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  1. what does your being black have to do with what kind of music you listen to?
  2. because that's what most of the older songs translate best into.
  3. i don't know what this fool above me is talking about. part of it is, i can't READ it. at any rate, i thought the mix was great when it first showed up and i still think it's great now. i found it in my remix folder a little while ago and decided to pass the song around.
  4. i've been listening to this track non-stop. as far as the metal argument goes, it wouldn't be out of place on any katatonia album after brave murder day.
  5. i hated marathon. i don't know, something about it just pissed me off. i disagree with you guys who say it's better than doom. have you seen what they're doing with doom lately? i'm sorry, but marathon tries to be like system shock and fails miserably. that said, the mix is nice.
  6. the megaman zero series are absolutely ASSFUCKING hard. ironically, the final boss of MMZ3 is a complete pansy. oh well.
  7. there are some people who need to have guitars surgically grafted onto their bodies so they can make stuff like this merely by scratching their ass. ryan probst is one of those people.
  8. very hip-hoppish, and somehow fitting. i love what you did with the main melody. did you register just to make one post? and even what you said was incorrect. oh well. it's shadow's theme, and while cyan's theme r0x0rbates my b0x0rz until they tangle with my s0x0rz, shadow's theme reigns supreme.
  9. for some reason, if you take away the drum beat this sounds an awful lot like something you'd hear during a mafia film, like during a slow-mo montage of a gang war being kicked off by a string of drivebys. i like this piece. a lot.
  10. Awesome. How about Nile or In Flames? IF is great, although i think everything starting from reroute to remain and later is kind of lesser. i like their chiptune of moonshield though. they also did one of the few covers of iron maiden that i like better than the original. of course, that's probably because i fucking hate paul dianno, and murders in the rue morgue is dianno-era. haven't heard nile. what's their sound?
  11. as a metalhead with eclectic tastes, i can simply say... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA this RULES i listen to rap from time to time (although the my regular playlist runs the gamut from megadeth to opeth to iced earth with stopovers in nevermore and iron maiden) and i prefer rap that i can walk away from feeling i've learned something. (sadly, most of mainstream rap isn't like this.) what'd i learn from this? just one thing. some folks are way too uptight. the lyrics are clever and nicely delivered, and the black friends i have who think 50 cent makes the earth go round and never heard of any video game made before grand theft auto 3 would appreciate this. i'm vastly entertained by this mix, and i'll probably be playing it nonstop on loop for the rest of the night. this mix makes da urf do shit.
  12. for years my dad was a cheap SOB and i never had a genesis until 1996. however, i had a gamegear, because it was cheap and a family friend gave it to my mother to buy a present for me. game that came with it was sonic 2. sonic 2 gamegear (aka master system) is easily the hardest game in the series. which is why this song gives me fonder memories than i originally had. [ps] oh, i dunno if anyone knew this but the theme from green hills zone in sonic 2 gg is the same as the opening theme of the megaCD version of sonic CD.
  13. for some reason this makes me think of strapping young lad if devon townsend did video game remixes. SYL's oh my fucking god is similar to this in its sheer wall-of-sound insanity, and there's a bit where someone just yells out of nowhere "NOW GET DOWN THERE AND SUCK MY BUDDY'S [expletive]!" right before the craziest part of the song gets going. and here we have "GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER!" and the craziest part gets going. that's funny as hell. i love this song, i usually play it along with SYL'S OMFG and rape song (which is just as nuts as OMFG but in a different way) and that concludes my very rare post.
  14. i wouldn't call that "fun". i'd call that "a bad map".
  15. oh. my. god. i think this is now my favorite mix from this site, and for good reason. it COMPLETELY fits with the general mood mazedude was trying to put forth. this song really gives a feeling of the horrors of war. the clips of hitler truly fit with the song, and give you an idea of what the war was all about. there's a song by a thrash/black metal band (broke up over a decade ago) called anacrusis, and the song is called the twisted cross. it starts off with this truly dark, and crushing, long bassnote, and the entire first half of the song is easily some of the darkest stuff i've ever heard concerning the war. this tops that song. i'm something of a history buff, and i plan to study history in college next year (as well as military science in the context of history later on). i JUST got finished reading a book on the occult roots of nazism, and there's an article in an issue of american heritage from a few months back about the american eugenics movement 10 years before hitler ever even heard of the nazi party. yes, i underlined that part on purpouse. the notions put forth by blavatsky and guido von list, and all their followers, are essentially the roots of the horrible concept of "ethnic cleansing". world war 1, in my opinion, was just a war. yes, it spanned the globe, but it was really about german militarism going out of control. world war 2... that was a battle between good and evil. as far as the song itself, i'm not sure but i think i detect 2 wolfenstein songs- the title theme, and "enemy behind you", both creepy in their own right. it's true that there'll be some question of the wisdom of using the soundclips, but in my opinion they belong here. if i ever manage to get the equipment to make music videos, i'm going to pull together a bunch of old footage from hitler's speeches and whatnot, and use this song. i think in the coming years i'll probably get around to making a video documentary on world war 2, although what aspect of it i don't know. this song is going in there.
  16. more like 25, that's the total that were made.
