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  1. Part at 2:14-2:40 makes me feel like I'm playing Pokémon. This is good. 2:46-3:06 is repetetive and last too long. Maybe this can be improved by keeping it completely the same and just throw in some variations in pitch. Or just make it shorter. You have done justice to the source material.
  2. The part that starts at 4:47 and ends at 5:04 was my favorite part. Good work on that part. I don't think this song deviates from the source material enough to be interesting (while listening, I tried to imagine the piece without the percussion). Now I know that kind of criticism isn't going to be too helpful without some suggestions, so I might look into slowing down the melody at certain parts and maybe adding some explicit 7th chords (especially in the first 50 seconds).
  3. The organ at the beginning was too obvious (i.e. I saw it comin'). Switch it out for another instrument. Thing that starts at 2:54 and ends at 3:08 is awesome! Love it when at 1:01, you have this computer-generated/"8-bit" instrument along with the hip-hop-esque percussion simultaneously. The laugh sound effects are great. The pitched percussion thing you've got at 3:40, I don't like it. It's does succeed in being "scary music" which is what you're aiming for, but I think if you just end the song right before that (or tack something else on at 3:40) you'll have an amazing ending.
  4. Pitched percussion was a nice touch. Song would've been okay without, but I'm glad you took the effort of fitting a lot of stuff in this song. Only thing I could think of to make this better would be more variations in tempo.
  5. Cymbal (and the stuff leading up to it) at 1:50 was amazing. Love the choice of percussion. After the first few seconds, I thought, "oh please don't mess this up with some lame, run-of-the-mill, hip-hop percussion," and fortunately, I was not disappoited by the percussion.
  6. The instrument that starts at 0:09 and plays the melody. I disagree with the instrument choice. Perhaps you could switch it out with a metal percussion instrument. Start with that, and then use fade in /fade out effects to transition that instrument into the another instrument. In terms of melody, the song sounds too similar to the original. Obviously you are talented, and to say that this (what I feel is a) shortcoming is salvageable would be an understatement. This is a great song, but the quality is gonna go WAY up if you deviate from the structure and melody of the original song more.
  7. I had no idea how much win you could add to this song, just by giving it percussion.
  8. Saw the first post. Saw the thread got over 70 responses in less than 12 hours. No surprises. It's a good topic though.
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