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  1. Alright. Here' my YT channel; if you want some more examples I can easily record something for you. http://www.youtube.com/user/JLawrenceKenny?feature=mhee
  2. Oh, I'm assuming you're gonna glitch it? I'll send you some singing in a minute, I'm just curious about what you're planning.
  3. Everybody always wants women. Do you have lyrics in mind already, or is it just the track you have so far?
  4. How are things going in here? I'm looking forward to this album!
  5. Can't say I've heard of it, but if it does get off the ground and anyone needs a vocalist, I'm available.
  6. A while ago, I posted a request for remixes of Ratchet & Clank because they weren't any on this site. Now I return with another plea of a game to remix: the Sly Cooper games. I mean, c'mon; film noire style music? How epic would that sound remixed! Here's a few tracks that would be awesome to mix: Main title and credits (Sly 3): A Strange Reunion/Final Battle (Sly): High Class Heist (Sly): The Fire Down Below (Sly): Paris (Sly 2): Contessa Battle (Sly 2): Clock-la Battle (Sly 2): Enjoy, and I hope to hear something from Sly soon!
  7. Drop me a PM then and let's see what we can put together!
  8. Possibly. I'd need to hear a WIP to get a better understanding of what you had in mind. Maybe something like Rammstein's Ohne Dich or Ein Lied, if you want an Industrial reference. Even Spiel Mit Mir or Klavier. (Sorry, Rammstein is the only Industrial band I'm intimately familiar with)
  9. Industrial is a good genre possibility, but definitely on the quieter side. I have this scene in my head of a trainer kneeling in front of a grave, and a ghost disguised as an old man comes up behind him and this is what he is saying to the trainer. Maybe a crescendo or accelerando near the end, but definitely on the subtle side until the "reveal."
  10. Close to original tempo, but it would depend on the style. Most likely would lean toward slower, though.
  11. I think I' right in assuming that plenty of us here love the original pokemon games. Me too. So I ended up writing my own lyrics to the Lavender Town theme song. Unfortunately, the source material is not conducive to vocal accompaniment for obvious reasons, so I had the great idea to make a mix for the song! Then I remembered I can't compose. So I'm posting here in the hopes that someone can help me out here. MangaMan is also on board. I really don't have a vision for the accompaniment other than it needs to sound creepy as hell to match my lyrics, so if you're interested, send me a PM and we can talk about mixing it up. The lyrics are as follows: Welcome, Welcome To the town of Sorrows Have you come to Say hello to old friends? Lavender, Lavender Such a lovely, sweet scent Wafts around us Comforting the ill heart Here they lie now Bodies rest below you Friends, companions Find eternal slumber Rain falls slowly Sky grows darker In the distance Stormclouds shed their cold tears Lavender, Lavender Such a gentle color Soothing, ghostly Color of the dead Here they rise now Say hello to old friends They have missed you Endless years of waiting Lavender, Lavender We won't be forgotten You will join us You'll always remember
  12. Just dropping in my usual note about being available if anyone needs a vocalist and/or lyricist. Holla.
  13. Aw, I can't believe I missed this. Sad day for OD
  14. Can't say i'm familiar with the game, but if anyone needs a vocalist, feel free to contact me. (Bass/Bari/Low Tenor)
  15. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check it out! Looking forward to it.

  16. I admit that I'm (sadly) not familiar with the game series as I ought to be, so I don't know if the soundtrack is well suited for vocal work. If it is, I'd love to offer up my voice to any of the composers that would like it. Either way, you mentioned you were also looking for voice actors, which I can also do for you. If you need me to send in some work, just let me know what you need me to do, and where to send it.
  17. He also mentioned he was looking for a lyricist. Singing usually goes along with lyrics.
  18. Hm. Can't see why the soldier/postman/carpenters are important parts that need to be sung. Any info they have could just as easily be conveyed by the Bombers. The more unnecessary parts we cut out, the better the music will flow, as they'll be much more recognizable, rather than trying to follow which voice is which character. Props on the Tingle idea, though. Little fairy can go bugger himself. :3
  19. I think we need to also figure out what style of opera/musical we're going for. Obviously, there will be influences coming from the game as well as each remixers own style, but are we shooting for something akin to Andrew Lloyd Weber? Stephen Schwartz? Stephen Sondheim? Gilbert & Sullivan?
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