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  1. Heya! Yeah, I love baroque pieces, especially with the harpsichord Cheers for the notes, I think you are very right - a trill right before the end would work perfectly. I need to listen to more flute pieces :-/ Currently writing another sonata with the proper form, but just can't find a place to put triplets in :-/ Thanks!
  2. I'm... not exactly a remixer or vgm composer. Yet. I think along the way figuring out remixes I got sidetracked into the baroque side of things but I will be back! I definitely start with Finale before bringing the midi into Logic. It will take far longer to figure out counterpoint in Logic etc as Finale provides a better environment to label chords and write notes, for example.
  3. For me it's definitely simply putting in time and effort to write music. In addition, it helps greatly that I have a very experienced mentor to look at my work and point out what I could have done better, and if what I did was good.
  4. A short baroque piece :3 https://soundcloud.com/gallenw/sonata-for-harpsichord-and
  5. I think this would sound great with a proper quartet.
  6. I do have garritan world instruments, sadly some of the patches have a fair bit of noise in them. On the whole I found them quite lifeless, but this is comparing against libraries several times more in cost running in kontakt, engine etc. I also have some of Eduardo's libraries (epic world, forest kingdom and others) and that's a good place to put money down for world instruments IMHO, among others. If you go over to vi-control.net, sometimes there are ppl selling these libs used. Play works fine for me, but I don't use it as EWQLSO is not a good match for what I write atm.
  7. Other alternatives for mixing is to look at include Ardour, as well as the Harrison Mixbus. I have also tried renoise on linux. It's a tracker, but I never got far enough to do a mix on it. I never got on with FL, and whilst lmms works on my box, I just can't figure it out. Personally, I've given up on music on linux - apart from kdenlive for vids and audacity - with no native samplers e.g. kontakt or vsl (dare i mention play lol), and once you figure in dongles..... very limiting as I want to do orchestral stuff down the road. I also forgot, no daw on the level of cubase/logic/dp/your favourite daw - makes doing midi mockups quite a challenge.
  8. I don't have logic open now - but IIRC you should be able to select midi region in logic, then under the file menu there should be a "export selection as midi" option.
  9. Gah, I can't even load up the site >.>
  10. Dude, this library sounds awesome! Could you give an indication how long the introductory offer will run? Also, thanks for the cinematic drums freebie, that's a sweet piece of kit too!
  11. Sorry, I have no idea why I kept thinking it was "vs". Even right now Can't wait for it, omg 8 bit goodness crossed over two of my childhood games.
  12. http://www.destructoid.com/street-fighter-x-mega-man-fan-game-gets-backed-by-capcom-240151.phtml
  13. Thanks dannthr! Looks like another good one to read over xmas break
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