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  1. Okay, Google gives more results if you just search "windows mouse error 10" and the like, but i still haven't found any solution to your problem. I found this, a page that describes what error 10 usually is: a driver problem. When i installed Windows 7 on my laptop, i had to go to the Toshiba website to find which drivers i should install for each component, and got a variety of errors until i did. Toshiba Support: You can check under the 'Support Bulletins' tab for info. If you're not running Windows 7, i have no idea what's wrong.
  2. Huh. Google doesn't give much for this. Do you have a USB/PS2 mouse you can try?
  3. I use a site called TasteKid for music recommendations. It also has movie, book, TV and game sections. I'm not sure how well it works for games, but it works pretty well for music, it's introduced me to a dozen bands that i quite like now. You can like, dislike, meh or save any game in the database, and access those lists through your profile.
  4. Here's my try. Doesn't look that great on the site, i find. But the logo itself is very, very cool.
  5. Ha! I still have a tape lying around somewhere where me and my friends improvised songs. I must have been like, eight at the time. I think i should find that tape before someone else does.
  6. There, now there are more of us.
  7. I usually go for the albums because they're often available in FLAC. I don't know why it bothers me so much that the regular remixes aren't available in lossless but it does. Mp3 v0 would be fine, i guess, but for some reason the rules say bitrate is limited to 192kbps.
  8. Portal is pretty awesome. The humor is a little dark, though, maybe not the most upbuilding stuff for a kid.
  9. I thought the mastering sounded weird on some tracks, too. Particularly on Last dance of the giants, where all the other instruments lose volume at every bass thump, it was just annoying by the end of the song. I don't want to sound unappreciative, though, a lot of work went into this and it's a great album overall. Thanks!
  10. Oh, too cool! Thanks! It's great to see the old gameboy titles are getting some love, too.
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