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  1. I'm 30 you nincompoops. Just because this cartoon is made for a new generation of fans, doesn't mean fans of old like me are not going to give this show and it's prequel game a chance! Did no one read my 2 parter defense rant of the spin-off, on my DA account!? I guess I'm somewhat of an animation buff who is just curious how this cartoon will do. Bottomline, I am going to give this spin-off series a chance and I'm not going to let some immature, idiotic, nostalgically blind morons telling me what should or shouldn't watch!!
  2. Time for more news on the Sonic Boom spin-off. First off, the Wii U version release date has changed. It will now be released along with the 3DS version, on 11th November. The European release is still the 21st November. As for the show itself. It’ll air this autumn in the USA and France. (lucky sods) While the rest of Europe will have to wait until autumn NEXT YEAR. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be damned if I have to wait for 11 to 12 months of this show, to air in my country! So I’m going to do the most logical thing to do once this cartoon airs… Watch it online. What else? One last thing. Stephen Frost (Producer of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric) will be the host of this years Sonic Boom. (the convention) Some members of Big Red Button Entertainment & Sanzaru Games will appear and the voice cast will be there. Hopefully they will announce when the new cartoon will finally air.
  3. I think this concept was nice too. One of the mixfloods I was hoping for (obscure MD games one) was somewhat granted. I look forward to seeing this every year, on September. Although it would've been nice to have at least 5 mixfloods this year. But I'm sure you staff members have your reasons.
  4. I just realized something. This week is the 15th Anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast. Wouldn't be awesome if we get a flood of Dreamcast games this week?
  5. I think this flood month thing is a great idea. I would personally like to see the following themed mixes… Obscure Wii games Games developed by Platinum Games Games composed by Nobuo Uematsu (besides Final Fantasy) Obscure X-Box games Games for the Atari ST (seriously, you guys don’t have any for that system) Handheld systems Snow/Ice levels Games for the eighth generation systems Metal Gear spin-offs SEGA franchises (excluding Sonic the Hedgehog) RPGs from the last generation of systems Obscure Genesis/Mega Drive games Games developed by Treasure The possibilities are endless!
  6. Here’s a and a quick glance at Shadow at the end. Speaking of Shadow, he and Metal Sonic are confirmed to appear in both the Wii U & 3DS versions.
  7. Robin Williams was one of my favourite actors growing up. It is indeed sad he’s gone. But do you want to know the worst thing about is? He died on my birthday and I’ve turned 30 this year. Talk about an unwanted birthday present. Goodbye, Robin. We never had a friend like you…
  8. Greetings staff members of OCReMix! I have been thinking lately. Since we have now entered the eighth generation console war, I thought now is the best time to update the game systems menu on the front page. Right now, the list looks like this… Arcade/Coin-op Nintendo DS Game Boy / Colour Game Boy Advance GameCube N64 NES SNES Wii SEGA Dreamcast Game Gear Genesis Master System Saturn SEGA CD Microsoft DOS MSX Windows Xbox Xbox 360 Sony Playstation Playstation 2 Playstation 3 PSP Other: Amiga Atari ST Commodore 64 Neo Geo TurboGrafx-16 With the exception of Arcades, (it’s fine where it is) here is what I personally think the list should look like… Nintendo DS / 3DS Game Boy / Colour Game Boy Advance GameCube N64 NES / SNES Wii / Wii U SEGA Dreamcast Game Gear Genesis / 32X Master System Saturn SEGA CD Microsoft DOS MSX Windows Xbox (2001) (to avoid confusion with the newest one) Xbox 360 Xbox One Sony Playstation Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Playstation 4 PSP / PS Vita Other: Amiga Commodore 64 Macintosh Neo Geo iOS At least, that’s my opinion about it. Any thoughts anyone?
  9. Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic have been confirmed to appear in Sonic Boom universe. They both look mostly unchanged. But then again, this is just work in progress concept art. So they might change just slightly when the game/show finally arrives. Speaking of which, to any Sonic fans in Europe who are interested in getting the Wii U version of this game, mark calendars for November 21st. And finally, check out the new But don’t blink or you’ll miss Metal Sonic making an Iron Man like entrance at the end of this trailer.
  10. Sorry to double post but I have news. The Wii U version of Sonic Boom has had some changes from it’s E3 demo. A new demo at the San Diego Comic-Con has shown off… A newer & shorter speed stage Some graphical improvements Sonic & Knuckles mine cart stage removed, due to negative feedback You can check out the new speed stage in action, right here. One last thing, yesterday I made a countdown list about what characters I personally want to see in Sonic Boom. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested.
  11. Hey there, folks! With the San Diego ComicCon getting underway, SEGA has generously given us some new info on the secondary characters and a new .One last thing. This might be slightly off topic, but I recently written a 2 parter journal defending this new spin-off series, on my dA account. If any of you have time to give it a read, I’d appreciate it.
  12. I wish you the very best of luck on your project. Don’t make the same mistake like I have with my recently cancelled SEGA Saturn 20th Anniversary Album. I do hope someone ReMixes Green Hill Zone. It just wouldn’t be an anniversary album without it. As for ideas for the title of this project, I have one that might work. Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Years and Still Running. What do think?
