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  1. AxLR

    PRC373 - Time to Thunder (Final Fantasy X)

    Share it with us! I want to hear what you did
  2. AxLR

    PRC372 - Ice Market (Spyro)

    You got it right ! Your remix is nice too !
  3. AxLR

    PRC372 - Ice Market (Spyro)

    I've uploaded a thing. I'll call it a thing ^^' If someone can recognise the drum machine I used for this one, I'll offer him a cookie. Hint : It's a Korg, yes.
  4. I wasn't active that much until now, but this time I hope to make it I uploaded my remix !
  5. I posted my entry for this round on ThaSauce. Of course it's a bonus entry. Hope you'll like it !
  6. I'm excited to see what will come out of this round. P.S. Wrong video for Ridge Racer. It's this one :
  7. AxLR

    PRC368 - The Planet of Bamboo (Freedom Planet)

    Well my kick felt right to me so I didn't feel like adding variation to it. As for the ending, well it's made so that the music loops. So it's made on purpose. Thanks for the feedback though
  8. AxLR

    PRC368 - The Planet of Bamboo (Freedom Planet)

    Welp, of course I'd be in, heh. I can't see the player on ThaSauce but my music still plays when I click on download so I guess that it's a problem with my computer.
  9. Nyeh, I like those kind of choices. Count me in. Again.
  10. AxLR

    PRC366 - A Personal Surprise (Persona 5)

    I'll put my entries myself, HoboKa granted me access to my ThaSauceAccount ^^ EDIT : Can you put this entry : on Tha Sauce since I can't submit more than one entry?
  11. AxLR

    PRC366 - A Personal Surprise (Persona 5)

    Hey, It's me again. Since it's possible to leave multiple entries, I had some ideas that came to my mind while remixing "Last Surprise". And I've picked one of the goofiest, yet the best Idea that literally stuck into my mind so much I couldn't concentrate until I got it done. Here it is : As you can hear, It's a mashup between "Last Surprise" and "Rockin' in the Mountains", from Rayman's OST. I honestly did not much to each song, just tried to blend Rayman's awesome instrumental and Persona's awesome vocals. I did fail to get my tracks Equalised properly so I'm sorry in advance for some minor issues. Though I managed to make it sound exactly like how it came into my mind so I'm satisfied as it is. Enjoy! EDIT : I still can't connect to my ThaSauce account.
  12. AxLR

    PRC366 - A Personal Surprise (Persona 5)

    P5 OST it is. Heck Yeah I'm game. And with this, no restraint this time EDIT : Still no email. I'm starting to think ThaSauce hates me :V Here's my entry for this PRC. The only sample I took from the original song is vocals. Everything else is made by hands, and I truly mean everything. Was happy there were a midi for this one too. Saved me hours of doodling my PR in FL 12. Here it is : This is definitely not my only entry for this round, I have tons of idea to try out. Hope you'll like it !
  13. Heh, Better luck next time. I took the time to read all your comments and I will take note of each of them. Congrats to PlanarianHugger to his win, and I do really like both remixes.