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  1. what does your being black have to do with what kind of music you listen to?
  2. because that's what most of the older songs translate best into.
  3. i don't know what this fool above me is talking about. part of it is, i can't READ it. at any rate, i thought the mix was great when it first showed up and i still think it's great now. i found it in my remix folder a little while ago and decided to pass the song around.
  4. i've been listening to this track non-stop. as far as the metal argument goes, it wouldn't be out of place on any katatonia album after brave murder day.
  5. i hated marathon. i don't know, something about it just pissed me off. i disagree with you guys who say it's better than doom. have you seen what they're doing with doom lately? i'm sorry, but marathon tries to be like system shock and fails miserably. that said, the mix is nice.
  6. the megaman zero series are absolutely ASSFUCKING hard. ironically, the final boss of MMZ3 is a complete pansy. oh well.
  7. there are some people who need to have guitars surgically grafted onto their bodies so they can make stuff like this merely by scratching their ass. ryan probst is one of those people.
  8. very hip-hoppish, and somehow fitting. i love what you did with the main melody. did you register just to make one post? and even what you said was incorrect. oh well. it's shadow's theme, and while cyan's theme r0x0rbates my b0x0rz until they tangle with my s0x0rz, shadow's theme reigns supreme.
  9. for some reason, if you take away the drum beat this sounds an awful lot like something you'd hear during a mafia film, like during a slow-mo montage of a gang war being kicked off by a string of drivebys. i like this piece. a lot.
  10. Awesome. How about Nile or In Flames? IF is great, although i think everything starting from reroute to remain and later is kind of lesser. i like their chiptune of moonshield though. they also did one of the few covers of iron maiden that i like better than the original. of course, that's probably because i fucking hate paul dianno, and murders in the rue morgue is dianno-era. haven't heard nile. what's their sound?
  11. as a metalhead with eclectic tastes, i can simply say... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA this RULES i listen to rap from time to time (although the my regular playlist runs the gamut from megadeth to opeth to iced earth with stopovers in nevermore and iron maiden) and i prefer rap that i can walk away from feeling i've learned something. (sadly, most of mainstream rap isn't like this.) what'd i learn from this? just one thing. some folks are way too uptight. the lyrics are clever and nicely delivered, and the black friends i have who think 50 cent makes the earth go round and never heard of any video game made before grand theft auto 3 would appreciate this. i'm vastly entertained by this mix, and i'll probably be playing it nonstop on loop for the rest of the night. this mix makes da urf do shit.
  12. for years my dad was a cheap SOB and i never had a genesis until 1996. however, i had a gamegear, because it was cheap and a family friend gave it to my mother to buy a present for me. game that came with it was sonic 2. sonic 2 gamegear (aka master system) is easily the hardest game in the series. which is why this song gives me fonder memories than i originally had. [ps] oh, i dunno if anyone knew this but the theme from green hills zone in sonic 2 gg is the same as the opening theme of the megaCD version of sonic CD.
  13. for some reason this makes me think of strapping young lad if devon townsend did video game remixes. SYL's oh my fucking god is similar to this in its sheer wall-of-sound insanity, and there's a bit where someone just yells out of nowhere "NOW GET DOWN THERE AND SUCK MY BUDDY'S [expletive]!" right before the craziest part of the song gets going. and here we have "GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER!" and the craziest part gets going. that's funny as hell. i love this song, i usually play it along with SYL'S OMFG and rape song (which is just as nuts as OMFG but in a different way) and that concludes my very rare post.
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