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  1. Thanks, all! THe drum mixing situation was kind of a mess for a myriad of reasons, one of which was that the overheads were off for the whole session and we had to use the camera audio (oh god) and it made all of the drums sounds a bit...unique. Do you hear the same stuff with other videos, because we may have used a different kick drum placement on that session and I'm curious if it was that or maybe just in the mixing. Also, I bet our sax player will get a kick out of the Windfish comment. That's totally his jam!
  2. Hey everybody! We just finished a video of our newest cover from Sonic and would love to hear your guys thoughts! This is an arrangement I made that was heavily influenced by this very strange album from MACINTOSH PLUS (here: https://beerontherug.bandcamp.com/album/floral-shoppe), as well as some timba music I was listening to at the time. Enjoy!
  3. @Skyline: Thank you! We're really happy with how it turned out, but it took a LOT of work. We're going to put these out in between a couple of of 4-sweaty-guys-in-a-room look. @Hayeser: I can NEVER get enough keys. EVER. @Flex: Thanks dude! You and the rest of our Patreon patrons really made this possible, both financially AND psychologically. Thank you everybody! Stay tuned for much much more!
  4. Your favorite jazz-but-sort-of-not-really band YamaYama just finished up the video on "Lost Woods"! Check it out and tell us what you think, and if you dig it, don't forget to subscribe!
  5. Here is YamaYama's newest video, Vampire Killer from Castlevania. Big ups to our friends Tetrimino for the inspiration! Any and all comments/questions are welcome!!
  6. My band YamaYama is looking to do a cover of Sonic 3's Hydrocity Zone Act 2. If we can claim that, that would be awesome!
  7. Thanks, Eino! We hope you'll enjoy it! There's nothing quite like hearing music through a beeper; for me, it's ultimate nostalgia and definitely made it easy to arrange and jam on these tunes. The homebrew scene on those old computers is absolutely insane, and talk about insipring! If you download Project AY over at World of Spectrum, it catalogues all the stuff they have found for ZX and there is some unbelievable stuff in there (and I think it all comes down to about 4MB!!). Cheers, and thanks for listening!
  8. All 7 videos are finished! You can watch them all here: Also, you can get your hands on a limited edition of YamaYama's "HELLO RAINBOW" CD by pre-ordering it at the link below. All 14 tracks can be yours on a sweet, delicious compact disc. Plus, you'll get MP3's and listed as an early supporter in the liner notes! https://yamayama.bandcamp.com/merch/hello-rainbow-cd-pre-order
  9. Whoa, I just found this thread now, and either I'm pulling in at thelast minute or just too late. Anyway, my band YamaYama is mid-tracking some arrangements I've made, and one of them is of the Bubble Bobble tune. If you're interested, we'd love to be a part of it!
  10. If this is still happening, my band YamaYama has about 5 remixes/covers ready to go! (shameless plug for upcoming videos of Tim Follin tunes)
  11. My band YamaYama is starting to release covers of our favorite music from the ol' ZX Spectrum! Here's the first video in the series, from the game "The Sacred Armour of Antiriad": We're releasing a new video every couple of days until the full album release in early March. To keep up to date, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel here: http://bit.ly/SubYama Thanks for your support, YamaYama loves you!!
  12. This was arranged by our sax player Scott and has been through many incarnations before recording this video. Let us know what you think!
  13. Thanks for your comments! I'm going to submit this and see how it pans out.
  14. After checking out Plaid Muffins, I am more than happy with the comparison. Thanks a lot!
  15. Haven't posted on here a ton, so here's a good first step into the larger community. This is an arrangement of the tune that uses themes from Green Greens and Castle Lololo from Kirby's Dreamland. Originals: Remix: Any and all feedback and criticism is appreciated. Be harsh, be mellow, or don't, whatever. Thanks!
  16. I was wondering if there is still need of tracks to be claimed? I'm going to talk with my friends and see if they're game to play an arrangement of #16 from DW1, Ending Theme. I am very, very new to this scene, so I was wondering what exactly you need from me before I can claim the song? As a background, I'm playing with a group right now that is drums, bass, keyboard, and saxophone, though we are far from jazz, and much closer to groove music. Closer to or . Let me know if it will work for this project. Thanks,Milo Edit: I'm going to arrange this song anyway, so if you want it, it'll hopefully be ready at least for a WIP in a couple of weeks.
  17. If it isn't too late to throw my hat in the ring, I'd love to play bass on whatever tracks you guys need, electric/upright.
  18. It depends on what your goal is. I like the spontaneity of a purely improvised solo, coming from a "jazz" standpoint, though the flubs that can make things fun and interesting in a live situation can stick out like a sore thumb on a recording. These little humanistic elements do add a certain charm, in my opinion. However, if you're going into a studio and time is money or if you just want your solo to sound a certain way, I personally compose a solo and practice the hell out of it. There are benefits to fully composing a solo, as well: you can really fine tune the whole thing and make it sound exactly how you want it to; as a musician, you can incorporate new ideas into your playing; and if your goal is to put something on wax that people will remember, like the bass solos in YYZ or the guitar solo in Hotel California for example, your polished solo will make a large jump towards that goal. Also, somebody before me mentioned recording yourself and picking out the good ideas of a solo, and another said singing out ideas in your head. Both of these are some of the best things I've ever done for a recording session.
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