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  1. Vocalist here if anyone needs one! Bass/Baritone. PM me if you need audition stuff.
  2. I'm not sure about operatic; doesn't strike me as the style of MM. (OoT, maybe, but not MM)
  3. That was my idea as well; the game is too diverse to have any one overarching style. Each area should have a different musical style associated with it, but there should be running motifs linking characters and ideas. For example, the most obvious is the Song of Healing, and how it changes based on what form Link is in.
  4. Vocalist here if anyone needs one. PM me if you have need of a Baritone/Bass.
  5. I don't recall if I already posted here, but I am a vocalist willing to contribute my voice to the project. Bass/Baritone even some low tenor if you need it (Up to F above middle C, if I remember correctly) I'm working on the Majora's Mask Musical Album, as well as a track from the Lufia Project. If you need some examples of my work, I can easily do that.
  6. So, I realize I'm a bit late to the party here, but if anyone needs vocals, I'm a bass/baritone willing to contribute. :3
  7. That was my favorite game ever! I support this idea!
  8. I actually quite like the idea of musical motifs to represent Link, but idk how well it might turn out.
  9. Section III - Blueprint Guideline [abbreviated] **(full, in-depth description of goals will be discussed and explained in private amongst project members) Song Theme Main Source(s) Specific guidelines and preferences Claimed (0% WIP) 25% WIP 50% WIP 75% WIP 99% song complete 100% Final WAV handed in I. CLOCK TOWN 1. > > basically an 'Overture' feeling to open up the album, but more mysterious and slightly ominous 2. > 3. > > > 4. > > > > > HMSM reprise > /Deku Palace Transition basically, we'd like the latter end of this song to be a smooth transition leading into the more percussive Southern Swamp songs. II. SOUTHERN SWAMP 1. > 2. 3. (*Swamp Giant awakens*) > *Something percussive* > as mentioned earlier above, The Four Giants should have specialized themes in regards to the domain (leading up to the Barbershop Quartet epic rejoining), so try to give a distinct Southern Swamp flavored twist on this one. III. SNOWHEAD 1. this one should be dedicated to Darmani, so keep in mind that this arrangement should feel like a memorial tribute to the tragic loss of a great Goron Hero. 2. > > Goron Village this will be a very fun, imagery-filled arrangement. Imagine the listener walking up Snowhead mountain (ambient wind and crunching snow footstep sound effects throughout) and they're whistling and beatboxing the Goron Village theme; but then hilarity ensues when the Goron Elder's Son constantly interrupts by crying. So this could be a funny hip hop piece or just an interesting, humorous beat box song about trying to navigate through Snowhead whilst trying to lull the Goron baby to sleep. 3. Song of Healing > Oath to Order (*Mountain Awaken*) > Song of Healing Absolutely must have fanfare horns in this one, and again, make This Giant's Awakening theme unique from the others 3.5 Romani Ranch interlude medley ( , , etc.)The initial idea was to make a bonus disc for songs like Romani Ranch that aren't exactly necessary to this album but are still integral to the game's story. Then we decided that it would be immensely interesting to do a 'Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds' elaborate re-telling of the defense of Romani Ranch. So this certainly isn't your Grandmother's Romani Ranch type of remix. IV. GREAT BAY 1. > > Song of Healing > *Ocean Tide or shore sfx ambiance face out* Another imagery-filled piece; imagine Mikau groggily making his way to the beach to make his last words known to Link. He strums on his guitar and slowly one by one the other band members join in to build up to a huge, stadium rock ballad type jam of The Song of Healing (Think in the style of Ludo or Reistance-era MUSE). 2. > All Practice themes (medley) Damashii!! decided it would be interesting (and refreshing, due to the nature of most of the album) to arrange this in the style of 'Get Set Go' in that it is despair filled lyrics talking about stresses of the band and The Moon's impending doom contrasted against the happy-go-lucky upbeat feel of the music. 3. > > > Oath to Order (*Ocean Giant Awakening*) Ultimately up to the arranger, but it is imperative that the focus of this be about Lulu getting her voice back (as well as ending with the Ocean Giant awakening); and it probably isn't good to stray too far from bossa territory considering the nature of 'New Wave Bossa.' V. Ikana Canyon 1. > > Sonata of Awakening > > (*link chimes in with Song of Healing, comically, on the Ocarina, but it doesn't work, so Sharp’s Curse comes back in) > > Farewell to Gibdos [Music Box House] EXTREMELY imagery-laden and cinematic. The central source should be Music Box House, but make sure to give this arrangement a shrill contrast between the dainty music box and trying to survive against the swarming of Gibdos. 