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  1. I'm surprised this was looked at as an album project that should be finished "relatively fast.". I have no say on anything, since i'm no one important to OCRemix, but I believe a man who has shaped the VG industry, as much as he did, deserves the patience and dedication towards creating a perfect representation of his career achievements in our industry. I don't think waiting too long will affect the impact of this album. Just the fact that people like myself can see this located on the front page of OCremix shows that we know it's coming, and we are all ever so excited! Regardless if time is extended, I wish the best of luck to all remixers, and I'm hoping this album is as amazing as the legacy that this man left us. Thank you OCRemix for this project, and thanks to "The Damned" for the idea, execution, and bringing together the resources needed to create this.
  2. It started out really good, but as in most if not all VGM songs, Dubstep... DOESN'T BELONG! It's hard to mix melody(VGM) with something that kills it (Dubstep). Would love to hear this song without all the wompings going on... I feel it would be a very good song.
  3. Personally I don't know much about this whole movement, but I remember all the shit around Anita and her nutjob feminist views, making thousands of dollars for her shit via kickstarter that hates on men and wants females to be the heroes. Damsels in distress is't a big deal, there were female heroes like Samus back in the day as well. It pisses me off when politics are being formed around video games, when there should not be. If you want to make a game like "Tampon Run" http://www.today.com/health/tampon-run-period-themed-video-game-you-didnt-know-you-1D80148651 Then go for it, but don't hate on video games with male leading roles. It's ridiculous how our society complains about things, and wants changes, when the people themselves don't create the change. Tampon Run is an example of girls who wanted to create something themselves, though I don't remember if they have hate view towards games like Anita does, but Anita is a special kind of nutjob. So again, you can make w/e games you want, but don't tell me what kind of games I can play/make. People could make all sorts of comments towards tampon run, or other weird female-only games that seem to try and make a point, but who cares because it doesn't affect them... Some people will complain about anything to get attention and money. Exploiting the masses is how you get things done, and bringing up the hot topic of feminism, in a huge community of gamers, and you get yourself a money making business.
  4. I never submit my fear factory remix to the panel. Thats why I never pass the judges panel until the metroid remix. You can find my fear factory here if you want :https://soundcloud.com/dirtydelay/dave-wise-fear-factory

  5. Mighty no 9 is based on the 8 robot bosses that were infected and 9 is there to save the day. People will bitch and complain this isn't Mega Man, yes I too wish it was the Blue Bomber, Mega Man is my favorite set of games/hero period, but I am happy that another is coming along. We all know this is Mega Man. Lets be real here though, Battle Chip, Z, Starforce, were all alternates. Completely different, I wouldn't even call them "Mega Man" but they were! I am sooo happy that the originals are doing it up, their kickstarter is already at 1.5 million, they broke 1 million in a day, so Capcom better see how bad they fucked up, because this is going to make history. I will probably donate 100$ to get the goodies, even though I wont play it much... I would love to try it. The creator said he has had many many ideas, but couldn't do them due to restraints, and Capcom seems like a clown shoe. Honestly I respect and back this dude 100%, LONG LIVE MEGAAAAAAA!!!
  6. What "Fear Factory" Remix was that? I don't see it in his profile... Was it for a contest, or does OCRemix now Screen remixes before they come in?
  7. It's like I said before, most dubstep I found I don't like, but there have been some, and even some really good VGM mixes. I just don't like it when I'm all tranced into this awesome melody and all of a sudden it's cut out by WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP. SEriously, learn to mix it up properly, and there have been many songs to do this. Bass isn't new to the music industry, but this need for "only bass" is a bit extreme. Some peopel like that, it seems the same people who were into big boomy rap type music came into Dubstep. I love techno, Trance, and all of that, but Dubstep is just ... to me. You said it's an aquired taste, then saying anyone who dismisses it as a whole acts out of ignorance. You don't have to like any genre. I don't have to like dubstep because you like it. Saying someone should is ignorant as well. You can take anything and "build it" upon anything else. I personally 100000% disagree with that statement about dubstep. As this entire thread was made for, I feel it kills melody. The only thing it builds on, is other "BOOMS!" But again, it seems like Dubstep has many areas. SOme like to completely drown out the melody and hit the bass, while others do incorporate it. Dubstep is like DnB, but takes it to a whole-nother B.... This song for example http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02707/ Has tons of bass, with a nice DnB kick to it. This song I listen to basically every day. The orchestral melody mixed with the good dnb produces an amazing song. If dubstep coordinated everything together I would like it, but in my experience it's just mostly bass, whenever the mixer feels like it...
  8. Hello all! I think this is my first post here so first off I want to say thank you to the entire community for everything you have done. I have been a VGM lover since I was a kid(like most people I would assume) and have been supporting OCRemix for many years. What I want to ask to the community is how they feel about Dubstep and VGM... When I first heard Dubstep I 1000000% disliked it. It was completely base, no melody, and I figured it was the complete opposite of VGM. When I actually saw Dubstep remixes of VGM like Super Mario and Zelda it was pretty upsetting to hear good melodies be taken over by the same 3 bass sounds. Whenever I heard a VGM Remix now it seems most of the time you hear the melody then WOMP WOMP nothing.... There have been some decent/good Dubstep remixes, but IMO, Dubstep really shouldn't be here. It doesn't belong with VGM Imo.... Just curious how others feel? I feel Dubstep is making a big splash into VGM now, and I rather not go to listen to my favorite games all with dubstep.... There have definitely been really good remixes involved with Dubstep, but those are extremely rare in my cases. That being said no offense to anyone else's love for dubstep, I know as a VGM lover people think it's weird to like VGM, so I don't want to be a hater, but I just really cannot get into it... Thoughts all?? Thanks for your time, have a good one, ~KZ
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