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  1. Man, I love this debate. Makes me itch for Fallout 4. I based a lot of my actions and opinions around the fact that the world was still recovering 200 years on from the most horrific tragedy in history. I see the Fallout series as a commentary on humanity, and I found that Arcade Gannon summed up Caesar pretty well: "What's the point of surviving the war? Why did the founders of the Followers crawl their way out of vaults to bring knowledge back to the wasteland? So we could act like the last two thousand years didn't happen? Play dress up so we can fight ancient wars all over again? No
  2. Shame the wobble bass didn't come from an ACTUAL DOUBLE BASS! Oh well. One can dream, right?
  3. The NCR weren't perfect, but the Legion was on a whole other level of evil that it was an easy choice who to side with. House's view was also incredibly backwards and echoed the mentality that brought the entire world to war in the first place. Ultimately I went with independance. I thought the NCR could reach its former glory again, and sending them back east to re-focus on stabilising their nation and retaining their model of post-apocalyptic success was the most merciful and good-natured thing I could possibly do. Also, back on topic. Durr Hurr, Mileena from Mortal Kombat is hawt OLOLOLOLO
  4. That also worked to help make the Legion more horrifying. While the NCR had generally progressive views and for the most part had the right idea, the Legion wanted to revert back to the ass-end of history and their treatment of women as mere breeding stock really hit that home.
  5. Dubstep rightfully gets a bad rap, but very few people are willing to look beyond the screeching style of mainstream bro-step (which incidentally, I love). I found it really hard to listen to at first, but I now think Dubstep is quite possibly THE most varied electronic genre out there. I quite like doing really unusual dubstep remixes for existing tracks, but I also get a lot of joy out of doing more chilled dubstep. It gives me a lot of opportunities to experiment with different production techniques, such as this one below: (shameless plug, but relevant!) All in all, dubstep is fantas
  6. There's nothing wrong with getting "bored" by your own music. I guess you could equate it to the whole "the artist is always his/her greatest critic" thing. I will however echo what Gar23 said. It is SO important to not do everything at once. Once you make significant progress with a track, shelve it and come back to it later. (I find a week is sufficient for me). You'll come back to it with a new perspective. Just remember though, never spend too much time on one thing. Spending a heaps of time trying to get that bass sound right or tweaking that parametric EQ with surgical proficiency is r
  7. Woops, I'm late to the party. I hope nobody's made a similar comment to mine, but this is a topic that resonates with me and I really don't have time to sort through 37 pages of discussion... I agree that women are sexualised in games more than any other medium (well, ok... except for porn). The reasons for that are obvious, and it's not worth debating why. While I do love overly sexual female characters such as Ivy for purely hormonal reasons, I still tend to roll my eyes when I see females wearing the most impractical and stupid armour imaginable. Perhaps the best female character I've eve
  8. Good to see a fellow Game Jammer Just seeing that snake again made me feel uncomfortable. ugh... such little sleep! I can see that you kept a pretty similar instrumental style throughout the whole OST. Very important! Considering the timeframe, did your team manage to get enough of a game together for you to make use of all 5 tracks though?
  9. Why has this not received more recognition? This is really dedicated stuff. The initial tracks you posted sound a little modern compared to the official titles, but in a sense, it sorta gives a vibe that this is the direction things would've gone if Commander Keen was further developed after Episode 6 and became more mature-themed. Nice work, mate. You've earned a sub.
  10. Have you ever heard of Anders Trentemoller? He's not for everyone, but I think he's fantastic. Here's some of my favourites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiGDsDBM97g
  11. This is a really weird choice of source material, but that alone I can respect. To be honest my favourite part of the track was from about 1:48 to 2:30. You could make an entire dubstep piece from those elements alone. What I think this new mix needs though is a slight drop off of the high fequencies. If you played this in a club environment, you'd have people screaming in pain. Also, your snare drums need just a little bit of reverb tail to them. Having such dry samples sounds a bit out of place with the rest of the reverb-heavy mix. This is down to a matter of taste, but I personally don'
  12. This'd usually be right down my alley, but if it takes place late spring / early summer, it'll conflict with a massive vacation I have planned. Oh well. Maybe next time!
  13. Have any Pro-Tools users ever used the plugin called "Bomb Factory"? When I first started out, I really loved cranking the gain and compression knobs to ridiculous extremes and it created these gorgeous pseudo-lo-fi crackles, hisses and pops. If you combined that with the EQ techniques other users have mentioned, that'd sound ballzie as.
  14. This was actually submitted only a couple of weeks after Sonic Generations was first announced. I'm pleased to admit that Sonic Generations is one of the best games of the entire series, but Sonic Team still has to convince me that they're back in full swing. Thanks for the comments though.
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