IS a good game.
  2. So you've played the game? After being angry it got leaked? Or just going by other peoples opinions?
  3. A general rule: anything that adds a new block / recipe is going to be a single player mod that wont work in multi. Since minecraft does not officially support mods, there is no way to possibly integrate it in SMP. Even if it did, it would probably require everybody joining to install the mod first
  4. Having limited resources doesn't mean your game has to look retro. Plenty of people make beautiful games on a small or no budget. It was a concious decision to make the game look/sound like something cross between 8bit and 16bit era. The sound system alone was programmed specifically to sound something like the PC Engine. He spent EXTRA effort on that, he could of easily of gone with something cheaper and less tine comsuming like MIDI/MOD/mp3, instead he made his own format. The game is a love story to games of yore. Saying he didn't intentionally make it retro is silly The game he made after it looked like a GB game.
  5. Its pretty common place actually. Especially on major games. Maybe you just aren't familiar with the scene Considering there are quite a few pirates who don't even PLAY the games they download (Archivers), why would one, if they had no intention of ever buying it, suddenly BUY it just because it wasn't available? Its not like they have a limited supply of game selection. The first game had more things to worry about than piracy. Piracy is just an easy scapegoat to blame things on when your game has many other problems on why its not selling. EVERY game is pirated. Some go on to sell more than others. Piracy is a fact of life, and should be just ignored. It doesn't equate to lost sales at all
  6. People who want to pay for the game will still buy it, including those playing the leaked copy. They just get to play it earlier than expected. People who don't want to pay, wont. Any proclamation that sales are "lost" via piracy is silly. Sales either will STILL happen, or would never have happened in the first place. Games are quite often leaked months ahead, they often go on to sell millions anyways. Nothing newsworthy here honestly I for one like to see "Beta" versions of games leaked, since its interesting to see what the game looked like during its development. Though its disappointing its probably just an almost completed build of the game at this point
  7. A part i missed during the last arm trimming. I'll make sure to get it this time
  8. 2.5d remakee of a 2d remake of a game that never needed a remake because it is retro on purpose. I absolutely love cave story I played and loved it before it was a fad to like it, but I think this is a bit much. Im glad he's getting to live his dream but uh another game using this 2.5d engine or a sequel would be perfered. And I hope they aren't going to add voices and yelps when they jump
  9. For the heck of it, i'll make shrunken JPEG image to show the damage lol
  10. Hmm, nobody has complained yet, I was on yesterday just fine along with everybody in IRC. Any body else having issues? I better not have this huge arm on the map again Shael >_< Edit: SHAEL: the backup of our world has doubled. Im going to render the map, and if i see a super huge long arm, its getting deleted. You may not have read this thread where Abadoss did the same thing, but we really dont want super long arms causing huge render images, its not fun for me trying to render, its not fun for anybody trying to look at the map I think im going to make a rule sheet so people know NOT to walk for infinate miles
  11. So, this is a remix site right? Why are we asking for "MIDI"s to remix? You SHOULD be able to do it by ear. Anyway, .IT is much better than a .MID, not only do you get all the notes, you get all the samples. More importantly, Its HOW HE WROTE IT. That and it will sound exactly like its supposed to. One would hope a professional musician and/or member of OCR would know how to use an IT file, i mean, 2 mins of googling and you can find information, including at the simplest, downloading ModPlug or some other tracker and opening the file. Sheesh
  12. Earthbound (Mother 2) and/or Mother 3 (Fan Translation) SNES/GBA respectively No random battles (See your enemy before you fight them) Bizzare stories Looks deceptively silly but has a ton of heart Amazing soundtrack
  13. Its been pointed to me that the page on my sig has been giving the wrong info after all. I updated it to show a live stream of XML from MPUK and they've been giving the admin port and not the game port. I've manually fixed it so the ip/port is static for now, and showing the game port The IP/port on the first post however has been correct. Sorry if that caused any problems I'm adding Nase to the whitelist
