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  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone got the chance to hear my track, just want to make sure the e-mail got to everyone is all.
  2. I know I don't log on much, but I figured I would make a note here that Jades E-mail address is no long functioning. I tried to send out and e-mail recently, and I got back a message that states that the address no longer exists. Not sure what is going on, but I hope everything is ok with both of them.
  3. I don't post often in the forums, so sorry to just drop in here. I agree with Jam on this one. It is going to be hard as all hell to make a live action movie out of this, and it is going to be even harder for any fans, including myself, to even think that this is a good idea. To even think that someone wasted precious brain energy on an idea like this makes my head hurt in ways I never thought possible. Regardless of everyone's opinions (including mine), this will more then likely be as good of a movie as say, the Dragon Ball Movie, Street Fighter, Hard Target, The Watcher, A Walk in the Clouds, Hardball, and Ewoks Combined. Just my opinion. The series was something of style, and in depth story telling. If there is anything that American movie making has taught me over the years, is that it will take this series and and make it into something that will have little to know style, and will take the story line and make it into a monster with more tumors than the Abomination. It is just going to be hard for a group of American film makers to take a 26 episode Japanese series (and movie) and make a 90 minute movie with an actor that has a resume of crap movies and about 5-7 good ones, and keep the vision that was intended from the original creators. /rant
  4. If I remember my knowledge of Maryland law correctly, he will not be charged due to the fact he was protecting his mother. All stories point to the same conclusion, that he did what he had to do. And given the evidence that the man was not cooperating even though he was bleeding to death, that cements that the man was hostile.
  5. Denial. Been here for years, not a bad place really.
  6. I actually just got an imac, and I am looking for some programs for it, Freeware if at all possible. An MP3 player that is not connected with itunes is what I want the most. I am looking for anything really, being that this is my first mac.
  7. spacecoyote is awesome. I have chatted with him a couple of times, and he loves to do his own take on the characters from both series. I am currently working on getting a tattoo of one of his works ( mans ruin, which is in his gallery).
  8. Funny, you should mention those 2 bands: I an currently studying them to see what I can gain from them. Some of the best metal I have ever heard in my life!
  9. I am in music for almost every aspect. I love it all. I know I go over board with it some times, but I really can not see myself any other way. I will learn has much has I can.
  10. Lol, Nah. Last I checked, any musician worth his weight never truly considers himself the best. I am probably behind you in some areas. Guitar and Bass is where I excel the farthest. I just hope that I really can excel further. I will die strive to be better then I am till the day I die, and any musician that says they are has good has they want to be, has lost the desire to grow. But all of this is in My opinion. This is not meant for anyone in particular, so no flaming please.
  11. I am majoring in music theory, going after my doctorate. Still have a bit too go, but doing well so far. I find it odd that some people drop the classes because all they want is a high paying job. At least that is the way it is at my school. I sing Baritone/Bass, Play Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Piano, and a bit of violin.
  12. Well, This is, has you say... VERY KICK ASS! It keeps with the original very well, and has plenty added and switched around to make it your own. I rarely like lyrics with remixes, but this is a huge exception. The words in my ears, would damage the song if they were not there. Keep it up!
  13. I stand Corrected. Damn work and its crazy night people *mumble mumble*...
  14. Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure. It want From Manga, To Game, To Anime, in that order. It was a game in the arcades in Japan, and Consoles here. A fun Game Actually, Made by Capcom, a 2d Fighter.
  15. Kingdom Hearts is a game that for many people, it was hard to believe that Square would actually team up with Disney. I Refused to play it for a bit after hearing about it. Now I cannot wait to get my hands on the 2 Sequels coming out. I will say that it is a bout time that a remix was posted for this game. The music it Self really does not get the credit it has earned. To me, hollow Bastion had the Perfect dark, dismal, atmosphere that it was made to express, yet also gave an impression of Aw and wonder about the Area you were exploring. Among the many things about this remix, the Shy percussion grabs me. I say it is shy due to the fact that you know it is there, but it does not over take the remix. The piano Work is Top notch. The Ambiance adds the effect and the feeling almost of "You will lose your Soul in this place." The Strings work that was added gives the kind of a horror effect of sorts. All in all, VERY well done, and I cannot wait to Here more!
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