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  1. I'm SO happy I stumbled upon this stuff. This is the kind of stuff I've always wished I could create. The sound is so perfect, real, eerie, fits the game amazingly. I can't wait to hear more!
  2. I really like the arrangement, a lot. I don't like the beginning strings though, I think they sound too... I guess "synthy" and washed out or something. I'd also like to hear some more changes in dynamics
  3. It sounds like some horrible event took place in a town, all the pokemon gone or dead. and a trainer is walking round the ruins of a gym, maybe where he won his first badge, maybe his last, maybe the one he was heading to before whatever the tragic event took place. I can see him walking up to different places, like a shattered boulder where maybe his raichu got thrown against with such a force it broke, or a crater where his sandslash dug under his enemy and got a 1 hit KO, bringing the match back to a tie. Then when the kalimba comes in, I can see the trainer coming across one of his own pokeballs in the dust, opened and empty, nothing left of his friend that used to be kept inside, then leaving it while the "camera" remains on the pokeball, gleaming in the last light of the sun. I'm not too excited by the intro, seems a little out of place, but it doesn't ruin the piece in any way for me. The arrangement is beautiful, and it creates a story, makes you remember all those moments with the pokemon you spent so much time raising, the things the game stands for. And what I like best about this arrangement, and what I look for most in ANY arrangement, is that it takes a familiar piece of music and makes you think of it in a completely new way. The next time I enter a gym in a pokemon game I will remember this track.
  4. Ah, I really like the Asian sound. I have to agree though, there needs to be some reverb in there. Also, you might try changing that one flute sound to a dizi or something. There are some pretty good samples online that sound pretty realistic. When the one you used gets exposed, such as in the middle section, it just sounds kind of boring I guess... Also, it would be cool to add some Chinese opera gong hits in there somewhere! lol I LOVE those little gongs! Well I enjoyed listening!
  5. I hope I'm putting this in the right place... Im not really familiar with these forums If anyone is interested in mixing some kind of drumline piece, which would be AWESOME for almost any video game song, I'd have to suggest VDL (Virtual Drumline) for the highest quality sounds. I bought it for nearly $200 dollars so that I could write my own drumline shows, and make audio samples of my real life show music so I could hear it and play along, and I always meant to write out a complete piece for a typical indoor drumline setup (marching drums, marimbas, vibes, xylo, auxillery percussion, etc) using either The Legend of Zelda music, or Pokemon, but when I moved out of my parents house I lost access to a home computer, and my laptop certainly can't handle music editing software, so I was never really able to start writing..... BUT the software was amazing! It came with not only marching snares, tenors, basses, cymbals, marimbas, vibes, xylophones (many different mallet choices for different sounds), and plenty of different suspended cymbals (including gongs and Chinese opera gongs, which I really wanted to use in a Majora's Mask piece) but there are 2 djembes, bongos, congas, many different shakers.... almost anything you could find in a bandhall.... plus some strange stuff like waterphone, which I loved. Its really eerie sounding.... And there are some good steel drums too... Anyway, since its always been my dream to be able to listen to a high quality drumline/front ensemble version of some of my favorite Nintendo classics, and I can no longer create it for myself.... I thought I'd pass along the idea, since there is DEFINITELY enough talent around here to make it happen. Is anyone even interested in using this style for a "remix"? I feel like there is a LOT of potential with a some of the VG music out there, especially with some of the pokemon music, that would allow for some pretty awesome sound front ensemble arrangements, and the battery (marching drums) would just make it that much more intense! If you want the huge VDL library you can get it on ebay for almost half the price of buying it new (which is what I did when I bought it)
  6. nah, more like this, but with Pokemon music this video focuses more on battery stuff, but I'm sure a lot of the pokemon music could be made into some really cool pit arrangements
  7. I'm surprised I haven't seen it yet, but I think there should be a remix of some of the pokemon battle and main themes as if being played by an indoor drumline, with marimbas vibes xylo xynth and snares tenors and bases.... If I had a computer capable of supporting good programs, I'd attempt it myself- unfortunately that isn't the case... Pokemon music is so similar to something that would be played in drumline, or by a marching band. There's room for some FUN marimba solos
  8. This is nice! I'm not even worried about it not turning out amazing. As for the "Mario theme" part, I like it, but I don't really like the part right at 1:16. Maybe take out the (1) te te 3, and put some little run or something instead... And I just have to say that I swore I heard "Kakariko Village" in there, lol
  9. Hmmmm, I found one more thing that I think could use a little attention. In the beginning, at around :11, some of notes sound a little too harsh. Maybe you could change up the dynamics there, (1 la li 2 -- li 3) instead of (1 la li 2 -- li 3) The crescendo doesn't have to be much. And actually, you could do the first two measures of that similar pattern the first way I mentioned, then do the 3rd one the 2nd way (the way it already is), then do the last one (1 la li 2 -- li 3). It doesn't have to be that exaggerated of course, it just needs to feel a little more natural in my opinion, and hopefully you know what I'm talking about lol, Ive never been the best at explaining things
  10. The percussion sounds MUCH better, lol. And I like the new part at 1:27, but the rhythm at 1:37 is a little confusing to me. I had to replay the section a few times before I understood what happened, lol, but maybe thats just me. In case it isn't just me though, maybe you could add a few accents or something to make the rhythm sound more solid. I like the background piano towards the end of that phrase too, it sounds like a vibraphone part I played in a drumline show a few years ago, haha. I wonder though if you could add some dynamics to it around the note changes to make it even more interesting. Maybe build-die down-build more-etc, kind of like ripples increasing in size up to the new phrase. Maybe the last few notes could go somewhere, take the run either up or down. Then again, it might be better off the way it is (the vibe part I mentioned stayed the same if I remember correctly lol) Also there is one part that just sounds awkward to me. The beginning has this nice build, and we move along until 1:05 where it all just stops. I actually like that it jumps to something new, but there is just something about it that sounds off to me... and I can't exactly explain what I mean... Maybe the percussion part could be changed a bit there to make that lone guitar note feel a little more "justified" if that makes any sense... idk Nitpicking aside, I like what I'm hearing, keep it up!
  11. I agree that the percussion seems to have too much reverb. But the biggest problem I have is that in the guitar solo section starting around 1:05, some of the notes are just too soft that I feel should be brought out a little more. I also don't really like how that section repeats. It doesn't feel to me like adding the percussion to the phrase made it different enough for a section that sounds so much like improv. Maybe you could add another instrument in there to carry it along and give the sense that it is building. It may make the crescendo at the end of the phrase feel more...fitting. Also, I think you could add a small something to lead into the big section at :43. Maybe high hat, or ride cymbal with (ta 4 ti te ta 1) with the first 'ta' being split into 32nd notes, crescendoing into the new phrase, if you know what I mean... I wish I could type in music notes, lol Anyway, I LOVE this remix, and I can't wait to see it posted as a finished product!
  12. I really like this! I never really liked the source theme honestly, but this is nice, especially when it gets jazzy in the middle. Its awesome that you are able to make the repetitive original theme last so long without it wearing down. I can't wait to hear the final thing!
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