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  1. Also, Mii’s return as Nintendo Wii-U & 3DS exclusives. Speaking of Nintendo, Nintendo Power has recently revealed that Gum from Jet Set Radio will join the roster and a new Super Sonic Racing remix to boot. It’s nice to see another Jet Set Radio representative in this game.
  2. I like this idea alot. It would be nice to see this game get some more love. If I recall in the Sound of Speed topic, I believe AkumajoBelmont suggested that we should call it Sonic CD: East vs. West. Considering the fact that this game had 2 soundtracks, I for one second that name.
  3. Here’s the The game will be released late September.
  4. Time for more info! First off is the new gameplay trailer. Next, there’s a special pre-order limited/bonus edition. Where you can get Metal Sonic & an Outrun themed track when you pre-order the game. Thirdly, Steve Lycett explains why the bikes are removed from this game. And finally, the following new tracks have been announced… An Afterburner themed track A Skies of Arcadia track A new Super Monkey Ball themed track (I think) Starlight Carnival from Sonic Colours Seaside Hill (under the name Ocean View) from Sonic Heroes a returning Samba de Amigo track from the first game That’s all for now. Please share your thoughts.
  5. I only have one word to say about this remix... Beautiful. Do submit this ASAP.
  6. I have some bad news for all you Vectorman fans. It seems he won’t be playable in the game. Although he might make a cameo.
  7. Remember a few weeks ago, that SEGA delayed this game for the States & Europe? Well SEGA has recently twittered that it will be released in 2013.
  8. Alrighty then, time for some info to share with ya. You might already know this in the E3 topic, but if you haven’t yet I can reveal… They released Joe Musashi from the Shinobi series will be in it Shadow the Hedgehog will return And finally, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick will appear as special guest exclusive   That’s it for now. If there’s anymore info on the game, I’ll let you know…
  9. Good news & bad news time! The good news is two new characters have been announced. and our supposedly main villain of this game The bad news is that the game is getting delayed in the States & Europe… Again!
  10. I’m surprised that no one (especially AkumajoBelmont) has made a topic about this new game. Considering that it’s been over a week or two, that SEGA has to their 2010 hit. I really enjoyed the first game, so I’m defiantly looking forward to the sequel. I hope this game will be more than meets the eye.  So far, there’s a Panzer Dragoon track, a total of 27 characters will be playable and a new Adventure/story mode where you have to rescue the other racers.     Share your thoughts everyone… Oh and who cares if this game is a MK7 clone.
  11. Here’s the trailer for this game.
  12. Remember Rin Rin from MadWorld? Well she’s back and this time, Also, check out Blacker Baron’s Theme.
  13. It's a real shame that Static Shock is getting cancelled. The main reason I collect those comics is because I was a fan of the animated series in the early/mid 2000s.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, has joined the roster.
  15. A few months ago, SEGA teamed up with Arkedo Studio. They worked on a project, which was called “Project: Hell Yeah!” Well yesterday, they’ve announced “Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit”. A hack ‘n’ slash plat former that is scheduled to be released this summer. Check out this trailer.The Rabbit is coming, so you better start running.
  16. Just a quick question. Why is the newest game not on the list?
  17. Is there anyone else besides me, Thalzon & taurus82 who are looking forward to this game? Anyway, SEGA have announced this game is now sceduled to be released July of next year. Going off topic for a moment, Platinum Games are also developing the next game in the Metal Gear series .
  18. How about... "BadAss Vol. 2: Badder is Better".
  19. It's been 9 years since anybody has even made a remix for MM5. But don't you worry KyleJCrb, I plan on making 5 remixes for MM5. It's defintly on my "to be remixed" list. In fact, I've been thinking of making a meldey with DarkMan & Dark World (from LoZ:LTTP) somewhere down the road. Once I have the right equipment, I'll do my best to see MM5 get more remixes. That's a promise that I intend to keep.
  20. I agree. I can hear the "Deja vu" part perfectly fine, but I could bearly hear you in the "Calling" parts of this song. I think you should make the lead guitar alittle bit quieter, that should do the trick. But anyway, keep up the good work.
  21. Urm, guys… you’ve got your publish date wrong. But anyway, congratulations on your 29th album & getting your YouTube channel back on the same day, on Tuesday.
  22. Thank you, Ghost Voltage. It's nice to see this version of Ghostbusters getting some love. Keep up the good work.
  23. I've played both gameplay styles (classic on Thursday, modern on Saturday) at a local GAME shop. I really enjoyed playing it. I'm defintly going to get this game for Christmas.
  24. I've just beat this game on Thursday, it was not bad. By the way, the link to the song that you want us to remix isn't working. But do not worry Master Spram, I'll do whatever it takes to have your request forfilled. Whatever the song is, I will add it on my "to do" list. Let's spread some puppy love around here.
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