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  1. Well, wa sit your intention to make an utterly mangled ending? What the hell happened there, I first listened to the song, but stopped about midway through to move it to my 'Misc' folder (since I download songs to a 'potential' folder before actually deciding to keep them) and I thought 'I like it, sounds cool' and besides, I wanted to save at least 1 song from the A section, and this was the only one I liked enough. Then I moved it and listened to it again and at the end I was like 'wtf was that?! Is the song broken?' For me, it just dies after the violin thing. =\
  2. I first heard this on ormgas, and immediately I thought 'wtf, y teh fuxxor r tehy playing teh ghey moozak?' but then I immediately realized 'OMG tihs is teh Pulp Fiction!' and I realized I had to make another CD so soon after my last one. =D
  3. I spaced to this song the first time I heard it, which was in the middle of class, so of course, I missed the assignment description and failed that assignment. Truly excellent quality work!
  4. What's that sample at the end with the Lock, Stock-ish guitar from, and what's being said?
  5. XD;;; This song kicks ass. This will be my only reason for ever making remixes. Shael, you're my hero n____n;;;. XD 'But Link really looks alot like by groin, you know!' XDDD You mean it has a green hat and sword and short? XDDDDDDDDD;; j/k Great, you sound like a Canadian Stimpy. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I love this song, it's going on my CD, which I play for my friends, family, school functions and presidential elections, along side other pusical geniuses like Yoko Shimomura, Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu and McVaffe (). XDDDD If I ever come to a seat of power, this song will be my theme. Great job. XP XDDDDD
  6. I haven't liked a single AE remix to date. They take to long to get into some of them (especially my favorite, Bubbleman. ARG!) This one hasn't done anything to change my mind either. He plays with it too much and destroys the original feel. This song is really the only one I sort of tolerate, because I loved the original Crashman theme, and another remix I heard, but this one is just beating around the bush when it comes to the actual tune. Half the songs the actual level tune is hidden so deep among beats and sounds that you can't tell what level it's for. Electron did a great job with Bubbleman, really got the feel of a water boss down using tropical tied instruments like a steel drum. What do you think of when you think water? Beaches, my thought goes like this: Water = Beaches = Jamaica. See? If AE wants to impress me, he has to work harder. Electronica doesn't work for Megaman.
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