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  1. FreakyT

    PRC369 - The Route Before #226 (Pokemon Ruby)

    Thanks for the feedback! I can definitely see what you mean with the synth lead being a bit jarring—I actually added it because the original version ended up kind of sparse and boring sounding! That said, do you have any ideas for how I could maybe make it flow in a bit better?
  2. FreakyT

    PRC369 - The Route Before #226 (Pokemon Ruby)

    Hoping I can get a bonus mix done for this one!
  3. Hopefully we get some other entries!
  4. These songs seem like they might blend together well! Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
  5. Wow, thanks for all the feedback, and I'm glad you all enjoyed it!
  6. A Pokémon source? Hopefully I can get something in for this one! Time to see if I can get FL Studio to play nice with my sustain pedal...
  7. FreakyT

    PRC315 - Dreaming of A Fast Race (F-Zero X)

    Hoping I can get something in for this one -- trying to force myself to use FL Studio instead of Garageband because LEARNING
  8. FreakyT

    PRC311 - Friendship With Ivan (Golden Sun)

    I should be able to submit something to this one -- with the extra days I can have a bit more time to refine it.
  9. Catchy source! Hoping I can get something in this round.
  10. Love the source song! Though, I think there already is an OCRemix of it (if that matters):
  11. Haha, now I finally know what the backing track is for this YouTube classic: Now I definitely have to enter!
  12. Great choice -- I've always loved the music from this game! Hopefully I'll get something submitted in time for this one.
  13. I had no idea the FFXII soundtrack triggered so many different reactions! The beginning part of Lowtown sounds OK to me, but the second half actually sounds pretty cool (it reminds me of Africa by Toto for some reason).
  14. Wow that was ridiculously close! @DrumJ8, if I had to pick which of ours was better I honestly wouldn't have been able to decide.
  15. Uploaded an entry! Looks like this round's shaping up to have some good competition.