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  1. splendid work. this is to me just like the original, only moreso. therefore, being that the original is one of my favorite vg songs to date, this mix is excellent. apropos to the game but perfectly capable of standing on its own, this is one mix i shall certainly be visiting repeatedly. well done
  2. one of the most exciting songs in one of the best zelda games, and no remixes. would it lend itself to a folksy or jazzy feel?
  3. 1. love the title, an apropos reference to a beautiful piece of literature 2. such an amazing voice, plays the too high(?) notes well, as stated by djpretzel 3. impressively fitting lyrics that make an already touching song nigh tear-jerking 4. amazing that you seem to have put your own emotions into a melody you didn't compose: props 5. this is gonna be stuck in my head for a while thank you!
  4. the first thought that came into my mind as it finished was just how full of win this song is. the next thought was the realization that you've put lyrics to not only an instrumental, but a video game song. this in itself is impressive to me, so props for that. very well done and enjoyable to listen to. keep this up
  5. i'll keep these in mind in the future. and when i said there was no nayru's song, i meant on ocremix, not essence of lime
  6. i did double check, it's oracle of seasons that's not in there. and thanks for the link, is there any way to listen to it online? i feel a tad obnoxious, and for that i apologize. i'm new to this, so i'm still learning my way around and discovering things
  7. oh, wow. i feel like a moron now. cool, thanks for makin me take another look. i do regret that nayru's song isn't on there, though
  8. i absolutely love this site, but am continuedly disappointed to find there are very few remixes of songs from the oracle games, and oracle of ages isn't even in the game library. as these are my favorite handheld zelda games, i made an account for the sole purpose of requesting these games. thanks a bundle champ
  9. the bit from 1:05-11 sounds a bit like a good ol' abba song. "lay all your love on me." this game was extraordinarily epic, and this mix without a doubt does it justice. well done indeed
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