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  1. Even crazier he almost lost all his footage from a homeless man stealing his video equipment in the subway.
  2. I may be misremembering this from the live stream they did when this first came out, but I'm pretty sure he wanted to do more on Armada but didn't get enough interview time to cover it properly.
  3. Everything I think and feel has been discussed here already, but I have to say what I found the most egregious with the new Ms. Male video was how dismissive she was of Dixie Kong. By far, Dixie Kong was the most useful Kong in DKC2. While I love Diddy, he can not compete with her hair twirling flying prowess and how OP this made her. Title character or not Dixie was that game
  4. I hope that extra stage + boss gets made
  5. Pretty cool zelda rap by yungtown really deserves more views imo
  6. Was more hyped for this than any other album, did not disappoint.
  7. I'm about half way through xenoblade atm. I like the interface as well as the combat system. Hate the item management, a lot could have been added to make this simpler and more efficient. The quest system is decent, the best part being not having to "cash in" the quests, but I wish the quests contributed more to the world and influenced the towns or something because they feel pretty pointless.
  8. What I mean is that Nintendo could class it however they wanted and that's how it would be seen as. Many spin off titles are just as deep and inventive as the main series they come from. Whether they make another 64/Sunshine/Galaxy or not (they probably will) in no way proves that the other games were not of the main series. Deviating from a specific gameplay style and returning to it later does not indicate that the games in between were of a sub series. I mean with that logic you could make a just as stupid argument that the whole 64/Sunshine/Galaxy games were a subseries not part of the main 2d side scrolling series that mario is rofl.
  9. It doesn't make sense that you're right if they make another galaxy type game and you're wrong if they don't. How does that reflect if the game is part of the main series or not? Really its up to the creators of the games as to how they are classed, its pretty subjective territory.
  10. How can you only consider these games as part of the main series if Nintendo stops making mario 64/sunshine/galaxy kind of games? What kind of horrible logic is that? Obviously Nintendo will revisit something like those games later. Its as if you're saying the Mario series was created on 64.
  11. I personally enjoy a lot of games with time limits, I find it really focuses your gameplay. My favourite zelda is Majora's Mask mostly for this reason. As for limited lives I simply like the challenge it can present.
  12. While the brawl matches do take skill, they don't take anywhere near the same skill level as melee. The matches are still entertaining to watch though, im a big fan of ADHD's diddy.
  13. lurked this site for some time now, decided to finally make an account and post. Hahahah awesome to see another soffer. I was a big fan of mgs and decided to use Foxdie as my name when I started playing sof. Later on I would use idFx (a remixed version of Foxdie) as a pub alias to avoid talking to people when I was warming up. I really liked the "Fx" part and decided to add it to the end of my regular name. idFx also became my breakdancing alias here's a stupid quick sof frag vid test I made with ocremix music a couple years ago.
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