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  1. AxLR


    Henlo. Here's a new track I've been working on: It's from my next EP, Prometheus, coming next year.
  2. Okay, Don't forget to pick another source in case SMK RR isn't taken.
  3. As long as you get your work done in time, I have no objections. You're in.
  4. Got it. Then we'll see in october. In the mean time i'll lock you in.
  5. Depends on the vote, then. So I'll wait till the end of the votes to see if you have N64 RR, Or you'll take whatever comes out?
  6. Starphoenix is in then. I'm waiting for Ridiculously Garrett's mind to set to lock him in too, but remember to choose which circuit from MK64 you'll remix.
  7. I'm on FL Studio too, so it's quite convenient. I can help you in mastering the track, you'll just have to send me the .flp file. I'll send you one back and you'll tell me if it's okay to you or not. I think Discord would be good, but since we aren't on the same time system we'd never be all together online (I'm taking account of the fact that people have things to do outside of OCR) But why not try? Rock/Synth is quite a perfect fit for BC, and I'll be quite dynamic for the album, so I'm rootin' for you ^^
  8. EDIT : Received confirmation, Bowser's Castle is taken then. Btw: I think MKSC RR is definitely underrated, And Underremixed too. Don't mean to influence votes but I'm just sayin' :V (Thisisajokechoosetheoneyouwanttoseethemostinthealbumdon'tbethatguythatisinfluencedoveranythinggeezseriouslycan'targuewithyouyou'renotfunnyifit'slikethatI'llsuicidethengoodbyecruelworldnopegotchayoureallythinkIwoulddothatit'scompletelystupidlookIdidputsecurityonthisgunsoIcanpullthetri-)
  9. ==TURBODRIFT= POLL IS OPEN FOR RAINBOW ROAD THEME REMIX ! ==INTRODUCTION== TURBODRIFT is a Mario Kart ReMix Album project, consisting of 4 sets of 4 ReMixes, separated by 4 voice tracks introducing each set. Which puts us to 20 tracks. Each set is considered like a 'cup', there is 4 of them : "Mushroom Cup", "Shell Cup", "Banana Cup" and "Star Cup". ==CREATING THE ALBUM== ♫♪ This album is under some restrictions that MUST be respected so that we can live all together in peace. ♫♪ First, There is some rules regarding each cup: There is only one ReMix of any "Mario Circuit" VGM from any MK game available and it MUST be on the "Mushroom Cup" set. There is only one ReMix of any "Bowser Castle" VGM from any MK game available and it MUST be the last track on the "Banana Cup" set. There is only one ReMix of any "Rainbow Road" VGM from any MK game available and it MUST be the last track on the "Star Cup" set. However, the theme will be publicly voted and imposed to the ReMixer who choose this track. Each track must remix a different circuit theme, and not a different version. (To prevent SMK madness from the sets) Ex: If Donut Plains 1 is picked, there cannot be any Donut Plains 2 ReMix in the album. Location on sets will be decided between ReMixers. (Optional but prefered) Each Set should contain 4 different remixes, from drastically different circuits. This is not mandatory but it ads to the album's dynamic. You can pick any track from any MK game you want as long as it fits the rules here, it's first come first serve, make sure to write down your choice on this thread so that everybody can see it. ==RECRUITMENT== This album needs a total of 16 ReMixers, a voice actor and an illustrator. 11 Places remaining for the remixers. ReMixers : Awaiting position : Ridiculously Garrett (Possibly remixing Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road) Gario (Possibly remixing Super Mario Kart - Rainbow Road) Mushroom Cup: [Mario Kart 8 - Sunshine Airport] StarPhoenix [] --- [Mario Circuit] --- [] --- Shell Cup : [] --- [ Mario Kart 64 - Sherbet Land ] Ronald Poe [] --- [] --- Banana Cup : [] --- [] --- [] --- [Super Mario Kart - Bowser Castle] TheChargingRhino Star Cup : [] --- [] --- [] --- [Rainbow Road] --- Voice Actor : --- Illustrator : --- The rule is: First come, First serve, so be fast before there is no more room. I'll be checking, but I'll be noting in the order of the responses in this thread. No PM, no mail or something, just reply that you're in and what circuit you're going to ReMix. If you want to do voice acting, send me a PM, I'll give you some instructions to see if you fit the role, and we'll see what we do. If you reply just after another member with the same track, you are in, but you'll be asked to change your source. If you don't choose a source, you'll not be considered as participating, so don't forget to choose a source. ==DEADLINE== FINAL DEADLINE IS FOR SATURDAY APRIL 20th 2019 - 12:59 PM CEST [ 05:59 PM EST] Inscriptions deadline is for Saturday December 1st 2018 - 12:59 PM CEST [ 05:59 PM EST] Submission deadline is for Saturday February 2nd 2019 - 12:59 PM CEST [ 05:59 PM EST] Those deadlines are fixed and non negotiable
  10. Didn't recieve any PM, maybe Sat turned out to be a Monday? :b Still working on my source though, I have some trouble finding the right rythm to go with it.
  11. AxLR

