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  1. I believe you mean Flowering Night, not Night of Nights, my good sir. The latter is a remix
  2. Timeaus and I should have a wip to you definately by the end of wip submission. Still waiting on the arrival of my new computer...
  3. If there will be a third album... DISC OF SUPER CASTLEVANIA PLEASE GOD PLEASE
  4. Well if he didn't say anything aboutbit im sure you can submit, Argle.
  5. Interesting source. Could I start on something now, or do i have to wait till the contest period begins? A small conservatove remix might be just the way to send out my old laptop, as I'm getting a new one soon.
  6. Noooooooooooooooooo i missed a castlevania remix contest, and of my favorite sotn theme, ;_________;
  7. Making no promises, but I'll see if I can throw together a WIP idea I had for a sorely underappreciated Dracula Battle track, "You Goddamn Bat-Head". Getting a new, actually modern laptop within the week, so I will begin work on that once I get my new computer. EDIT: or perhaps Castlevania x68000's main boss track, Creatures in the Depths. There's an absolutely evil funk there that I think has yet to be explored by remixers. I would compare it to a darker-feeling version of the Castle Bosses track from Ecclesia.
  8. Lemme see... I think I would love to try a Castlevania boss theme. Maybe I'll try Order of the Demon from Ecclesia. Or the boss theme for the Castle bosses. I would love to try Sorrow's Distortion but it seems to not fit the idea here. Lament to the Master might work though...
  9. Can't hurt to try it! Been meaning to do theme practice anyways.
  10. I've got some example tracks for another project that I could send to you for you to listen to what I can do. Right now I only have ambiances to show, however I can also attempt other styles as needed.
  11. I'd be willing to give it a shot. Lemme toss you something I've been working on that I think might fit the bill, with a little reworking
  12. Hello all! I've begun to make my own electronic songs of a genre I can't really identify under the alias Degree 0, and so I'm posting one of my songs here in the hopes that I can improve it. So here it is, Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
  13. I'm really sorry about this, but I'm gonna have to sign off on my request. There's just too much going on this summer, and next school year. Multiple camps, applying for a job, etc, just doesn't leave me enough free time to figure out and do an ocr quality remix for this album. I'm again extremely sorry, and maybe I'll try for a track on VV3 if it occurs, hopefully with a little more experience.
  14. I think I'll be pming you about a song of mine, if it's not too much trouble.
  15. Um, hey, when would you want a WIP to see where I'm going with it?

  16. Just wanted to say, I have no qualms if you set up a backup arranger. I'll freely admit that I'm new, and therefore if for some reason I can't get it done, I wouldn't want the album to be less for it. I'm pretty damn sure I'll do it, but just in case.
  17. It's alright, I'll manage. Should be an interesting challenge to figure out the song anyways.

  18. You wouldn't happen to have like a midi of Red Dawn or something like that, would you? Snappleman made me a midi of Bloodlines when I thought that was still on the table, but I don't want to ask someone to make something like that for me. If you don't have one I'll find a way to get along, was just checking.

  19. I'd like to try Divine Bloodlines, but Red Dawn is fine if you are sure you want to do it, Cherna. I now have a midi as well, so that's a non-issue.
  20. I'll try those, but not sure what you mean by EQ'ing the highs, I haven't messed with effects yet.
  21. Bump, I think people may have missed the update. This is a MAJOR UPDATE compared to how the song started, so I really would love feedback!
  22. So since topic was posted in since I posted the message, I'll just toss the update in this post right here. Still terrible, but getting better! XP Also, wow, writing down your songs as sheet music sounds hard, props!
  23. About the only thing that I care about that a daw can do that a tracker cannot is effects, which I can just do by exporting the channels as .wavs separately, then loading them into Reaper. Also, once I finish uploading, this post will be edited with a song update.
  24. I've made a lot of attempts at songs in DAW's, and I just feel better in a tracker, tim. Thats why I'm interested in Renoise or other things like it.
  25. Every time I try to learn a DAW, it feels overwhelming, I feel comfortable in the tracker stuff. I'll be sure to check put Renoise though.