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  1. Thanks. Maybe I got too much into it that's why the source is not distinct. But a good ear will surely recognize it. Thanks for your advice gario ^^
  2. Since I already send my submission Without any review from anyone to ocremix(since I'm Dumb Duhhhh:-x), I'm gonna post it here cause I already know it'll be rejected. Enjoy it. (Kinda like of electro/dubstep) (EDIT)Sorry, Sorry, sorry, forgot to mention the sources: Undersea palace, Magus Song.
  3. In Fruity loops, I usually work hard on pattern. The playlist is only for each part. So my playlist looks like ramp. Always down. I don't like repetition. Using a lot of piano roll and especially LFO for dubstep. Each instrument/vsti are named after what I planned to use. Every mixer claim their name(Exception for drum, snare and hihats that goes in each a category). At the end it is organised cause if I don't finish it and get to work and can't finish or polish it right now I need it to be clear when I come back. I use a lot of 'Edit Events' since I don't like automation. That's pretty much my workflow.
  4. Nice remix. I Love the fact that you change you hi hats samples often. It gives much of a gain to the song. 2:45, was woooo... I don't know for this transition. Keep it up the good work.
  5. Wow. I'm DnB listener and this one is AWESOME. No problem with any part. I hope it'll come soon on OC ! ^^
  6. Very nice. Maybe I could help you a little bit. I'm not sure where you're at in your mixing but I could be of help. Let me know if you need some.
  7. For me, It takes about 3-6 hours for a minute. It depends on how I feel or how many times I've listened to it ^^. Sometimes I listen it to much. But for final work, polishing, It takes me 3-10 hours. Depending on how it sounded before I start polishing.
  8. Hi guys! I'm a long time listener from OCremix. I love all the remix you do guys! SO cheer up. Enough of this nonsense! I'll introduce myself. My name is Roch Côté, and I'm from val-d'or (Québec, Canada). I love music so much that I can't stop listening to it. My original language is French. I'm not very good in english but I'll try to explain myself as good as I can. I'm 20 years old and I'm interested into making music since I was 14. I decided to subscribe to the forum 'cause I want to help you guys making more of this beautiful Music. I have fruity loops, buzz, a mouse, a keyboard and of course, my Head !! I made about 80 songs ( MAjor crap ^^ ) but I'm getty good around fruity loops. That's about it. If you need more information or want to chat, don't hesitate. Meanwhile I'm gonna post My first remix.
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