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 1 - Mega Man Bracket

    Since I voted, let me give you my opinion as well : Razor Wind: I concede you my vote, you deserve it well. As Gario suggested, your kick is a little bit too weak, making it stronger or adding a short-attack bass would have reinforced your drums. Dopamine: A lot of energy, a lot of headbanging when I was hearing this. Metal fits Mega Man very well (yea this is a dad joke - I can, I actually am a dad -, or should I say bad?) which was well enough to give you my vote. Fire Truck: It was a tad too calm, in my opinion. I like the way you shaped your sounds, though, It has a professional feel behind it. Thunder-Crash Tornado Fusion: This is very Persona-like. I really "didn't see it coming" (lol did I tell you I was a dad?), but still very cool to hear. I may be picky about the sax that is maybe too much for this music, but that's me complaining, objectively this is a very nice work. Crash of the Tornado: OOOH, funky! Rythm was very well handled, and this was me shaking my butt on my seat for 2:48. Although your battle with pixeltea was maybe the one that made me hesitate the most, I must say that both are really well put remixes and that you got my vote solely because I have a crush on funk. Empty Desires: That's really sad that you could not get that done on time. It actually could have made me vote for you. it's well put together and I really felt like 0:59 was really too short xD If you finish that remix, I would gladly hear it. Drill Bits: I really enjoyed your chord progression, and I really liked how well It jams together. This would have been a really cool battle, but you got my vote by default. Note that since each remix ( except mine because I'm a madlad lol) incorporated very well their theme, I didn't feel the need to comment on that. And now, for some responses : Gario : Thanks for these nice words, but I didn't go by the rules and I deserve my defeat. AirMan is indeed included into the remix and it's not quite silent xD And as much as OCR accepts or not my remixes, in the end, I sill will make music as I like it ^^. I'll let you search a bit more if you are curious but in case I'll give you the sampling guideline I gave to DarkeSword to prove that I indeed used both themes in my remix. It's just There. MindWanderer : Yup, The point is, I didn't see how I could arrange them without one being dominant over the other. And since I wanted both to be present I got stuck thinking. To the point that I said " Screw it, I'm gonna be sampling, chopping and screwing". My goal was to create an original theme that would still fit in a Mega Man game, based on the two imposed themes. So yeah, didn't respect the rules and couldn't think of anything better than that I gave my remix just to see how people would react to this or how many time before they find out what did I sample and when x) I knew I'd be losing anyway. Ridiculously Garret : Thanks, though I added too much reverb on my had which makes me cringe each time I hear my remix, but thank you for your nice words too It was fun even though I actually didn't know how to read the rules, at least I enjoyed hearing those nice remixes. Are all the entries going to be in an album in the end? That would be lit af
  12. Hoi guys! Today I wanted to share with you a track I made from my latest album, 'Hypercube' In case you want to check other tracks from 'Hypercube' : here's the playlist. I'm all ears, tell me what you think about it!
  13. Welp, congrats to @Starphoenix, you deserve that win, your remix was really good ! Concerning votes, I'd like to add some precisions : HoboKa: sorry I totally forgot to comment your bonus entry, It was good but it desynchronises with the rythm and that makes my OCD's scream a lot. evktalo : Your remix reminded me of this xD Nice work, would very much like to hear the final music x) And now, to respond to some votes : HoboKa : Didn't play the game (Still got your joke tho xD ), while listening to the music without context, I felt like it was more uplifting than sad. Which lead me to trap because it would give more energy to that ambiance. Starphoenix : Didn't notice distortion, maybe it was caused by my drums. Dex : Yup, Didn't feel like adding more layers would do good so I focused on what I had instead. And there you go, that was a fun round, hope that PRC keeps that spirit onwards! I'm looking forward for next rounds !
  14. Done. Didn't know how to submit my entry so I PM it to @DarkeSword . Hope I still fit the rules xS