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  1. Congratulations on being a father, boss. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.
  2. Sorry for double posting, but I’ve just found out that there are 2 Christopher Welch’s. One who died & didn’t voice Tails at all. And the other who did, is most likely still alive. http://segabits.com/blog/2013/12/05/op-ed-was-christopher-evan-welch-the-same-christopher-welch-that-voiced-tails/ I knew there was something fishy regarding the ages. Anyway, sorry if I caused any trouble. I'm going to edit the first post at once.
  3. I've just found out that Danny Wells only played Luigi in "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show". They changed voice actors in the SMB:3 & SMW cartoon adaptations. So yeah... my bad.
  4. If you have been keeping up with gaming news, then you already know what has happened last week/yesterday. If not, then have some very sad news to report. Danny Wells (the voice of Luigi in the SMB cartoons) has sadly passed away. The entertainment & gaming industries has lost a very talented actor, who has given life to an awesome video game sidekick. My condolences to the family & friends of Danny Wells. May he rest in peace.
  5. Sorry to triple post, but 2 days left until our next deadline!
  6. Ten days left, until our next WiP deadline! Shake a leg folks!
  7. One month left until the next deadline. Sorry for not being active last month. One of my aunties died last month, I hope you understand? Expect an announcement regarding the future of this project very soon.
  8. One more day to go gang!! List has been updated and I believe we've got our FIRST FINISHED TRACK. I'll update list again as soon as I get an accurate percent level on the WiPs. Going slightly off topic, guess who's 29 years old last Sunday?
  9. CURRENT NEWS: 5 June Hello everyone. Sorry for my lack of activity around here. I’ve been getting some on-again, off-again lag from this website all month long. First off, thanks to those of you who were able to PM me your WiPs last month. I love what you’ve all done so far. Secondly, I’m STILL looking for an Assistant Director and more recruits. But we’ll worry about that later. I do have a plan on how we might be able to make this an OCRemix Album. Our next WiP Deadline is August 15th. But of course, that might change at a moments notice. Then come September, I’ll send an application to the boss man, djpretzel himself, to see if we can get our OCRemix Album seal of approval. Until then, I seriously need to get to work on my own ReMix. Keep up the good work, everyone. And to all latecomers, send me your WiPs ASAP.
  10. I haven't contact them yet. Expect an announment, hopfully by the end of the week.
  11. Consider it done. BTW, only 9 days until our first WiP checkpoint.
  12. I knew someone would make a competition on the crossover comic. Unfortanutly, I'm afraid I won't be taking part in this because... 1) I lack the eqiupment for it 2) I don't have the time for it 3) I have bigger fish to fry (SEGA Saturn 20th Year Album) But I will wish everyone who are competing the very best of luck.
  13. Sorry to double post. But I just want to give you all a friendly reminder. Our first WiP date has changed to May 25th, so you all have a month left. Don't worry if you don't have a WiP by then, there's still plenty of time till November 22nd 2014.
  14. CURRENT NEWS: 16 April The list has once again been updated, also I shall claim Robo Pit. My brothers and I use to play that game nearly all the time. I’m STILL looking for an Assistant Director and more recruits.
  15. In regards of SotN, if the game has different music or more music than the PS1 version, I'll think about adding it to the list. I have debated whether to add Megaman 8 to the list or not since, as Nonamer stated, TenguMan's theme has a different beat to the PS1 version. And finally, I think I'll change the first WiP date to May 25th instead. Since I've had three people telling me that they are unable to have something ready by then. EDIT AS OF 7/4/2013 It's decided, I'm changing the first WiP date to May 25th.
  16. Sorry to triple post, but here’s episode three. This episode was OK. Not bad, but not good either.
  17. Hhmmmm. I think your right, I suppose we could call it Moons of Saturn. But it's early days yet till we have an official title. Still thanks for your advise and your name suggestions. I think Heading back to Saturn is slowly growing on me.
  18. @ Powerstars: Sorry, but I've given SEGA Rally to Rexy. @ G-Mixer: Don't worry man. There's always the next deadline, so take your time. CURRENT NEWS: 2 April The list has once again been updated and I’m STILL looking for an Assistant director. I do have three possible name suggestions for our album that I’ve thought by myself. 1) Moons of Sanshiro 2) Moons of Segata 3) Moons of Segata Sanshiro Your probably wondering “Why moons?” Well according to Wikipedia, there are 62 moons on Saturn. If you like any of them or you have a better title for our album, let me know.
  19. Ah, thank you. Anyway, one month untill our first deadline.
  20. CURRENT NEWS: 24 March The list has once again been updated and we now have a timetable in the first post. Keep in mind folks, the timetable dates may change at anytime. Also I’m still looking for an Assistant director and some name suggestions on what we should call our album. That is all, for now.
  21. I’ve updated and extended the track list. Well since that games isn’t on the Arcade list yet, I guess it’s acceptable. X-Men vs. Street Fighter is all yours. @ Tuberz & metaphist: Sorry guys, but Portanexus beat you to the punch. But as Dj Mokram said, you could always collab with one another. If Portanexus needs any help that is. Now without any delays, here’s our colour status list. Red - Claimed, no WiP Orange - 25% WiP Green - 50% WiP Purple - 75% WiP Blue - Finished Bold Blue - Finished & in my hands
  22. Unlike the Game Boy 25th Anniversary project, I do welcome remixers to remix more than one game. So if you want to do more than one remix, that's fine. Gonna go update the list now and tomorrow I'll post a colour status chart.
  23. @ Portanexus: I’m unable to view your SouldCloud account. All I’m getting is a message that’s saying “Oops, looks like we can't find that page!” Is there another way in viewing it? @ Arcade Child: House of the Dead is all yours! @ Powerstars: If we can find a longer song and use the “Game Over YEAH!” at the end, then will add SEGA Rally to the list. @ DiGi Valentine: You’ve pretty much nailed everything that you’ve said. There are only 3 Sonic games on the Saturn and I’m only choosing one of them. If you guys want to ReMix Sonic X-treme, then as DiGi said, do it outside of the project. I’m not stopping you from remixing a Sonic Xtreme track and submitting it to OCR by yourselves.   Anyway, list has been updated again and I’m calling it a night. See you tomorrow everyone.
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