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  1. Hey, I sure hope this is one of those threads that are ok to be necro'd... Question: I have a few remixes that are part of official OCR albums, but I was thinking of possibly improving them and submitting to the panel. Is it okay to do this?
  2. The deadline is a bit tight, but I think I will have time for this. Sign me up for "Beat of Destruction" from Oath in Felghana. I'll join the discord server in the near future.
  3. Probably most of the stuff I say has been said in one form or other, but since opinion sharing is encouraged and invited, I'll go right ahead. I personally don't mind the change because, as (hopefully informed) people explained, from the pragmatic viewpoint it's the same - ads, no matter the form, help cover the cost of OCR-related expenses. However, I do understand why there are people who do not share this view, because I have come to learn that Youtube ads specifically is a very sensitive topic, both for video/content makers and those who watch it. I agree with sir_nuts' statement
  4. Hello, Thanks for all the comments, I'm happy the track made someone's day better I just noticed a few technical issues with the mix post so I figured I'd report. 1) My last two Bravely Default mixes seem to be posted under two different games, see screenshot: 2) There is a mistake in the lyrics that I made in my first submission email. I fixed it in my second submissions email, but never pointed that out (my bad), so the wrong lyrics got posted. This applies to both mixpost page and youtube video description. Paragraph 4, the word in bold needs to be removed:
  5. Greetings, It's a pity I can't afford to commit to make a full track for this project, but since apparently you are in need of electric guitars, I can provide that. My strength is mostly in metal-like styles, but I can play most of the styles if I put in effort. Can write solos/riffs in case the song author is struggling with it.
  6. Oh boy, there's a lot to address... I'm still in progress of ordering my thoughts and ideas for the Liberi Fatali remix so apologies if it's just incoherent blabbing, but I will try to convey what I have so far. The style of choice would be my usual symphonic metal (with experience from these four remixed tracks - putting this out here just in case someone looks at my posted mixes and thinks "I can see metal alright, but absolutely no symphony") with more emphasis on the symphonic part (including full orchestra and four voice choir) and I was planning to stick closer to the source this ti
  7. I'd like to get my hands on "Liberi Fatali", in case it's still available. Will probably be challenging, but I think it'll be lots of fun to work on that source.
  8. As an addendum to the advice given above, I can offer some info that might help out you with this task - whammy bar affects all 6 (or 7/8) strings differently, e.g. if you lower the bar so that lower E is one tone down, the high E would be like 1/4-1/3 tone down (this probably also depends on the string gauge). Either way, when whammy bar is applied to a chord, it creates a dissonance between the notes, which is a very important characteristic of the whammy bar sound. The dissonance is very pronounced if you're using a distortion guitar sound. Just, if possible, try to apply pitchshifting befo
  9. As I was wandering through this thread, I couldn't help noticing Scrap Brain Zone was not yet picked and now I feel like I should correct that by remixing it myself. If I understood the rules correctly, that theme is still eligible for picking, right? I can see this project was paused temporarily, but I'm posting this now because I know for sure I will forget to post it later.
  10. Signing up as a star. My pick will be the track that plays when viewing the world map in Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold. I hope this is eligible, I'm not too knowledgeable about Disney games.
  11. Oh, finally some news on this thing. I will try out the demo sometime this week. Like I already suggested sometime during our PM exchanges, I am willing to master the music and the offer still stands, provided you like the way my stuff sounds. In case you need one more taste of the sound, my soundcloud can be found here.
  12. 1. Abe (Oddworld) 2. Yuri Sakazaki (King of Fighters) 3. Crimson Viper (Street Fighter IV)
  13. Recently I've been composing (and getting paid for) music for an indie game. It's my first actual work and the process was quite simplistic - I send over music and I get paid, no official contracts whatsoever. However, I believe sooner or later I will have to somehow make this business official and align it with the law for various reasons. So I was wondering if anyone here could link me to some material regarding types of freelancer composer contracts or perhaps could provide some advice from personal experience. Thanks in advance! P. S. Not entirely sure if this was the right forum section t
  14. Ah, thanks for the review. Now I'm trying to contemplate what exactly would make the woodwinds seem less mechanical. I was thinking the volume randomization might not exactly do the trick, though I'm pretty sure I can remove that strong attack effect (I hope I can, if not via the plugin settings, at least with digitally reprocessing). Do you think that'd be the right way to go? Other than that, all criticisms seem clear to me.
  15. Seeing as how I need more experience in music producing, I'll go ahead and give this a shot. I'm mainly a prog. rock/metal guy, though I'm also capable of making orchestrations and synth-based stuff if needed. I've also worked on a movie soundtrack previously, though the movie is not yet finished/released. https://soundcloud.com/heavenwraith/sets Everything under the set "OST" is the music for the said movie, it contains various styles, genres, even filler music etc. The "Remixes" set contains my later works, so it's better in terms of mixing quality, but obviously the main melodies do not rep
  16. If there is a shortage of stars this time around, I'll go ahead and sign up as one. Unfortunately I can't spare the time needed to be a novice, main reason being university work, though I'd love to do it once more. Either way, looking forward to this.
  17. So now that I'd put the remixing with stars contest to the side, I've applied some touch ups to this mix and I think it's just about ready to be reviewed by a mod. Updated the first post with necessary information.
  18. Ah, thanks for pointing this out, fixed the OP. I will utilize your tips as soon as I'm able to listen to this mix without getting nauseous, heh. Also, the snare in that mix you linked to is a good example, I will try adjusting the one in my mix, along with the kick and possibly overall drum compression algorithm.
  19. Updated the OP with the link to the source and new version of the mix. The bones of the track are completed, more or less. All that's left is to adjust velocity, reverb, compression, etc. Also I wonder whether this mix is too monotonous...
  20. Signing up as a novice. Going to use Metal Man as the source. Threads of previous works: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=41962 http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42120
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