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  1. for @Darkflamewolf


      I still have my 3 tracks. I had claimed a 4th but it didn't go well and never got finished. The project had long since been stalled. I don't know who has them, but I got the 3 completed wav's and were ready to be sent out. So hit me if you still need them. I would like this project to go out.

      I've been hesitating to send out those tracks as single submission each. But I am waiting for you.


    Edit: I posted in the wrong post. I read FF III.  I don't have any claim.

  2. I'm back to it. 

      It sounds fuller than the last time good job. I can perceive the changes done. It has gone quite far! I like it all the way. I'll have to listen it back on system outside of my headphone.

     I think there is an issue with the eq but I want to confirm it. Otherwise everything is so good and well mixed.

    Gratz on making a short source that long. And I mean it!

  3. You could add a tiny silence to the lead but keep the time signature. I think it would be less distracting and you could have that silence. (could also lessen the silence with reverb?) Impact could be double to mark the start of the new bar? Just ideas.

    Since you have a good break part, the tiny teaser could be longer. But it's only to my taste. You may wait for more people to comment on that. It's only one opinion right now! Some might have other ideas. 

    And I know Infected tend to have very long parts and build up. 8 to 10 minutes songs are common among their albums (I own everyone of them).

  4. Chiming in to let you know the idea is awesome and I love the style. Really well done piece. I am fan of Infected Mushroom and this kinda remind me of them a bit. (Replaying the same part again and again but changing synths glitch etc and you keep it fresh all the way)

    And I don't want you to get mad at me. I want to hear this again once you are done.

    All I have for you are those: At 0:46 the transition is abrupt. Like it misses 1/8 or 1/16 of a bar? And I would keep the area from 0:47 to 0:53 a bit longer around to make people linger. Maybe not as long as the 1:26 break because this part section in itself is AWEsome. 

    I like the juggling of the song all around. You did very well. I dig it seriously.


  5. Hi Everyone,

      Been a while since I visited all of you. I got really busy in life got married and etc. What I want to know out of this track, is the general feeling of it and especially the guitar mastering. I already made a lot of electronic tracks. But included guitars, I never made a really good one. (Except some collab, but it wasn't me playing and EQing guitars). It's a DnB type of track heavily influenced by Pendulum, Tantrum desires and Infected Mushroom. I also want to keep this track as a surprise to OCremix community. 

    What do you think of it? Any tip on guitar or EQ on overall mix? (Be careful it's loud. Even if the intro is soft.)

    (The song is a request from my wife)(She also already listened to it and I could see her head bobing on the rhythm)

    Remix: Submitted



  6. I logged in just to give that comment. Been a while since I visited the forum (Real life you know)


    I am a fan of secret of evermore. It's one of the first game I forced my wife to play when we met because, it need more attention. 

    But I have to say that this remix sounds more like the End game boss. So well made that it doesn't fit the endboss theme anymore. GREAT WORK! So intense.

  7. Hi Gario,

      Just to be sure, I got 2 tracks on this. And it seems like the subforum has changed. I do not have access to the new one. Although my track are finished, is that intended?

    Thank you sir by the way to have this back on track.

  8. Hi all,


    I know this is an overremixed song, but I had a mix in the past that I submitted and never passed the panel. But today I bring you a totally brand new remix with a bit of real instrument. Wanted to test the design for a long time now. Hear it and enjoy it.


    It's drumstepish/dubsteppish metal song.





    Original source


  9. This game is amazing. I loved it so much. Best metroidvania since super metroid and xeo drifter. Awesome gameplay and story.

    Also there is a lot of glitch for speedrun which is awesome.

    I made a speedrun at 1:12. My friend stand at 0:51 and he's 31 on the speedrunner list. He made this record today and he's trying to improve.

    The game is gorgeous and is a must. Very recommended.

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