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  1. This is a project that I started working on while I was bored one day. I had no real goal in mind, so I just decided to experiment with various sounds. It was then that I remembered that I have wanted to do a Marble Garden remix for some time now, and everything picked up from there. I can honestly say that I've never tried a style like this before, so I am curious to see what you guys think of it. All feedback is appreciated! Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qw10LYqye4 Remix: http://soundcloud.com/arceace/mystical-groove-marble-garden
  2. This is really nice! The sound scape is really interesting and you are doing plenty to change things around. The percussion is lively and full of energy, so it really helps bring life to the rest of the mix. I can't say that I'm very familiar with the source, but from what I can tell, there is plenty of variation going on. I only have a tiny complaint regarding the piano. It sounds a little bit artificial to me, but that might just be a style that I'm not used to. Nice work dude!
  3. I've listened to it, and I am impressed. I really like what you've done, and I hope to hear more from you. Good work sir!
  4. That was really fun to listen to. I love the piano you have going throughout the whole piece, and I think that it adds a wonderful atmosphere to the piece. The intro sounds a little messy to me, but everything gets cleared up nicely at about 0:40. My only complaint is that it's too dang short. All things considered, I really like what you did, and I hope you add a little more to it!
  5. Dude, this sounds amazing even when the verses don't have anything going on. Your vocals just fit in there perfectly. Call this crazy, but the way this song is headed, I almost expect to hear a heavy metal scream somewhere in there. I'm not sure if that's something that would work for this or not, but I'm just thinking out loud there. Another thing that might fit in there is either a guitar or a distorted synth. This is the type of song where I would expect to hear some crazy solos, and a guitar would sound pretty cool for that. Once again, I'm just listing things that come off the top of my head. No matter what you decide to do, I'm certain this is going to be awesome!
  6. Congratulations on being posted dude! I've seen your stuff every now and then and I knew it was only a matter of time before I started seeing it on the front page. You have quite the impressive debut going for you, and I can't wait to see what else you plan on showing us. Great work!
  7. That's a very interesting source you have there... I like it! I've always liked softer songs and this one certainly delivers in that aspect. I really like the combination of a piano, sine/triangle lead, and ambiance pad. In fact, this sounds like an instrument combination that I would like to try eventually. The pad is by far the my favorite part of the arrangement. It may seem rather simple, but having it there gives a wonderful sense of atmosphere. There is only one suggestion that I would make right now. The anvil-like percussion instrument that comes in at 1:14 is slightly distracting. I don't think it's taking away from the mix, but it might be a good idea to bring the volume down slightly for it. I've hear a couple of your songs now from the Sonic Zone Remix Competition, and I must say I haven't heard a style quite like yours before. It's very interesting and I like how you focus more on the atmosphere of the mix. I like the direction you're going with this, and I can't wait to hear more of it!
  8. I have now been to the judges panel with this mix and I have a better understanding of what I need to do to fix this thing up. According to the judges, there is nothing wrong with the arraignment, so the only thing that I have needed to work on is getting better sounds into the mix. The major focus was to replace the lousy percussion samples that I was using in my first attempt. I have now given the song a makeover and I feel that it is very close to being ready for submission. However, I would like to make sure that I didn't miss anything. Feel free to tell me what you think, and, as always, feel free to be super picky! Source: Remix: http://soundcloud.com/arceace/energy-beads
  9. Hi there, It's always nice to see someone new in the forums. I must admit, I've never heard of the game King of Dragons before, so this source is rather new to me. However, I'm glad to see that there are artists out there who are willing to bring in some new sources. Also, be sure to include a link to the source to make it easy for people to find the song that you're remixing. I really like the idea that you have going on here, but I think there are a couple of things that you might want to try differently. If you're trying to get this accepted to OCRemix, there are a few things that you're going to want to keep in mind. I also see that this is a work-in-progress, so I totally understand why there are a few problems going on. I'll start with my initial impression of the beginning. The lead that you've chosen sounds like something you would hear from the original song (kinda retro), which isn't a bad thing, but you might want to present it a little differently. I think it might be a good idea to start with something other than the melody. I really like it, but I don't think it lasts long enough to serve as an intro. It tends to get a little repetitive, so I think it may be better to wait and introduce the main melody a little later on. When the organ comes in to support the main melody, it really gives a nice "medieval" feel to it. I think it might be a good idea to add more notes and to give the organ more complexity. Instead of having the organ moving along with the melody, it might work better if you come up with a chord progression to give the song a more full sound. I also noticed that some of the notes with the organ didn't sound right, and caused a lot of dissonance that didn't feel right. You might want to move those notes around to get rid of the dissonance. Finally when the bass and drums kick in, the song starts to take off, and it sounds like the song is ready to start. The bells that play in the background are a nice touch, and I think that they will definitely add to the song as it goes on. One thing that I would recommend right away is that you try out a few different percussion samples. The ones that you are using right now Sound a little fake, and they really limit the song's potential. The snare drum sounds like it should be really powerful, but the sample you are using sounds a little quiet. I see that you know that you still need to compress and EQ everything, so I'm not going to say too much about that. However, I would like to suggest a few plug-ins that come with FL Studio that will really help you bring out the song. First of all, I recommend using the Fruity Bass Boost on the bass notes to give them a fuller sound. I think that the organ could use a little bit of reeverb for a fuller sound, so it would be a good idea to add the Fruity Reeverb 2 effect plugin for the organ. In fact, the snare drum sounds like it could use a little too, so don't be afraid to experiment around with it. It sounds to me as though the bell sound could use a little delay (echo), so I would recommend the Fruity Delay 2 plugin to give the bell a nice long echo. All of these effects come with FL Studio, so I would highly recommend learning how to use them in addition to experimenting with other plugins that come with FL Studio. Don't get me wrong here, I really like the idea that you have going on, and I really want to see it get accepted at OCRemix. I hope you don't get discouraged by my tidal wave of feedback. Music production is a very complex and difficult process, and I still have a lot to learn as well. I hope that I can help you avoid some of the mistakes that I made in the past when I first started with FL Studio. Feel free to send me a personal message when you come up with an updated version. I have had about a year's worth of experience with FL Studio, so if you have any questions feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer them. Hope to hear from you again soon!
