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  1. Got sick of writing walls of text, but was too tempted to not do so if I'm here regularly
  2. So I just remade Chiron TL34 in Halo Reach. Here's some pictures. Which level should I remake next? I'm leaning towards Prisoner.
  3. Never you mind about the bullets left in that magazine, go ahead and reload. They'll magically be consolidated into the last magazine you have. - (every first person shooter ever)
  4. Here is the series of events that would have sold Kinect to me immediately. Kojima walks out on stage with a controller. He demos MGS:Rising with a controller by cutting up a few practice bodies. He then says, "and if you want to stab" (and the moment he says stab, he jabs his hand forward and Raiden sticks his sword into one of the bodies. Kojima then starts waving his hand around coyly wondering what's happening as the sword follows his arm motions with a body stuck on it. They missed this opportunity.
  5. I knew , but it never saw it in a medley.
  6. I don't know. I just found that gif today.

  7. I frickin' love that box thing in your sig, man. It's awesome! Is that thing real?

  8. Well, the left used to be conform to most of my ideals, like Jefferson. But they were usurped.

  9. I just noticed your location says "To The Left" but your anti-big government opinions seem to suggest otherwise! Oh the irony...

  10. Phew, guess I don't have to hold that grudge.

  11. I'm just playing with you in my topic, btw. Let's have some fun. :)

  12. Download chatzilla for firefox, it works well and it sets itself up.
  13. Glad to hear Voices of passion in this mix. It's nice to hear outside of their demos. I wish you guy's would have no voted it just so he could make it longer. Not that it's too short. This is pretty brilliant.
  14. Zwitra's Rain in Chicago is one of my favorites on this site, but I don't think I will download this.
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