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  1. i second that! lvl 90 and i can still barely hurt him Good lord dude. I killed him at 85. And I was taking away fairly large chunks of his HP's per hit (A couple pixels a hit, about a fifth of a HP bar per full combo). Are you sure you're not being fooled by his 6 HP bars? I know he has two purple HP bars layered on top of each other, so until you run the first of those down it doesn't look like you're doing any damage to him. Try fighting him again and just stick with it, keep hitting him. Of course, having the Ultima Weapon was probably a large factor in my victory, so maybe you should go for that too if you don't already have it.
  2. Hrm, Kerafyrm from Eq comes to mind..... Ok, ok, no impossible bosses . I remember that Egg Viper from Sonic Adventure took me about half a week to beat. He always caught me off guard when I got to a new section of his technique. And then, after you kill him, he pulls one last trick on you that SO pissed me off. I mean, come on.... I'd spent several days of free time working on killing him and I see him spiralling downwards with flames spurting out of him. What did you think I'd do? Drop the controller and do a dance around the room, naturally! What?!?! But... but... but....... You're dead! You're not ALLOWED to do a kamikaze attack on me! Noooooo..... But anyways. I've heard that Sephiroth is one tough cookie in Kingdom Hearts, too. Hrm, too bad I haven't found him yet. I suppose I should look into that.....
  3. This mix is just perfect. Nothing more can truly be said about it. Except that I wish that the percussion was a bit louder. I think that that is what adds alot of the strength to the song, I don't particularly like turning up my speakers to hear it...... But once the volume is turned up, I must say it is beautiful. Completely and utterly.
  4. Good lord, listening to this mix almost puts me in limbo. I can vividly remember playing the game about two years ago, and this just about knocks me back into that time, not just in the fact that it is from the game but also because of just how, I don't know how to put it, interesting maybe? Must... resist urge.. to... reminisce..... Anyways, definetly a solid mix. The one nitpick I have with it is that the guitar is likely taken directly from the song (It sounds exactly as it did in the original song), but I've gotta wonder if thats a bad thing. After all, that IS a great guitar. Oh, and the drums are really minimalist. Personally, I either prefer minimalist drums or absolutely great drums, so I'm not complaining. (I don't care much for in-the-middle drum tracks) I do particularly like how he managed to make the techno portions quite in-your-face and intense. It really adds another element to this otherwise peaceful song. All in all, I'd have to give it a 9.5/10. Music was one of two things that Origin got dead-on right in Uo, and this really brings that out. (The other being the way they handled skills)
  5. About time Suikoden 1 had a good remix. All I can say is wow. Just you forgot the part where Yuber set the town on fire . Not exactly much of a reviewer here. Just about all I can say ATM is that it left a good taste in my mouth, which is definetly a good thing.
  6. http://support.uo.com/advancedcharacter.html That document alone is proof that UO is dying. And no, it could not be forged, seeing as it is on UO's servers. A few quotes regarding the subject: Quote Cygnet: Quote Sarlyn: Quote Darniaq: I could go on for hours just quoting stuff about that. And that was from a milder forum -- UO Stratics was nearly burnt to the ground by the flame wars it started. Yes, I do admit that UO has one of the best PvP systems. Either it or DAoC has the best -- I'm not the person to argue about it, seeing as I don't actively PvP. Yes I'm a 'carebear', and I'm proud of it. I don't particularly like dying every 5 minutes because someone 30 levels higher than me decides they want to play God. I'm going to leave it at that. I don't want to create an off-topic EQ vs UO war, but I do want to let it be known that, yes, UO is dying.
  7. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It's a relatively large industry, which is just going into it's second generation of games. Ultima Online, specifically, is the largest example of a 'dying' MMORPG, which is probably why it is named as such, and the fact that Occlo is easily the most underpopulated city there. As for the original, since I've never been to Occlo, I can't really comment on this. I guess I can go grab my CD, download the program again and check out the Occlo music to see the original, but since I gave up UO a year ago, that's unlikely. As for the actual mix.... I like it. It's nice and just about perfect BGM stuff, exactly the stuff that I look for (Most of my music is almost exclusively used as background). The guitar does create a very nostalgic effect, because a similar guitar is featured in several other UO themes. The drums aren't as nice as they could be, but I've never cared much about the percussion of mixes. Good. 8/10. The game sucks, but oh well. Btw, if you want to check out an MMORPG, check out Everquest, the largest, most addictive and second oldest MMORPG on the market. It's well worth the $13 a month if you have the time to play it, and since just recently it's final expansion pack was launched, you can buy Everquest Gold for only $40 and get all 4 expansion packs with it.
  8. I can't get enough of this one. I love the animal-scream at 0:40 in addition to just about everything else. Pure, bottled insanity.
  9. Anyone who doesn't like this deserves to be shot. Not that anyone here doesn't like it, though. Easily my favorite AmIEvil song. Very easily.
  10. Easily one of my favorite fast-paced battle music. Gotta love it when it comes on during an Eq raid
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