  13. Remember that Marine the Raccoon looking character? Well yesterday SEGA have announced this said character. So we finally know who she is. Her name is
  14. Well, well, well. It looks like the Chaos Emeralds MIGHT appear in the Boom universe after all.
  15. Would you prefer I do it in size 3? I like to have my text big enough for everyone to read, thank you. Anyway back on topic, new concept art of what appears to be the supporting cast. And one of them looks like Marine. Weather or not it is her, remains to be confirmed.
  16. Greetings everyone!! It’s been a year since I’ve suggested about making this project. However, after a lot of thinking on what DiGi had said, I’ve made a decision. A decision that you’re not going to like. It is with a heavy heart, which I regret to say this project is cancelled. I am extremely sorry to everyone who did work hard on this. I feel like I’ve let you all down. There are no words for me to express how sorry I am, to all of you. This project just wasn’t getting anywhere. Fewer people we’re interested in this thing, WiP deadlines were missed, me being lazy to get more ReMixers. I’m going to take DiGi’s advice and shelve this project. Then try again maybe in a year or 2’s time, in time for this consoles 25th anniversary. You now have full permission to submit your work to the judges whenever you feel like it. If I ever decide to make another ReMix album project between now and in the next coming months, (or even years) I will make sure something like this will never happen ever again. I like to think of it as an experience and hopefully be a better project director in the future. To everyone who took part in this project and had WiP/Finished remixes, I like to say thank you for expressing interest and once again, sorry if I’ve wasted your time. To everyone who also took part and had no WiP whatsoever, I appreciate the fact you had some interest in this project. Before I let the moderators lock this thread, I do have one last request. On November 22nd, give this console some love. Please make some ReMixes for this console. I know most of you all like/love NiGHTS into Dream. (Again I prefer the Wii sequel) But there are so many Saturn games that deserve the OCR treatment. It’s the very least we can do for this console. Until this day comes, I hereby decree this project shelved.
  17. SEGA has just released a trailer. Also, most of the current English VA’s will reprise their roles. Tails is now voiced by Colleen Villard.Lastly, according to SEGA’s blog, Orbot & Cubot will also appear in the new cartoon.
  18. Perhaps your right. Maybe I should shelve this project for now. Again, I really didn't want to let you guys down.:cry: Would you prefer at least 20 tracks instead?
  19. Greetings everyone, it’s been awhile! Time for an update regarding this project. First off, the list has once again been updated. I think 50 tracks are enough for this album. I’ve also decided to unclaim Robo Pit. Why you may ask? I’ll explain in a moment. Secondly, the last track I’m adding to the list WILL be a MegaMan one. But I’m flipping coins whether to choose the Saturn version of MegaMan 8 (since TenguMan has a different tempo/beat and the PS1 version doesn’t have and ) or the more obscure Super Adventure Rockman. (which also has Electrical Communication & Brand New Way. As well as this battle theme)This is why I need your final say on this. Do you want megaman 8 or SAR? If you want to make a melody out of them, I won’t stop ya. And finally, I’m thinking of stepping down as project director of this project. My reasons why are as follows… 1) I’m not going to lie to you lot. I’ve been a lazy bastard. So lazy that I haven’t even started on my Robo Pit ReMix, at all. 2) I believe I have bit off more than I could chew. I thought I could handle it, but I’m not sure for how long. 3) I’m going to Florida this year in November, with some family members & friends. Unfortunately, it will clash with the projects release schedule. I really don’t want to cancel this project or let you guys down. But sometimes you have to make sacrifices, even if this means continuing this project without me. If someone wishes to take over, PM me and we’ll talk. One last thing. This is somewhat off topic, but I have a deviantART account. Feel free to stop by if you have one as well. That’s it for now. Next WiP deadline is June 8th. See you later!!
  20. I have 2 questions, if you don't mind me asking? 1) How's this project coming along? 2) Is "The Game Boy 25th Anniversary ReMix Album" the official title of this album or will it be called something else in the end? Again, I was just asking.
  21. TOMY has revealed the new Sonic Boom toyline. You can check them out here and here. If you look at the top left of this picture, you’ll see what appears to be a car of sorts. Which means the Tornado won’t be the only vehicle our heroes will be using.
  22. I’m rather surprised that nobody has made a thread about this yet!! On October last year, SEGA announced they are making a new cartoon series based on their mascot. The only info we got at the time was:- • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy will be the main characters • there will be 52 episodes/stories that are 11 minutes long • the show is aimed at 6 to 11 year olds • it'll be a character-driven comedy • there will be other villains besides Eggman. Some familiar to the fans (fingers cross that we get Nack the Weasel & Metal Sonic, this time around) and some made exclusively for the show Fast forward to Thursday 6th February. We finally get to see what our heroes will look like, a and finally that serves as a prequel to the show.I for one am Cautiously Optimistic for both the show & the game. I like the redesigns and I look forward to what this show has to offer. Share your thoughts gang!
  23. 5 days left until next deadline. Expect an announcement regarding the future of this project very soon... And this time, I mean it.
  24. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year!
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