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  1. Still possible for sure. I'll revisit and we'll see if I can't get up a new version here sooner rather than later.
  2. Hey DC, I've been working on a lot of production stuff that has taken up most of my free time. I still have every intention of finishing the song though. The flute part may or may not happen, but it's possible I will substitute bassoon or a lower register instrument to carry the melody where I wanted something other than oboe. Hope all is well! Forrest
  3. I think I can safely say that any manner of compression on a symphonic arrangement is going to be drastically different in application, (especially with ratio and knee) compared to the more electronic focused tracks. That's not to say block o cheese tracks can't sound great, because they can. But the general dynamic range of A Tranquil Rest really could not have been changed at all, without overcompressing and turning the balance of instruments to shit. I love Tepid's Chocobo track. It sounds fabulous; but there is no way to make it work in a cohesive "EP-style" way without having both songs make compromises in terms of creative direction, style and emotional content. Tha would take away from what is, to me, the single greatest advantage a massive undertaking like this has; honest diversity. I don't mind listening to Xenogears Myth; actually I love listening to it. But I also listen to deftones, to Foy Vance and to the Shenmue orchestral stuff. Those might be on a mix tape together in my personal collection, but they would not come anywhere close to working and making sense like Balance and Ruin does to me. To each his own, for sure. But I started listening really skeptically, and was pleasantly humbled repeatedly here with the composers and arrangers involved. The endless stair, electro de Chocobo and Brandon strader's absolutely kickass mogstradamus could only exist on the same album as my songs via a cooperative effort like what Zircon and McVaffe put together. I am amazed how well everything was pulled together.
  4. I agree. Collaboration involves different approaches and variety is what keeps something of this scope from being a tiring listening experience. Not only would I have missed the chance to be writing or recording for this project if there was Univision, I likely would not have heard most of these artists or given their respective genres a chance. The spice of life isn't always what we would choose first, but I'm glad to venture out of my typical listening habits with this album. It really is outstanding; so many facets are what make it shine. Forrest
  5. This jam is SO catchy; it's well recorded, well played, well mixed, well written. I loved it as soon as I heard it. Totally infectious remix and most definitely one of the best out of them all.
  6. So much awesome on this album. Lot to draw inspiration from. Really cool to be involved and humbling to work with some great writers, remixers and musicians. Awesome. XPRTNovice, hats off. Favorite track, I think.
  7. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of suck at doing anything unoriginal unless it's a cover.
  8. Absolutely. 12 was outstanding; great voice acting, wonderfully detailed scenery for its console's limitations, fairly mature and intelligent themes, a unique and deep leveling system. And yet people found things to complain about because of the departure from, well, anything typically FF. Each one has been pretty damn enjoyable. I even liked 13, despite my whining in the fashion of its apparent 14 year old effeminate boy demographic upon learning that I was playing the most linear of games ever designed, with completely inhuman and exaggerated characters. So wait, maybe I didn't like 13. But 12? So good. Forrest
  9. I'm more than happy to hear critical feedback if one might have suggestions, gripes, or moments in which you find yourself cringing during these two remixes I'm working on below. These are also posted right now under the 'remix requests' forum, so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules posting something duplicitous here. They aren't really complete works, so I hope to get some "hey dude, I want to hear ______ and ______ would be cool" kind of comments to see what people want to hear, or perhaps directions the community would want the songs to go. Waiting on some flute parts for this one (in process). Getting close to being done, I think. https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/wip-7 Based on THREE songs on the Illusion of Gaia OST: Ominous Whispers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOCZMaiYQzs&list=PL05437E589E77E753 Will's Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1CRj_kbbDc&list=PL05437E589E77E753 In The Earthen Womb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVg0c249JhI&list=PL05437E589E77E753 More recently, I put together this piece: https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/podunk-wip2 Based on the Secret of Evermore track: Podunk, USA 1995 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndwKP9CRBU) Forrest
  10. Just finished off that first section. https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/podunk-wip2 Might loop it, might change it up. Not sure! Enjoy, Forrest
  11. I'm still here and I WILL finish this song. Have been working on a lot of different pieces on the side while getting production tracks together on a more regular basis. That, and I want to get the flutes before I do much else to it.
