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  1. This sounds awesome, dude! Feels like it's strait out of a Sonic level. Are you doing all of this with samples? Or are you using a VST of some kind?
  2. I recently finished a short original project that I've been working on for a little bit. I've been trying to develop my style and branch out a little more, so this is a pretty big change for me. Feel free to tell me what you think! https://soundcloud.com/arceace/on-the-edge
  3. I'm not sure if there's already another forum that addresses this topic, so if there is, feel free to send the link. I've been getting into music production now for a good year and a half. Lately I have been talking with some of my friends and we are starting to think about getting a group together for live performances. However, I'm not sure what all is necessary to do so. I'm certain we'll need the basics like amps, mics, and various connection cables, but I would like to know how I could incorporate my electronic styles into live performance. I have had a lot of experience with piano, so I feel that I will be using a keyboard as my primary instrument. I'm also considering looking for something similar to the Abelton Launch Pad for better sample control (something that works with FL Studio). Do any of you use this kind of equipment? is there anything else that you can recommend?
  4. Yup, it is! Be sure to check the first post for future deadlines. Everything you need is already right there.
  5. This is a topic I'm really interested in too. I usually suffer from the exact problem, so you're not alone on this. What I like to do is develope a substantial "base rhythm", copy it, and make a few minor fill changes. For example, I usually start with a simple 4-4 beat, copy it, edit some of the hats, copy it again, add a reverse cymbal, and continue to make changes like that until I feel better about the drums. However, I still have plenty of moments when I can't seem to write anything that works for the song. I'm curious to see how everyone handles this problem.
  6. I can't give any feedback on production because I'm listening to this on my laptop, but from what I can tell, everything sounds awesome! I love that you kept the original bass line and built around it with a lot of really cool ideas. I honestly have nothing negative to say about this. Nicely done! I am curious about something though. How do you go about getting those awesome distortion effects on you sounds? does it all boil down to experimentation, or are there methods that can be used to achieve the effect?
  7. Wish I could get inspiration from my dreams to create new remixes. I can't say I've ever heard of this game, so I can't give you any feedback on the arrangement. However, I can tell you that when the choir first came in, I was expecting a lot more reverb. I think that would really help bring new life and meaning into the piece. The flute sounds a little unnatural too, so it may be a good idea to add a tiny bit of reverb and velocity changes on the notes you have. All things considered, I really enjoyed this. What did you use to get the awesome harp sound in the very beginning? I've been looking for a good harp vst for a long time, and I would really appreciate it if you could help point me in the right direction.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate the advice you guys have provided. Perhaps this may be the time I get past those pesky judges!
  9. *Bump* I'm getting ready to send this one in, but I still would like a little feedback on the mixing for the track. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, this is now the only thing holding my track back, and I would like to do my best to correct this mistake that has been bringing it down this whole time. Remix: https://soundcloud.com/arceace/enigmatic-melody Source:
  10. My vote goes for Across Time & Space. It just has that nice epic feel to it.
  11. A little while ago, I thought it would be fun to try a more aggressive genre. I started laying down a few drum beats, and Tiny's Theme from the Crash Bandicoot series just fit perfectly with it. A while later, I started really getting into the arrangement, and things started getting really interesting. Unfortunately, since I'm new to the D&B genre (I believe that is the style it falls into), I'm not entirely sure how to get the propper production qualities. I would greatly appreciate any feedback! This song was intended for the Crash Bandicoot Album Project, but I haven't heard anything from the project since I joined it way back in February of 2012. I really want this song to be on the project, but I just don't know if the project is going to move on. If there's any way I can get some assurance that the project will still go on, I'll gladly hold onto this song until the project is ready. However, until then, Enjoy! Remix: https://soundcloud.com/arceace/tinys-requiem-work-in-progress Source:
  12. Time for another take with this song. This was rejected quite a while ago from the judge's panel, and I wanted to wait a little bit until I tried another go at this arrangement. The only problem that I seem to keep running into is that my sounds don't mix very well. As a result, that is what I focused on the most this time around. I focused on giving a better sense of atmosphere, and I attempted to make the sound-scape more lush and full. Enjoy! Remix: https://soundcloud.com/arceace/enigmatic-melody Source:
  13. This is just a little school assignment that I needed to complete today. I think it's a rather fun little song, and I like how it turned out. It is on the short side, but I only had 8 hours to work on it. All things considered, I think it turned out okay. Feel free to share your opinion. Enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/arceace/letting-go
  14. Sorry about that. I sent a message to Phonetic Hero, but I completely forgot to respond to you. I did get the feedback and I have already made a few changes to make the track sound better. Hopefully I can get you an update once finals are done.

  15. This track is super nostalgic for me! I would often times take my CD and play it while I did homework as a kid. I've always wanted to remix something from it, and I'm glad to see other people want to as well. I love the style that you've chosen, but if I remember right it may be a style that is quite similar to the original version, though I notice some very cool differences. I really like the softer sections of the song, particularly the one with the flute solo. My only major problem right now is that the bass drum sounds a little on the weak side. Perhaps you should add a little compression to give it more snap.
