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  1. I'll meet you next round, remixers, as I have so much things to do right now. Good luck to everyone and yes, expect me to vote this round too.
  2. Voted, I may sound harsh on my votes but i tried to be as objective and as constructive as possible.
  3. Well that's a relief to see that season 16 starts so well ! Good luck to everyone, this round is competition-worthy !
  4. Oh yeah, and happy new year everyone too xD
  5. Hey, couldn't post in time because of family stuff, that sucks. Well I'll still post my entry as a bonus mix in a few days, just need to correct some details. It's a DJ set of original remixes of all the sources from season 15, my way of making a tribute to PRC. ( People's Remix Competition, not Popular Republic of China huh rofl ) I'll post it as soon as I finish it !
  6. Deadlines updated. Mario Circuit will be a collab track !
  7. Congrats everybody and good job to Mr. L. ! I'll add some details about your vote guys : + The Video Gamer : There are Hi hats and cymbals on this track but I didn't EQ my Kick, which I discovered much later while re-listening to it. And yes It's a bit repetitive. I tried not to but I'm no good at not repeating things, especially when I'm in my grounds. + Bundeslang : I DEFINITELY should have made this shorter. Even for me who crave for 10:00 repetitive techno I got bored on my remix when I re-listened to it. And I'll develop some of mine. + Starting with Dudley Ghost's bonus entry. There is so much to say and this is a music genre I REALLY dig. So I'm a lot subjective when I say it but this is by far the strongest remix of the theme. + HoboKa: That had already been said, but I forgot to talk about your drums. A little bit more punch would have done great, But except that, this is a strong remix. + KlevarKoopa (Mr. L.), I didn't gave you my vote by pure subjectivity. MIDI music is a big pass for me and I do admit that this is a bit unfair. Both your remixes are strong, so when you have no other objective point to make a diference in your vote, You gotta take what you have. That said, while HoboKa was solid in terms of production, you clearly surpassed him in terms of creativity (Me too but it wasn't that hard ). You deserve your win and I can't wait to see what you'll pick for next round ! Thanks for this round, I'm quite excited to see you in the next rounds. Good luck !
  8. Good ol' techno works well with this source. I expected some old school vibes coming from this round, Though, I'm sorry but i won't go full strength on this one.
  9. Yup, definitly had fun toying with that source. I don't know for HoboKa though, he hasn't submitted yet...
  10. I know, but I didn't know OCR at that time ( I regret it though, since I was definitly more active at that time :s ), and I only did season 15 of PRC x) Looks like "taking the joke route" is something you do quite often xD I noticed you like to include some pingas in your remixes. That is the cherry on top of the cake for me