  12. I am totally doing this. I love this track. SO nostalgic. Work in progress here, with tons left to do: https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/podunk-wip-one I'll layer on some thicker ensemble strings and bring in other instruments at the 45 second mark and of course write the rest out. Just wanted to post something. Forrest
  13. I love this soundtrack. SO good. Reflected Moon from this OST is a big inspiration.
  14. I should have some more updates done soon. Flute parts are under way and I think there will be a semi finished product when I've got em.
  15. No worries at all! I'm glad you dig the updates and that's kind of you to say about the Ominous Whispers part! I was really pleasantly surprised how well it translated to piano. There *might* be some flute stuff added to that if it works. I've written some for Laura to play but I honestly can't say if the piano needs it, or if it will ultimately take away from that stark feeling it has right now (which kinda works). I just sent the flute parts tonight, so once I get those back I'll work on getting those mixed and perhaps have a voila moment. Laura is a super busy pro, so I'm sort of hedging my expectations on a time frame, but that's probably best since I've got some violins to figure out. Cheers! Forrest
  16. Man, in working on this, you couldn't be more spot on about that short theme repeating. Ok, so let me know if this makes sense (it's out of context since we're just sort of deciding on how to do this one part, but you'll get the idea): https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/wip8 There will be more instruments added to the rest of the mix, and I've got to finalize the flute parts Laura agreed to play as well. Gettin' close!
  17. Ohhhh I get ya now. Makes sense! Working on it today, will post wip 8 tonight!
  18. Thanks so much for the kind words! I definitely think there is more work to do and that the final theme (which DC originally requested) has to get fleshed out with ...something. I am kind of toying with the idea of diminishing the role of the oboe in part 2 and having flute carry that into cello as lead instruments. But, just so I'm sure what you mean, do you think that there should be more repetition of the whole thing after 3:18? I was a little hazy on what you meant. I'm all ears though. Feel free to posit. Cheers, Forrest
  19. WIP 7! https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/wip-7 The strings die out a bit early since I've not really fleshed them out entirely, but I am really happy with how they're coming along in the mix right now.
  20. New order. Works WAY better. Still content to update, but I think it's nearing completion. https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/wip-6
  21. I think you may be right about the order. Good call! We'll give that a shot first.
  22. Hey DC, Thanks for the kind words! It's great to hear that you're enjoying listening as much as I am working on this piece. No worries at all about the constructive criticism! I actually appreciate the suggestions, because I think we can make this a better song altogether. I totally agree that the transitions are pretty stark right now; there's a general 'flow' issue that I will try and work on. So, one VERY cool update I have that might actual help with that very issue is that Laura Intravia agreed to play some flute for this piece. Since that's the case, I am going to write a part to go between the first two so that at the very least each part makes more sense moving from one to the next. The piano is a little bit Chopin and a lot random at the moment. Maybe it works, maybe not. Let me know what you think in terms of whether that center part, "Ominous Whispers" is something you'd be interested to hear with flute undertones, or maybe even flute carrying the melody entirely with the piano moving to the background. That is one thought that I had. On the other hand, I've got another update for you with some cello added in (it's hardly changed at all though, to warn you not to have super high expectations yet). Violins are next after I write the flute part. Laura is a FANTASTIC musician, so I can guarantee that she will add a lot to the arrangement. https://soundcloud.com/forrestpowell/wip-5-plus-cello Thanks again for the input! More to come this weekend. Cheers, Forrest
  23. For me, establishing a sense of space with each channel or instrument is really difficult. The word "mud" comes to mind. As I attempt to bring more and more content in, particularly when most of the tracks are being bussed out to a reverb, it's so easy for things to clump together in the mix. Virtual instruments can really sound dull and lacking depending on how they're used. Bringing in real musicians has been key for me to realize when the problem is the software, and when it's actually my writing. To be forthright, I am learning that the problem is MORE often that I am just not writing space between parts. Listening to great music really puts things into perspective and actually I stills a sense of respect and ambition to the process.
  24. holy hell. that second linked remix is fantastic. what a great game, too.
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