  16. I have a ton of good memories with this game. Glad to see there are other people that like the music as well. I really liked the style that you put into this, the drums in particular were fun to listen to. The various drum breakdowns were a nice touch, and I feel that they really compliment the mix as a whole. There were only two things that I noticed. Even though there was a lot of interpretation put into the drums, I think it would help to develop the arrangement a little more. Perhaps it would be best to put in a little solo section, or play with the melodies a little more. It may even help to give some counter harmonies to help make the song sound more interesting. The other thing that I noticed is that the plucked lead synths that you are using sound a little dead. I really like the style your going for, but I honestly think that those synths are holding the mix back. It may be a good idea to play around with them a little and give them a little more energy, or perhaps add another lead synth later on to develop the sound scape. Don't get me wrong though. I love the style you've chosen! Those drums are by far the best highlight of the song. Hope to hear more from you!
  17. OCR was the sole reason why I was inspired to look into music production. After listening to dozens of other awesome artists, I was inspired to pursue music myself, and I see myself doing so for the rest of my life. Keep being awesome!
  18. I now have both of my songs finished and submitted to the Judge's panel. Now all I can do is wait to see what happens. How's it going for everyone else?
  19. What a nice little performance, and the fact that you performed this in one take makes it all the more impressive. I've always admired musicians that can play more than one instrument at a time. Great job!
  20. Dude, this is incredible! I don't have a lot of experience with orchestra arrangements, (Aside from the honer bands that I participated in high school) but from what I can tell, the production quality is superb. Unfortunately, I haven't had any experience with the ghouls and ghosts franchise, but with music like that I might try to see if I can play it some time. I've always wanted to try my hand at working with this style of music, but I don't think FL Studio would be a good place to start. Are you doing all of this with samples, or do have a VST? Anyway, this was really fun to listen to. Awesome work, man!
  21. Dude, this is awesome!!! Changing the piano made a huge difference, and it blends so well, I had to listen consciously to hear it (but that's a good thing). I don't know what other people think, but using Mario and Luigi vocal samples sounds great to me! The only thing that I can suggest is having the clap fade in at 0:06. At the moment, the clap that comes in on the off beat is a bit loud, and I think it would be a better idea to fade it in so it doesn't come in so loud. I think you're at a point in production where I can't offer any more advice. In fact, I'm pretty sure that your production quality is better than mine.
  22. Sorry for taking a while to get to your remix, I've been a bit on the busy side lately. Back on topic, this is some pretty groovin' stuff dude! I really like your choice for the bass. Personally, I think there might bit a little too much delay on it, but it has a nice feel to it. Your percussion has a nice punch, but I noticed a severe lack of hi-hats. Those are really helpful when your trying to get more variation and I would highly recommend adding those to the arrangement. I think your choice for the lead instruments are really interesting, but it might be a good idea to play with the frequencies on those. nearly all of them sound kind of muffled, and I think they would sound awesome if they had more of a crackle to them. For example, at 0:05 when you have that little arp accompanying the bass, I really like how you made it crackle at the end, and I think you should try doing some more of that stuff throughout the whole arrangement. At 0:29 there are little plucked notes that come in to work with the lead, but I think those are a bit on the loud side. It might help to back those off so that you can still hear them, but they are still hidden slightly by the lead. Remember that those notes are there to give a better presence to the mix, not take complete attention. The pad that comes in at 1:18 is a good addition, and I think that it gives a nice full sound. However, it sounds like it's clipping. I like to use pads to take up unused frequencies, and it sounds like the range you have the pad playing in is already taken up by other instruments. Maybe it would be a good idea to bring the pad up an octave and turn the volume down a bit. Those solos you have playing at the end are awesome dude! They really help shake things up and I think they add a ton to the mix. I hope I didn't discourage you with my tidal wave of feed back, but I think making some changes would really help this track out. Marble garden definitely deserves more love!
  23. Heh, looks like you caught me. I was getting a little lazy with the arrangement and I think I'll try to fix that up a little later on. I'm glad you like it! Thanks dude! I just listened to yours and I have to say you have some wonderful ideas going there. Marble Garden definitely needs more love! I'll try to leave some feedback for yours in a little while! Thanks for the feedback guys!
  24. Just stopping by to congratulate all you guys on the wonderful competition so far. I can't wait to see what the final round is going to be like! -And Rexy, that song was absolutely beautiful! 'nuff said.
  25. I think think it's because of the reeverb/delay you have on it. The notes have a nice long tone, and when you have them playing in chords for the background during the chorus (the piano that first show up at 0:09), it sounds like your playing with the damper pedal down the whole time. The result sounds a bit unrealistic to me. I think it might help to have a little space in between each of the chords. I've uploaded a little example of what I'm hearing right now, and what I think might sound a little better. I quickly went into FL Studio and replicated the chord progression that you used for your song. The first piano that plays is what I am hearing, only exaggerated. The second piano that plays is what I think might sound better. Example: http://tindeck.com/listen/qfya The changes that I would recomend are bring down the velocity a bit, increase some of the lower frequencies, put a tiny pause in between chord changes, put a little variation in the note velocities, and work on giving it a warmer feel. Don't get me wrong though, I really like what you have here! I would just recommend playing with the frequency/note length on the piano. I know you'll figure something out.
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