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  1. AxLR

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

    And I think I wasn't serious enough on mine now that I think about it. Well you'll see.
  2. AxLR

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

    There goes my vote.
  3. AxLR

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

    Totally agree with what @HoboKa said. I'll develop my point during voting time
  4. AxLR

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

    My god spooptober is a great month for PRC.
  5. AxLR

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

    I'm glad I didn't win because that's what I call a source.
  6. Yup I'm letting myself a week or two before postponing the deadline.
  7. I'll let you choose your source, for me it's pretty clear that it's gonna be SMK RR so yeah but since there is 7 days left I'm not locking you up just in case. I'll send you a link to our discord, so that you can start being part of the project. Inscriptions are going slowly, I'll see how it goes but I might get an entry myself, depending on how active this thread will be. EDIT : Still on for inscriptions, do not hesitate to PM me if interested, Mario Kart is a fun game y'know.
  8. AxLR

    PRC380 - The Legend of the Sea (Legend of Mana)

    Told you you were going to win :b 'Twas a nice round !
  9. AxLR

    PRC380 - The Legend of the Sea (Legend of Mana)

    Voted. Welp, onto PRC 381, shall we?
  10. AxLR


    Henlo. Here's a new track I've been working on: It's from my next EP, Prometheus, coming next year.
  11. Okay, Don't forget to pick another source in case SMK RR isn't taken.
  12. As long as you get your work done in time, I have no objections. You're in.
  13. Got it. Then we'll see in october. In the mean time i'll lock you in.
  14. Depends on the vote, then. So I'll wait till the end of the votes to see if you have N64 RR, Or you'll take whatever comes out?