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  1. Doesn't get more meditative than this. Yes, it's a bit minimalistic, but I'd say it doesn't really need more than what's offered.
  2. Beautiful, Simple, and Epic - What else needs to be said? Can't say I was expecting a piano piece to that particular melody, but it works fantastically.
  3. I'll also agree that the flow of the medley is such that it doesn't instill a halting transition between each song - it's a delightful ditty that I happily give a thumbs up to. Nice work.
  4. Certainly has a slow-paced industrial sound to it, reminds me quite a bit of the FF6 remix, 'Cid in the factory'. It transitions pretty well between synths, chiptunes, and the harder stuff. I like it.
  5. It's got some serious hard-hitting bass, I'll give you that. A lot of the techno-ey parts tend to get old after a while. The change of pace around 2/3 was an important edition. The remix went pretty well. So don't sweat things too much, TheStringedInstrumentChampion. He's right to an extent, but it's hardly ruining Quick Man or anything. I'd say high 7's, low 8's.
  6. It's mysterious & charming, and transitions each section with surprising grace; I'll admit to being a sucker for the piano remixes as a bit of a bias, but this is nonetheless a fantastic piece.
  7. I hold great sympathy for those who do not immediately download and listen to this song. I think I just died. This is refined musical dedication.
  8. When I first downloaded the full album, this song stuck out of all of them; it easily manages in my top 5 songs from the soundtrack. Reminds me a great deal of the original .hack//SIGN music. Stellar vocals accompanied by the perfect complement of bittersweet sonic delights. Feel proud on this one.
  9. I'm a bit iffy on this one for a few reasons. I'm just not sure the synthesizer bits really fit well with the full-on heavy metal direction you were going for. If you're looking for examples of what may work better, Check Artificial Fear(Either YouTube or just Google it) for his ff7 songs. It's a good song, and you don't often get heavy metal medleys that often. It just would've been nice with a little less synth and a few more guitar solos. Pretty nice.
  10. Slow, beautiful, and breezy. It creates the image of looking towards an endless ocean, something out of Chrono Cross or something akin to that. I like it.
  11. Besides the moment of Synth at 2:47, I think this is a well-made piece. It fits perfectly with the metal genre(which happens to be my favorite). The introduction doesn't feel drawn out, more like it's building tension instead. I've heard a few remixes of 'The Extreme' like All existence denied, but I think I prefer this one. Not as full-on-nuts metal like Heavy Mako, but it's enough to get your head banging while remembering to use all the holy war potions you saved up. To survive this song, you may need them.
  12. It's a rare opportunity that I find an OC Remix song that genuinely pulls on the heart strings; This is absolutely one of them. You've done something really special here, and I hope many share the same feeling as well. It reminds me so much of the Chrono Cross Soundtrack - Gentle acoustic guitar, appropriate low bass, the flute solo, it has a presence that isn't touched enough in my opinion. Kudos to both audio fidelity and Jennifer, fantastic work.
  13. It's a very different type of metal you usually hear in OCRemixes. It keeps to a very minimalistic production, with some great intro melodies. I think what the song could really have used is some variety in more of the power metal chord sections, where it can get a bit tedious. It's great for what it is, I just think it could use a bit more sonic diversity.
  14. Wow. A while back, I'd commended the artists of "The Nemesis Schema" for seamlessly combining a harder rock sound with smooth jazz. This is...well, it's taking that idea to *Incoming Cliche*... The Next Level. ...this is glorious for being an treat in so many unexpected ways. I'll continue checking out the next new songs. However, if this is any indication of where things are going, I am very impressed. Good show.
  15. This one is very hard to describe. Although they're drastically different music genres, this song reminds me of the Nemesis Schema, a successful attempt to bridge multiple styles of music into a singular-focused song. Does this one succeed? Well, sort of. The beginning(0:20-0:35) takes a lot of rough turns and left a strange first impression for me as the song progressed - it feels like it's rapidly turning through the styles of music, instead of trying to flow a bit more gently. It does have a few more moments later in the song that feel more appropriate though. At the very least, it's a very interesting take on the majora's mask soundtrack, and isn't afraid to experiment. At this point, anything's better than the bowser dubstep that came out Rabble rabble.
  16. This almost reminds me of Earthbound's soundtrack when I hear it. Between the retro synthesized melody and the funky drum and bass, it falls somewhere between crazy, groovy, and just plain weird. Fortunately, I mean that in a great way. Very good song.
  17. Although both the previous entry from Chrono cross and this one are of the same genre, their is a distinctly different feel between them. This one seems to alternate between a more somber, "easy-listening" sound to it, and a much more fiery and vibrant set of melodies with appropriate volume. The "lighter" parts of it definitely have a taste of debussy in it. I greatly enjoyed this one. I already have an affinity for classical remixes, and this one doesn't dissapoint - even if it seems a bit too loud at certain points (particularly around 1:30).
  18. "Fill me up with snacky happiness" has an interesting take on the overworld theme, and is certainly notable for taking a jazzier direction rather than perhaps more overplayed genres. Ah yes, the orgasms... I think it was fine right up until 1:33, when clearly the mushroom had filled her up far too much. The song is short and sweet - doesn't necessarily take my breath away, but it's still worth taking a listen, even if just for rosalina.
  19. 2 words come to my mind hearing this: Freakin...heavy...metal. It's got solid riffs and some seriously blistering solos - I could easily have seen that on the soundtrack for Brütal Legend. Very good stuff indeed. If you're a metal fan, it's certainly worth the download.
  20. Originally the Dreams Dreams track was going to be my #1 pick for this album, and then I heard this - I have to hand it to you three, pulling off multiple genres with a near seemless flow is an impressive feat. I can at long last bang my head and put on my hipster jazz beret for one song Great work!
  21. I'd like to point out the small Halo easter egg in the song length: 3:43. Just putting that out there...
  22. This is exactly why I check OverClocked... I haven't been so struck by a remix before since the Aphrodite Oceanus remix for secret of mana. It's incredibly potent drum and bass, very precise electronica - and as others have stated, quite haunting. Fantastic work.
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