  10. This was a project that I worked on for a little while. I originally started working on it for a company that was looking for a song to use in the title screen for a video game that they were making. Unfortunately, they did not choose to use the song I wrote. However, I really like how it turned out, and I may perhaps pick it up again and include it in an album project someday. Anyway, I figured I would share it with you guys. Hope it's fun to listen to, and feel free to offer any advice on the arrangement or production! Link:http://soundcloud.com/arceace/the-long-haul
  11. This is a very interesting project that you're proposing... I like it! I have many fond memories of playing the US version of Sonic CD growing up, and I would be very interested in remixing a song for this project. Is this going to be exclusively US version, or will the JP version be covered as well?
  12. Just stopping by to thank everyone for the awesome competition. You guys rock! I had lots of fun listening to everything you guys came up with, and I plan on sticking with this thread for the entire competition. I would also like to thank SuperiorX for being amazing and managing the whole competition. Thanks for all the work you're doing, and you can definitely put me down as interested for next time! Good luck to all those who are moving on, and may you continue to be awesome!
  13. Thanks man, your song was downright amazing to listen to. I'll admit I was really nervous to go up against you for the first round of the compo, but I'm very happy with what I learned during that time. Hopefully someday in the future when I improve in my music production skills, I can get a rematch! :D

  14. I just sent my submission. I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with this week! I'm especially curious to see what halc has done. No doubt it's going to be awesome. I'm also really impressed with how helpful everyone is around here. In spite of the fact that some of you are going against each other, you're still willing to help each other out. That just makes this competition all the more awesome, and I'm glad I got to participate in it.
  15. As of now, my song is in a state where it can be submitted at any time. However, I want to hold it back for a little longer to tweak it as much as possible. You can expect me to submit it around tomorrow sometime. I am soooo ready to see what you guys have come up with this week!
  16. Oops! didn't see that. lol, I 'm just a little blind today.
  17. I ripped the sound effect from the original audio. I searched everywhere and I have no idea where else you can find it. The only way I could get it was to download the song and rip the go sound effect using Edison. Link: http://soundcloud.com/arceace/go-sound-effect Hope you find a use for it! Edit: if I figure out how to get a better version, I'll be sure to tell you.
  18. I'm up against halc? I guess this will make things interesting for me from the very start. I am certainly a fan of his work, so I know just how good he is. I was kind of afraid that this would happen, but I definitely won't let that stop me from doing my best! Best of luck to everyone this week! I look forward to seeing what the people in the Sonic bracket have come up with.
  19. After working on the song for a couple of days, I've come up with something that I am very happy with. However, I am wondering when I should submit it. Is it better to do that sooner, or later? If I wait for a little longer, I might be able to improve the quality even more. However, it is in a state where I am ready to submit it at any time. If you pick the one you like, will you be asking the artist to modify the theme slightly, or are you just going to use it as it is? If you plan on taking it as it is, I think I should wait a little more and master it a bit more. Hope you guys find an awesome theme to use! I see that there are some other amazing artists working on this too, so I have no doubt you'll find something good.
  20. That comment just made my day. Good luck to everybody! I can't wait to hear what happens next!
  21. This is the theme right here: The map theme is pretty different:
  22. Splash Hill Zone (Sonic 4 Episode 1 - DLC) Route 99 (Sonic Advanced 3 - GBA) I am not sure if the Ice Cap Zone theme from the PC version of Sonic 3 is acceptable here. I know for a fact that it bears no resemblance to the original, but if there is any trouble caused by it, you can just remove it from the list. I am so getting pumped for this competition!!!
  23. You can put me down for Tiny's theme as well (If no one else wants it). I was experimenting a couple days ago with a new style of music, and I found that it worked surprisingly well with his theme. Plus, he was my favorite villain out of the whole series. I already have a fair amount of progress made on the China theme. I believe that I sent you a WIP, but I can't remember. If for some reason I didn't, I'll gladly send it again. I can also send you a WIP on Tiny's theme if you want. In a moment of divine inspiration, I managed to come up with quite a bit of material right away.
  24. I really enjoyed the Crash Bandicoot series as a kid, so i think its about time that I return a favor for the sound track. Until now, I have never even started a WIP for any song from the Crash series, so it may take a while to get my stuff together. I also can't be 100% sure that I will be able to finish the project since I am rather busy with College and work and all that fun stuff. But I'll gladly give it a go! With the choices left on the list I feel best going with the China theme. I have a tendency to prefer upbeat and cheerful songs, so I think this one will be easiest for me to work with. There's also some very catchy melodies that I'll be able to play around with. I've never been in an album project before, so this qualifies as my very first. hope your willing to bring a newbie on board.
  25. For some reason, this song makes me think of the best times of my life. Thank you for this wonderful remix.
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