  14. The PlayStation Suite will indeed be available to approved Android devices, as mentioned in my post, and I would think it strange for the Xperia Play aka "PlayStation Phone" not to be on that approved list. Right now, the only thing they've shown off on PlayStation Suite is the PS1 game support (dont look at Engadget's preview of PS1 games playing on PSX4Droid. That program is not a Sony product, and hopefully the real thing performs better than that). It was rumored PSP games would be ported to PlayStation Suite but Sony has retreated any statements saying it will. I imagine, besides PS1 games, we'll be getting a lot of touch screen only casual games through PlayStation Suite. Considering most higher end phones cost $400-600 off contract, I do not see the Xperia being cheaper than the NGP unless you are suggesting the NGP is going to be $400+ The Xperia Play isn't very exciting to me, its a single core 1Ghz Snapdragon (2nd gen though, not the crappy 1st gen). We have phones out right now that are dual core, and some scheduled to be out by end of the year that will be quads. If you dont have a Android device already, I'd suggest the Atrix or the Biotic over the Xperia Play if your looking for a nice Android device. If they make the Approved devices list, which I dont see why not
  15. Yesterday there was a problem with MC.net, but other than that no problems at all for the last few weeks, minus some random crashes which have been ironed out so far. Did you roll back your client? We have been running on the latest version of MC for some time, no need to roll back anymore Either way, try deleting your minecraft bin folder and having it redownload. It sounds like your clients having an issue if you cant log in today Also uh, maybe check your IP/port? A very long time ago the IP/port changed when we moved to the SA server. (Its ALWAYS on the MC page in my sig below)
  16. http://minecraft.minnazu.com <- New map is up . Someone seems to have spawned in the void and started building (and generating new chunks). Probably means I may have deleted your stuff, no idea who though and nobody has said anything to me in game, the forums, chat, or PM
  17. Wow, Bukkit team outdoing Notch's original work by a land slide! Pretty nice! Cant wait for the release Brush: Since you seem to only log in for 10 mins at 6am the few hours im asleep, im going to leave your crap in a chest (with a marked sign) next to the W at spawn. Make sure you /sethome before you warp in case you never reset your home during the home reset. Nobody else touch this please. Or if you do, please post here and laugh at Brush.
  18. Wouldn't it be far cheaper to use this? The live choir is neat and all, but seems awful expensive considering the rest of the project wont be live recorded. This stuff is pretty darn convincing if it works as good as the website's samples (and what I've heard from virt's stuff using it) Another suggestion if you don't quite make your goal is maybe rally up volunteers on the internet to sing parts and then just tie them together like a live choir. But heres hoping you achieve what you set out for!
  19. The mustache was in response to being disguised. Creepers don't have mustaches anyway! I think its a weee bit of a stretch lol Brushfire: You can not play all you want. Makes it easier than banning you On a serious note, I cannot GIVE you items, even if i wanted to, if you are not IN the game. Also note: Me giving you items would be purely courtesy. Its not my fault the game glitches (NOTCH!). But I can provide you with what was lost, out of the kindness of my heart, like I have done to other, much kinder people than you. Not like you are a donator anything
  20. Er, I dont really see how that had any thing to do with Minecraft honestly Explosions exsisted long before Minecraft. Do enjoy Colbert, he is a silly guy
  21. new version of hMod: Minecart Mania seems more functional now Death Notify still not working Trying to see if Realms is going to crash the server now or not Mobs/Damage back on (Creepers off) Let me know how goes
  22. Gman Did this: The walkway plays Happy Birthday
  23. The way i see it, it will work well just like it works well on the DS: Games that exclusively use the touch work fine Games that exclusively use the regular digital controls work fine Games that try to mix and match are generally terrible. The stuff they are showing off with Uncharted? I am assuming/hoping its just tech demo BS. Or optional. Because just like mixing on the DS, it doesn't work well at all. If its not just for show, they will learn quickly just like devs did with the DS. Though, I can't see the back touch panel being used anything but for novelty in a few niche titles. Its really useless IMO but I guess we shall see. As far as the browser, I would hope since this thing seems to be built on Android tech that it would be using the same great browser.
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