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  1. Thought I'd drop by to show my love for this album,This is one of my top 3 ocremix album now along with project chaos and voices of the lifestream, you guys and girls did an amazing job on each song and it's a joy to listen to each one, thank you for this.
  2. Very cool remix loving it as i am generally a rock fan in terms of music, its about time this theme was rocked up proper, thanks for the remix.
  3. Great remix man love how ominous it makes the cave enviroment feel totally takes me back, thanks for the remix.
  4. i love this remix mainly for when the credits start up not to say the rest isnt as good its just pokemon gold and silver holds a special place in my heart, great track guys im loving all of this album so far, thank you.
  5. Been waiting for this remix to appear on here after at least a day of it being shown on youtube. Must say i am impress halc i haven't really heard this kinda thing from you before. love the almost oriental kinda sound in this remix. This shall go on my mp3 cause of how relaxing it is. keep up the good work man i hope to hear more from you.
  6. Found this remix ages ago on dwelling of duels and only just registered here awhile ago and thought I'd show my love for this amazing track, from what i see everything tony touches becomes a golden, there isn't one of his remixes i dislike. Anyway I love this remix its so damn funkadelick and as a massive sonic fan i obviously fell for this track. From the video on Youtube theres like 3-4 guitars and yet the bass is the most noticeable @.@ wow... Keep up the great work.
  7. I litterally played and beat this game before i even came online and noticed this remix so the game was fresh in my memory (having only beaten it mere seconds before hand) and to be honest this was a great remix to remind me of how if you fail you lose the love of Joe's life Naoko (which i didn't i saved her) and i did love this game even tho mines a late pal version where only Spider-man remains from the original, so man ocremix was totally reading my mind today, anyway this is amazing remix for a newcomer truly a great start as a new remixer, can't wait to hear more from you Dj Mystix. This
  8. Wow Zircon well done in creating this masterpiece in under 3 hours, I love most of your work, especially remixes with your wife as vocalist. This remix is really nice and peaceful to listen to. Thats all i got to say about it really, just keep up the good work
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