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  1. I like where the mix is going, but I feel where the above poster is coming from about separate songs. Quite honestly, the rhythms just plain don't match. It feels like the instruments are stuttering, as if there are several conductors each trying to conduct a different section of instruments. I don't know how else to put it besides that. Edit: This thread is moving way too fast, so I'm not below the person I originally saw. Just ditto what the mod said. XD
  2. I am so pumped for this game; going to pre-order the collector's edition from Best Buy. That said, I really like this mix. It really doesn't seem all too special, pretty simplistic, but that's what makes it enjoyable to me. Just the kind of thing you would expect to be playing in the background of a video-game, just walking around. Groovalicious.
  3. I was posting to show that I appreciated the work and quality of this project and that I looked forward to hearing it in the future. Apologies if you took offense to that. -.-
  4. Wish I could help out, but I'm only good for vocals, unfortunately. :3 Best of luck!
  5. Oh, I know. That was just a conspicuous bump.
  6. Is this it? If so, Google FTW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUb_Z_6qyNE
  7. Ratchet & Clank (the original) had some of the most unique game music in the recent past, and I absolutely love it. Sort of Big Brass Band meets synth. And there are no remixes of any of the music from any of the series at all! I wish for this to be remedied, so here are a few of my favorite tracks from the game: Kyzil Plateau, Veldin: Metropolis, Kerwan: Logging Site, Eudora: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpSb2KqiLcA Blackwater City, Rilgar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd4LGKcLZ98 I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, and if you are interested in making it a vocal track, I'd be more than willing to contribute my own voice (bass/bari).
  8. Greetings fellow singer! I'm not a remixer here, but I just joined and am working on some vocal stuff with a few people. Always a pleasure to hear some great vocals on this site.
  9. I'm interested in helping out with the SoM project. I am a professional singer, with formal training in classical and pop singing, though I can sing any style other than screamo. I'm a Bass/Baritone. Unfortunately, the only decent recordings of myself that I have are from a couple years ago, but my voice has matured a lot since then. If anyone wants a vocalist, don't hesitate to hit me up.
  10. I'm interested in contributing, but I can only sing. Can you put me on a list or such for the composers to see, so that they can contact me if they need a vocalist for a track?
  11. Megaman seems unlucky in that department; one really good track is accidentally left out. Maybe they'll do another EP for Launch Octopus. :3
  12. *Conspicuous bump* I've actually got a few songs I'm working on now, for the Paper Mario 64 album, and the Lufia 2 album. A few other people have also contacted me, but nothing too definitive. Just thought I'd be happy for a moment.
  13. I'm interested in helping out this (hopefully) amazing contest, but I am not an artist or a remixer. I can, however, sing. If I wanted to contribute, would I have to fill a spot on a team, or could I just volunteer my voice to teams just as an instrument?
  14. If anyone needs a vocalist, feel free to contact me. Here's a link to a recording of me, though its a couple years old. I have formal voice training in classical and pop/musical theatre singing, but I can sing in any style other than Screamo (I dunno how they do that)Cheers!
  15. I love the tribute to Deep Purple in Birmingham Beatdown.
  16. If anyone in this album would like a vocalist, I'm more than willing to share my talents. This vid is a bit old, but I think it showcases my talents rather well. I'm the soloist.
  17. Thanks, 99, I seriously loved the entire album, though I'd never heard of the game previously. Best one on the site, and I always look forward to your work. This isn't really the thread for it, but do you know where I might be able to buy or rent some reliable quality recording equipment for cheap? No one seems to be able to gimme a straight answer.
  18. If you need a singer, I'm more than willing to help. The NiGHTS album is my favorite OCR project.
  19. I agree, Ragnarock. While Medley remixes are fun, they don't have as much atmosphere as individual songs that have been remixed, like in the official albums of OCR.
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