2. Sonata of Awakening [intro] > [Verse] > [chorus 1] > elegy [v2] > Stone Tower inverted [chorus 2] > Oath to Order (*Canyon Giant Awaken*) [bridge and/or outro?] > chorus again (up to interpretation)> again, up to the arranger, but this would work well in the song structure of a standard pop song, but instead mixed with lots of dark, experimental elements. VI. Calling the Four Giants 1. > > Oath To OrderAnd at last, here is the big gathering of the Four Giants Barbershop Quartet. This will be similar to the Mikau Song of Healing arrangement, but on a much larger scale. Just like in coming-of-age films when everything the protagonist learned previously is brought back for the final test, this song will feature the inhabitants of each area coming in slowly with their instruments (The Deku Horns, The Goron Drums, The Zora Guitar, The Gibdos eerie synths, etc.). Will most likely be a large-scale collab between many project members, but just understand that this will be one of the most complex songs of the entire project since it brings back so many of the previous musical ideas in order to launch the story towards the climax. 2. > Astral Observatory (Reprise) Doesn't need to be as long or as complex as the previous track. This is primarily a transition song leading into the final showdown, so think of something along the lines of Yanni's 'Acroyali/Standing in Motion.' V. Final Battle/ Climax/ Ending 1. Majora’s Theme Reprise/ Starts out very calm and serene, yet immensely surreal, twisted, and eerily ambient. For space reasons, we cannot fully describe the complexity of this song's vision, so pm Mangaman ASAP if you are keen with dark, organic yet playful tracks. The mood for this piece should be very similar to 'Kakurenbo' in that Majora is treating this as a morbidly absurd game, but he becomes increasingly angrier and angrier as the piece progresses. 2. and > Mostly an extension of the previous song idea, however this one should be much more cinematic since the battle is intensifying. 3. Song of Time/Healing medley > > > > Clocktown Day 1 As with the first track which serves as an 'overture' of sorts, this would serve very nicely if the arranger(s) utilizes the idea of bookends, hence the re-appearance of 'Clocktown Day 1.' Above all, this piece should make it evident that the 5 stages of grief have been dealt with and successfully overcome. *. SPECIAL (Individual Sources or Medleys outside of the Blueprints that a remixer specifically wants to arrange [and has gained Director approval for]) 1. Solo piano piece medley - MeMark2 Section IV - CHARACTER PARTS: KEY GREEN-What is claimed BLUE-Interest has been made, so audition ASAP! BLACK-What is NOT claimed RECURRING ROLES SKULL KID/Majora- Can be played by a man or woman. Higher ranged vocals with enough flexibility is a huge plus. HAPPY MASK SALESMAN-DAMASHII!!-Sly and cheerful voice with a flare for the dramatic. TATL- Tom-boy. Alto/soprano is acceptable TAEL-Shy and soft spoken ANJU- Soprano, homely or motherly tone to voice. KAFEI-Chris Narvali Baritone/tenor, can have child like or more adult like tone to his voice. MUTOH- Bass or baritone, gruff and harsh voice CAPTAIN VISCEN- tenor, strong and convident voice MAYOR DOTOUR- flabbergasted and uncertain, very meek voice. GORMAN- loud and bombastic, with a bit of a nassaly voice MIKAU- Tenor, a bit of a California accent is acceptable, wild and energetic voice. DARMANI III- Bass, strong, but weary voice from all his years being the hero of the Gorons ROMANI- Soprano, southern drawl and a child like voice, not looking for Hannah Montana CREMIA- Alto, sweet tones with a little southern drawl. SINGLE-SCENE ROLES (subject to change according to Project Director and/or arrangers’ discretion) PROFESSOR SHIKASHI- Baritone KING IGOS DU IKANA- Operatic, bass GREAT FAIRY- Soprano MADAME AROMA- Contralto THE CARNIVAL COMMITTEE TOTO- Baritone POSTMAN- Tenor THE BOMBERS- Tenor/Alto ANJU'S MOTHER- Contralto ANJU'S GRANDMOTHER- Alto BANKER- Tenor BOMB SHOP OWNER- Baritone MR.BARTEN- Bass TWIN JUGGLERS- Tenor’s CLOCK TOWN GUARDS- Tenors PAMELA - Alto PAMELA’S FATHER- Tenor ROSA SISTERS- Alto’s KAEPORA GAEBORA- Bass GORON ELDERS SON- Tenor/Alto THE PROFESSOR- Tenor SHARP- Operatic tenor FLAT- Operatic Baritone DEKU BUTLER’S SON CHILDREN OF THE MOON GURU GURU- Tenor THE FOUR GIANTS- Barbershop Quartet GORMAN BROTHERS- Baritone’s SAKON- tenor SWORDMASTER- Baritone TINGLE- Ridiculous DEKU KING- Bass DEKU BUTLER- Baritone DEKU PRINCESS- Soprano KOUME AND KOTAKE- Soprano’s GORON ELDER- Bass Recruiting will continue until the end of October (though anyone is welcomed to join at any time afterwards) and then the production starts. I know there is still a lot of detail that I need to fill in and I will once the time permits me. Any questions, please ask!
  10. I can sing! And write lyrics to some fashion. Here's a thread with some links of me singing: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=36889 As well as a more recent recording that I did for someone's brother's birthday: I listened to the track, and I like where it's going; I can hear some good places to vocalize harmonies and such, and, most importantly, it's a great mix.
  11. I listen to the soundtrack all the time, it's just so catchy. None of the games since come close as far as soundtrack goes.
  12. Likewise, I've never heard of this soundtrack before, but I'm always looking to share my voice to those who need it. I'll shoot you an email with some of my recent material.
  13. Final Fantasy, of course, has plenty of Game Over music. Just throwing that out there. :3
  14. Ooh, I like this idea. Sign me up for vocals if anyone needs 'em.
  15. Gario beat me to the punch XD I don't know about lyrics, but I'd be happy to sing for you. I can give words a shot as well if you'd like.
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