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  1. Welcome to OCremix Jonny Atma Freaking awesome performance. Now it's time to add all your Megaman remixes to this website!
  2. OMG that song with sixto sounds is more than perfect! I bought the album just for this song! Since i'm not a fan of "techno, beat, dumbstep, trance" there's around 6-7 track that I didn't enjoy. (Still good) Overall it's awesome!
  3. This is the best remixes of 2012 (so far) I thought that only sixtoSounds could make epic music like this! Seriously... Epic Medley, Epic Play. This guy is very very talented! Good use of Petrucci influence. *Tips: Make an album and ill buy it 5 times!* Thanks for making such good music!
  4. O wow. This is some nice Brass Sound! Where did you get these sounds from? By the way. Awesome Remix!
  5. THe best Remixer of all time. Sixto YOu Are just way to much awesome for this world!

    Keep ROcking!

  6. .. I enjoyed the 4th version (I didn't listen to the previous one) I don't know why but i realy want to play the lead track on guitar I'm wondering if you have a .midi file for this or a tablatur
  7. Hi everyone! I Know there are already plenty of Frog theme remixes! But here's my First remix/cover! ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION [X] Too conservative - sticks too close to the source (I know already )
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