  17. this thread's gone insanely long, and there's some real nice discussion. truthfully, the evil dark angel thing at the end of demon's crest wasn't SO bad if you knew what you were doing... ubersoldat from RtCW? hahahaha he RULES! it's actually quite easy to take him out if you play cat and mouse with him around that divider on his floor. he'll eventually run out of rockets and his other ammo, and once he starts to really limp it's all over for him. i wanna say alexia's final form from resident evil: code veronica. good christ that freaking harlot totally 0wned my ass every time. the icon of sin from doom2 wasn't that hard. yes, the 324684643216546876 enemies spawning in every .4 seconds were a distraction, but as long as you were quick on the uptake you could plug all 3 rockets through the hole in baphomet's skull in one try. and if you used a source port that allowed freelook, you could cheat and do it straight from where the switch was. super metroid's ridley wasn't NEARLY as tough as his metroid fusion incarnation. oh my god, that was damn near impossible. a friend of mine was basically screaming her head off for days over it, though it took me only about 5 tries. i actually had more trouble with SA-X right after crawling back into the jungle biodome after turning the power on in the overgrown powerplant. i also had the hardest time with the final boss of metroid prime. those little bastard fusion metroids have got to be the worst enemy i have ever seen, and after screaming and cursing at the little shits who make it just so impossible to get through that big chamber, i finally get to the metroid prime and end up being spider food. even harder than that was the omega pirate. omega pirate = TYRANT the infected predator about 75% of the way through the arcade beat-em-up version of aliens v.s. predator must have eaten about $5 in quarters alone. nihilanth from halflife was tough the first couple of times but it's not so bad once you really learn how to play that game. i dunno if you really could count him as a boss, but gunther hermann from deus ex REALLY put up a fight. when i first fought him in the templar cathedral my character wasn't really set up for a real firefight (i was an excellent sniper, and if the need arose i could assault-rifle someone to death at point blank range, but i was mostly built for long-range assassination, and short-range silent-kills) and he had a freaking plasma rifle. i finally managed to take him out by way of hiding in a room upstairs and sniping him from around the corner. interestingly enough i had no trouble with walton simons, i fed him grenade rounds from my assault rifle (which i had just discovered i could do, haha). on a side note, bob page from the very end wasn't even a boss! haha, i love this game, it's so deep. another difficult boss... the fistfight with liquid snake in metal gear solid. sometimes he's easy, and sometimes he kicks my ass a million times. also tough is ultra box from metal gear 2: solid snake. that's all i can think of at the moment...
  18. i particularly love this song because i heard it at around the same time i was obsessing over a song from a quite rare and very little known band that never did much called lylo, and the song was called "perfect crash". it sounded like a perfect match-up for this- they sound VERY similar in general feel and tone. hell, even their general flow is similar- soft at first, then bursting into a rush, with soft bridges. this song 0wns me, i'd have to agree that it really IS the best mix on the site.
  19. ah hahahahahaha!!! once in a while a song comes along that totally grabs me enough to turn off my megadeth or iron maiden or whatever i'm listening to and i'm stuck listening to it on endless loop for hours into days until it drives me totally batshit and i still don't have the heart to change it. this is one of those. i had never played the game before (and i rarely get remixes of games i never played) but after a particularly crappy day a friend of mine told me to download it (this was a day or so after it was put up) and i felt my spirits reach for the skies. i'm still listening to it, and quite frankly this song is so friggin' addicting it's almost not funny. it's just so funky and frankly uplifting. i found myself whistling the intro at random moments. hell, i even got a black/death metal/goregrind/grindcore kiddie i know into this song and he ordinarily refuses to listen to anything that doesn't have brooooooooooooooootal vocals. damned good job, noppz, once again. you made me feel better on a shitty day and for that this song gets majour points from me.
  20. metallica? not bloody likely. i'm very strongly reminded of iron maiden, however. especially the intro, which SORT OF reminds me of where eagles dare. this thing is as close as it gets to maiden covering a CV song. ironically, right after i hear this song it goes to another one on my playlist - IM's transylvania. [edited to make more sense]
  21. this is definitely a good remix of adrian's asleep, from... crud, i forget... bloodfalls, dunno the map number. probably one of the better doom2 remixes i've heard (although some of the stuff at kinkiness.de was pretty cool). the intro sort of makes me think of iced earth's burnt offerings... although that could be because i'm obsessed with that band
  22. this song absolutely owns my life. i don't do reviews often (in fact i think this is the first one i've done) so you can imagine how this song affects me. it positively kicks many an ass. the original song was one of the most satisfying songs in the game (and the soundtrack was slightly mediocre compared to some of nobuo's other works)- pity we only heard it like 4 times through the whole game! as far as the remix goes, it stays true to the original melody (one of the high points of the original was that creepy/urgent melody) and adds to it as well. i would like to have heard the original intro a little more intact, but it's not absolutely necessary. this song throws people off 65-story buildings and then spits on them. one thing i like to do is create deathmatch-music CDs (composed of mostly old-school power or thrash such as hammerfall or slayer, but there's some great dance songs and game remixes in there too, most notably dj 3nd3r's dance richter dance), and this is a perfect addition to my latest compilation. i'm ready for some old-school fragging in the bad place with this song. score: -I-I-I-I-I- 5 out of 5
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