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  1. Definitely Ubuntu, perhaps if only for the great community support forum. They're used to stupid questions. Kubuntu might even work, since it gives you the choice of running a bit more like Windows (in terms of the interface). There are certainly other distributions that might compare to (K)Ubuntu, but Linux definitely has a learning curve, and I'd say in a situation like this you'd want a distribution with as much support available as possible. That, and Ubuntu is on a very stable development track, so updates and bugfixes are guaranteed to be pretty frequent.
  2. Greatly improved since I last heard Darangen's stuff! (Omen of the Prophet) This is a great interpretation of the Magus theme; it builds off of the original elements from the CT version while being fresh and full of energy. Yay!
  3. Woah! Myst meets a guy with a knife! Well, sort of. Personally, I think it's somwhat repetitive, but it works pretty well. The bass part should be made more apparant near the middle. I almost didn't notice it the first time through, and it's a sweet line. I like the ending. A good way to finish it off. This is definitely not a head-banger , but it does have a somewhat solid melody throught the entire piece. It fits the mood of metroid, and I can't think of any real flaws that stand out. It's just new.
  4. Extremely interesting arrangement. This is definitely a masterpiece and I would love to stick it into a modern arts museum. There's only one problem. I think I would have trouble keeping the waveforms in a frame. oh well... I guess I'll just have to listen and drool. The ripping guitar and combination of ambience and texture creates a mind-boggling array of intriguing-ness.... and.. I dunno. Pretty much this song is hella cool.
  5. Very interesting. It is a very similar style to many of CotMM's works, but still conveys it's own individuality. I believe that this is music on the verge of a painting. Uh... i'll explain that. Here's how I see it. If Picasso were here today and logged onto ocremix.org (highly improbable, but you get the picture), he would be proud. The sound seems to bleed out of my speakers and into my ears and gives me the feeling that I AM Samus, alone, far away in space with no company but the scanner in my visor and constantly on the lookout for the unexpected. While not the best music to play Soul Caluber 2 to (okay not at all fighting music ), this definitely fits the feel of the Metroid series.
  6. I don't know what to say. I have to be in the right mood to listen to this, but on the other hand, it's a strange new work of art. I'm not going to state that this is similar to Decay of Hope, because it's probably already been said. Ok. Maybe I just stated it. I'm rambling, but in the end I hope you'll get what I'm trying to say. Like Decay of Hope, you have to either like this or not. Personally, I like it, but I won't want to listen to it too often. Very good job. Strange, but good.
  7. Strangely interesting... yes... I like it! It's a new kind of style for my tastes, but it's, well, inspiring, sort of. How else does one describe this... Definitely worth listening to, but either you'll like it or you won't.
  8. Well, what can I say. This is one of my most favorite remixes so far! Although it's kinda strange, the voice cuts seem to strangely add to the song. I was suprised to see such an old game posted, but very happy. Overall, I'd give this two thumbs up. Ahh... the memories...
  9. This isn't half bad... Kinda repetitive... pretty good feel... I'm liking it for the most part. I don't like the T404 synth or whatever it is, and I'm pretty sure I recognise Fruity Loops sound samples... not quite the originality I look for in a song, but musically very well done.
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