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  1. The game was a weak game in most standards I am affraid. The story is next to horrible, and the fighting was unpolished and boring. I loved how you could only attack in two directions... The saving grace of this game was the music and the art was awesome. A huge step down for the Mana series, which it has never recovered. Sadly since, Secret of Mana is one of my favorite games.
  2. Even though this game got little attention because of poor gameplay, the music is stunning, and I am surprised no one has attempted a mix on its behalf. I would love to hear a mix for the title theme, ending theme, or the opening music. below are two links to the opening theme and the title theme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFbvp1kkDlI&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBeMTXZ56XY&feature=related
  3. oh yes..... this is good.... it makes mouths happy!
  4. it was ok not my favorite though...... I never really cared for the song much in the game though.....yeah..... but i enjoyed the drums
  5. OK guys well i am tired but song this may sound funky. Avg. mix here but hey if you like FF6 you can't really go wrong
  6. Dang! SCORE! Great song i am thinking that this deserves a 9/10 McVaffe is becoming my favorite person here. The big problem is the end, it just ends you know?
  7. wonderful! This is perfect. If you don't download this you deserve to be shot or something. My first perfect score to give 10/10
  8. all i can say about this mix is that you killed it........ 2/10
  9. oddly enough i hated the intro and like the rest. The song got good 1:30 seconds after it started. This mix is average. Kinda boring, and by all means that intro is awful! Could be worse, but could be much better too. 5/10
  10. OH my i am afraid this one is what we call bad... I am sorry to say that i love Lunar it is my favorite game of all time, but this mix is bad. I really don't like the singing. I loved djpretzels Xenogears mix were he sings but this one is best put by my good friend Nall.... MY EARS!!! THEY ARE BLEEDING!!! 3/10 sadly you got a three because i love the game and that is only why.
  11. this is a great peice! Never would i think that it would be possible but i was glad to see that i am wrong that piano could do so well with Mega Man! Very relaxing and well done. I love cut man's song and this just makes me enjoy it that much more! It is a must have! 8/10
  12. Out Run for Sega Master system was one of my first games i ever owned. All i can say about this mix is thank you for making it! Great job! 8.5/10
  13. This is a great! Keeps the Metriod feel and it is kinda freaky! I love the part at 1:02 Some parts did get a little boring but over all good mix 8/10
  14. boring....... nothing to it really. Sorry i would pass if i were you. 3/10
  15. this music is..... ok i guess. I don't think God kills a kitten or anything like that when someone plays this. It is fair. I wish it got heavier at some parts, that was my biggest problem. Over all 5/10 Keep trying i could tell you had good thoughts and ideas
  16. This is a great mix! I will agree with everyone else it does seem a little short and leaves wanting more, but it is solid. Zelda fans will be sure to love this one! Must have! 8 out of 10
  17. I was really disapointed in this mix. I loved the song back in the game, but this mix of it was just boring. i was really frustrated when it just kept repeating itself over and over. Nothing special here boys and girls. 4 out of 10
  18. Oh this is a great mix. It still keeps the heart of the game but adds a new twist that is very enjoyable. I think this one is a must have! It just makes you smile you know what i mean?
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