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  1. I'm still an active Audiosurf player. What exactly are you planning?
  2. Okay, got it, thanks for the info. I guess I'll just wait for the regular release then.
  3. Is there a way to get this music without a Facebook account? I don't have one and the link that's titled 'stream/download' (http://facebook.com/DeusEx/app_108468622525037) just sends me to the Facebook login page.
  4. Hey everyone, just wanted to shout out a huge thanks to everyone involved! I'm a competitive SSBM player, so I was already pretty psyched for Apex 2013 as is, but this album pretty much brings two of my absolute favorite things together, making this event one of the best things that are going to happen this year. Really digging the music, you are awesome!
  5. Ahaha, now I feel stupid . So, apparently, waiting a few days and then listening to the same track again already did the trick for me. I can't seem to hear all that much of a difference in the real new version though, except for the hats, which is definitely an improvement in my opinion. Still digging this.
  6. Hey, I didn't like the first version all that much, but this one is a lot better. The drums are a lot more punchy now, giving the thing a better sense of rhythm. The melodies are as great too, digging this!
  7. I'm gonna go way out there and say: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon While the Main Series Pokémon games employ a setting which is so utterly ridiculous that it dooms every attempt of giving them a sensible plot, the Mystery Dungeon Series' setting makes a lot of sense and allows for some good plot. I found the story to be very touching. The way the dialogue is written and the characters are presented makes it easy to get emotionally involved. While I've played a few games where I thought "interesting twist" here and there, this is so far the only game which made me feel genuine compassion for the characters in it. I've played "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team" and "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky" so far. The only other games in the series (which are not just matched pairs of those two) are some WiiWare titles which haven't been released outside of Japan, so I don't know what they're like. Another good reason to play them is that they have awesome music. Especially the respective BGMs of the final dungeons. Seriously amazing stuff.
  8. Ah, that's a good idea, I wanted to listen through the Sound of Speed sometime anyways, so audiosurfing the whole thing seems like a great plan! @Ferret: I've found at least some OCR ReMixes that have good competition (mostly the very popular ones that also have high traffic). Some other video game music (like the VVVVVV soundtrack and the F-Zero GX soundtrack) also has some competition.
  9. Hey, anyone left audiosurfin'? Audiosurf name is 'Opfer'. I'm pretty good at Audiosurf, so if there are any ReMixes with good competition, be sure to post them here so I can have a go at them! Just got the throne on Jade Catacombs (http://audio-surf.com/song.php#4567411), but I'm sure the score can still be improved quite a bit. I've been surfing a few PrototypeRaptor ReMixes lately, the MissingNo album, and some other stuff that I can't remember right now.
  10. Alright, I just got home and tried this on my speakers, and, believe it or not, playing the thing made the Super Smash Bros. Melee box fall out of the shelf because of all the rumbling going on. I have to say that it sounds pretty horrible, but that's at least in part because my speaker setup is kind of crappy. My room is pretty small and the subwoofer sits on some shelf so there are all kinds of things to resonate with at the right frequencies. That means certain frequencies in the bass region will sound really loud compared to others, which causes some parts of this track to shake the whole room while others are barely audible. I'm curious how this sounds on better speaker setups. Anyways, sorry for the double-post, I just wanted to share this funny story with you guys. And it still sounds awesome on headphones. Oh, one more thing, I found a few other very bass-heavy tracks that somehow manage to sound good even on my speakers. I can't really tell why, though, maybe the frequencies aren't quite that low, or maybe it just doesn't hit the resonating ones by pure chance. I don't know, maybe you can figure it out and borrow some tricks from them: http://www.jorisdeman.com/pro_nplus.html. The bass in these is a little different than the one in your arrangement, but I like them both, in their own way.
  11. I have good headphones and I'll just say that it sounds really awesome to me. Almost every other piece of music uses the same frequency balance, so this feels very fresh. I've never heard anything like this before, I always just assumed one couldn't make it sound good if it doesn't use the conventional frequency balance, but you just proved me wrong, I'm impressed. I'm not at home right now so I can't try it on speakers, but from what others said, I guess it doesn't really work there, which is a real shame. Also, it seems this kind of balance isn't everyone's cup of tea, so that might give you a bit of trouble with the judges. Now, the funny thing is, I'm not a big fan of most Pokémon battle themes (they're usually somewhat dissonant and don't feature any catchy melodies), and this one is no exception. The arrangement is definitely an improvement on the source, but you've mostly won me over with soundscape rather than melody, which happens very rarely for me, kudos to you there. I really hope you can maintain some of that impressive low-end in future versions without turning too many people off, because I really like it that way.
  12. Let me start by saying that I don't really like this source and since this is a pretty conservative arrangement, that probably makes me like this less than I usually would. That said, I dig the parts you added, they almost have a bit of a celtic feel to them. They definitely fit in well, too. There isn't a whole lot going on in the bass part of the frequency spectrum, and the percussion is a little quiet, too, but maybe that was intended.
  13. It's about time we get some PMD arrangements on OCR, these games have consistently amazing soundtracks and definitely deserve some love here. Temporal Tower is one of my favorite tracks of all time. Since I tend to compare arrangements to their respective sources, arrangements usually have a hard time impressing me when I already like the source a lot. But this one is actually pretty good. The backgroundish melody reference at 0:11 totally gives me the shivers on every listen, absolutely genius. That kick is amazing and production in general feels top notch. You also packed in a lot of variety so it doesn't get boring at all, even if one already knows the source inside out. So, huge props to TheGuitahHeroe here, I've listened to some of your stuff on YouTube, and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from you!
  14. I love this one! Been listening to it a lot in the last couple of weeks, the synth coming in at 2:15 is pure genius.
  15. I really like this! Been following along with the updates a little and while the arrangement felt kind of conservative in the beginning, it's starting to get pretty amazing. Definitely submit this once you're done getting feedback.
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