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  1. @Souperion this source was covered on the Terranigma album, in case you weren't aware and wanted to hear a different interpretation of the track!
  2. I've submitted a track I was working on for a discarded OCR album. It's not totally finished, but it'll do.
  3. Voted! Nice work everyone, it felt great to be contributing to the compo scene again
  4. I may actually be able to get something small in for this one.
  5. Hey all, I've decided to quit the project. It's not a decision I made lightly, but unfortunately over the past few weeks the whole thing has started to become more like a burden than anything else. We've had another person quit, which is essentially what made my mind up for me. Since the whole Jeremy Soule revelation there's been a feeling like the whole thing is tainted, and that's become more apparent as people have distanced themselves from it. No artist that I've contacted to do the cover art wants to touch this thing; some of them have specifically stated it's because of the Soule co
  6. Heya @brink-of-time. Well to be honest, nothing's been happening. I've been shopping around for artists to do some cover art but no-one's interested. At this point, I'm seriously considering just cancelling the whole project and suggesting that everyone who's completed their track to submit it to the site independently. There's been a few more people pull out of the project and there's a few people still in limbo, so the album has effectively stalled. My taste for this project was soured when we had all the drama earlier this year, but I thought we could power on through. However int
  7. Well, they're not, really. We've lost a few more people from the project (no shade being thrown here, I made the announcement so people could make their own choices) which brings us down to about 10 tracks. 4 of those are finished, 1 completely done (shout out to @theconsoloist for being the first 100% completed track!) 2 pending sign-off by their respective producers and the other (yours, @brink-of-time) with @Chimpazilla for mastering. I'm expecting a few others to be finished this month as well. Currently looking for an artist to do the album art, if anyone's interested in taking that
  8. Lava Reef's music is my absolute favourite of any Sonic OST, and having this gradually building from chilled-out up to a *slightly* more frenetic interpretation is just beautiful. Excellent work, Eladar.
  9. So I guess it's time for an update, huh? The majority of people have gotten back to me regarding my statement and the majority of those people have decided to stay on, so the project will continue as is. I won't be actively recruiting anyone else, but will accept anyone who wishes to join. As such this album will likely be a single 'disc' affair rather than a double, but at this point I'm just looking to get it finished and out the door, so to speak. A few people asked that I make it abundantly, 100% clear that anyone who is participating in this project does not support or condone t
  10. Simply a case of not being in my news sphere, I guess.
  11. STATEMENT It has recently been brought to our attention that certain accusations have been made against Jeremy Soule, the composer for Secret of Evermore. The accusations came to light long before we decided to tackle Secret or Evermore, however for whatever reason neither Dai nor myself were aware of it at the time. Since we were made aware of this information there's been a lot conversation between Dai and myself, with some input also being sought from @djpretzel. djp pointed me towards his statement attached to THIS POST he made back in April and has confirmed that OCR will be hap
  12. Having just had this brought to my attention, I've got say I really like this arrangement. Definitely gives the feel of an epic quest being undertaken. I really like the mini-piano solo around the middle. Excellent work all round!
  13. @theconsoloist has reached out and claimed the Main Title theme! Very much looking forward to seeing what you do with this source, buddy!
  14. @Siolfor the Jackal is gearing up for a showdown and has claimed Final Battle - Carltron. Welcome to the project, buddy!
  15. Hot off his solo debut on the Golden Sun album, @guitarSVD has claimed the Storekeepers source and officially joined the project! I apologise for the lack of updates, I have no other excuse other than I'm rubbish at providing updates. However I'm happy to say that album is moving along nicely. We've got 15 claimed tracks now, which will be more than enough for a single disc release if we don't manage to entice anyone else onboard. I'm feeling the loss of the signatures quite keenly at the moment, as they were a great method of non-direct advertisement for the project. A few qui
  16. Amazing! Welcome aboard, buddy! I'll DM you with check-in dates and whatnot.
  17. Hey thanks TSori! Much appreciated! We'd love to have you as part of the album, so here's hoping you're able to clear your workload in the near future
  18. I chose the source for that PRC round! I dearly love Psycho Pinball (though I had it on the Mega-Drive rather than DOS) and wanted to shine a light on the awesome soundtrack for others to hear. If I recall it even prompted Eino to play the game while he was crafting his remix, which pleased me greatly. I've considered it for a Paths Less Travelled volume at some point, though due to there only being about 6 tracks on the soundtrack it would be more of an EP than an album. As for the track itself; I totally dig it. The source tune is your run-of-the-mill Big Top circus tune, and Eino's upb
  19. @Trev has offered his violin services to anyone wanting to add a bit of live string action to their track. Drop him a PM to get the ball rolling (don't worry, he's a really nice guy!).
  20. That there's not a single comment on this is a crying shame, so to remedy that here's my two pence: This track is awesome. In fact; the song structure reminds me a little of a Meat Loaf song (not any song in particular, but generally anything written by Jim Steinman and performed by The Loaf). A slow build-up, likely with some crooning about a love lost, then kicking it up into high gear with energetic promises of what will be done to win the lost love back, then back to slow for the outro; possibly with words of acceptance that the love will always be lost, but that it's OK to move on.
  21. @Argle has dug up the Horace source! Welcome to the project, buddy!
  22. Well, this is all sorts of crazy. Samples, time-signature changes, awesome hooks, dubstep!? In theory this is totally not my style of music, but damn it is super catchy. Amazing, utterly bonkers work!
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