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  1. Here’s the from the TGS. It mostly reveals the story more.And here’s the of this trailer as well.
  2. I want to apologise for my behaviour from earlier. I was probably being childish that neither one of my requests make it on the list. Now I feel rather bad about it. I do understand that real-life stuff is more important. In future, if there’s a song I would like to see remixed, I’ll post it in the request section of the forum like everyone else. Even if it won’t get answered, straight away.   Starla, Ramaniscence, I am really, really sorry for acting like that. I hope to put this behind us and move on…
  3. I think it’s safe for me to say that this years FBRC, is a complete & utter disaster. Not only we didn’t get any official start of phase 2 of this contest whatsoever, but also we didn’t get a permanent list of who would be remixing what and those who wanted a different song didn’t get one. (as far as I'm aware of) Compared to the past contests, that had 17 to 20 entries, we only had 8 entries this year in a very short amount of time. I hope we get an explanation of what went wrong.   I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m cross (which I am) and being harsh, but I am seriously disappointed with the end results.
  4. Congradulations on your album Dj Mokram. It's great to see Dynamite Headdy is finally getting some love. I'll defintly add some Dynamite Headdy music into my "VGM I must remix" list, as soon as I start getting the motivation to do so.
  5. Oink, oink, oink!! Sorry to double post, but this is long over due. So with no more delay, may I present to you, Oinkie! Also go check out the that was released at Gamescom a few weeks back.
  6. Two new characters has been revealed. Their names are & .BTW, out of pure curiosity, who’s your favourite character(s) that have been announced so far? Big Bull Nikolai
  7. It's been roughtly a month, with no updates and I'm still not sure if either of my 2 requests have made the cut. I hope nothing bad has happened to Rama & Starla.
  8. I have to agree with Meteo & Brandon on this. Your better off doing a Chrono Cross album instead, since the other 2 already have albums. Even though I've never played Chrono Cross, I MIGHT lend a helping hand on this project.
  9. I’m surprised that no one has made a topic of this game yet. It’s a new game being developed by Platinum Games. The game itself has characters from their first game MadWorld. Go and the recent story trailer.
  10. I saw this movie on Saturday and really I enjoyed it. While I will admit some of the characters lack development, at least they tone down the jokes in this movie. Bottom line: I enjoyed all 3 movies from Michael Bay, regardless of what the critics will say/have said about them. And that's all I'm going to say about it.
  11. I'm defintly looking forward to this album tomorrow. I hope someday we'll do this again to it's Wii sequal, Journey of Dreams. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow.
  12. Ah yes, I've heard all about it jouring the weekend. I was planning to make a topic about it, but it seems you've beat me to the punch. I'll edit my post later to express how I feel about this bill in greater detail. This is grim news indeed.
  13. I don't think I'm ready to rise to the challenge, maybe next year. But I will however post my 2 requests later on.
  14. Question for you lot. What do you get when you mix “Like this, like that” from Jet Set Radio Future with voice clips of Dormammu? Answer, you make this sound awesome.Curtsey of novriltataki. Enjoy folks.
  15. It's a shame that there aren't enough songs from Megaman X6, X7 & X8. But I'm sure it's still going to be good anyway. Good luck guys.
  16. Yeah I’ve been planning on making a melody out of this for quite some time. By using both Acts 1 & 2 (act 2 seriously needs some love) of the original from Sonic 3 along with the two. Someday I’ll make it happen.
  17. Congradulations Halc & Nutritious! It seems the 2 of you are being busy bees at the moment, but I'm sure you 2 will do a great job.
  18. Thanks for clearing me on that guys.
  19. First off, love the art cover. But I have one question regarding one of the remixe titles by Fishy. Is it suppose to be called “She can has long ears” or is the title suppose to say “She can HAVE long ears”? I’m sorry if I’m being a nuisance, I am just saying that I think you made an error in one of your remix titles.
  20. Hello everyone. My name is Dave the Rave, also known as V-202 Davva (feel free to call me Davva) in some forums I’ve joined. I first heard about this site when Project Chaos was out at the time. After the sites 10th Anniversary, I decided visited the site more often. It is with great pleasure to finally be part of this community and to meet you all. I hope to help out by offering ideas/criticism and give whatever music talent I can to lend a hand.
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