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  1. Wow. A remix of my favorite track? I never knew I'd hear it. It's not in my style, but it's good sauce anyway.
  2. I had to listen to this several times to truly appreciate it... ...one of the most haunting pieces I've heard, with a very omnious ending. Definately fits CoTMM and is very good stuff if you like his other pieces
  3. BLIND GUARDIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and this remix rox0r
  4. This remix instills a very strange emotion in me that can only be expressed by one phrase: WTF? 5/5 for sher.
  5. I just noticed this. Does this mean this is your last remix? =/
  6. Tired, and weary, the weathered-faced man wandered with a slow, hesistant step into what he once called home. The outskirts of town were utterly ravaged, both by storm, and by time, the very faint traces of the energy that tore so horribly through steel and gravel assaulting his senses. A step foward, and a pause was all he offered as he stared up at the massive, now twisted and battered peaks of towers previously standing on either side of the massive stronghold a few miles ahead of him. His body seized and fell, his knees hitting the ground as his head lowered, accepting the fall of the acid
  7. Now, I'll be honest when I say I really don't like rap, or hip-hop, or any of the subgenres. The genre itself is, well, rather 'meh' to me, and I never found any interest in it. Maybe it's because the lyrics, more often than not, favor violence over anything else, and that's not exactly a message I like to listen to. If I want that, I'll bloody turn on CNN. However, DJ Crono, in all his works, has done a beautiful job in sensibly mixing what was formerly just videogame soundtrack into a very listenable, very different genre. Out of all his mixes, though, this one happens to be my favorite. The
  8. Eh, I'll be honest and say I don't like this all that much... It's sounds a bit off key, and the instruments are nearly as bad as the last one. In fact, I think I liked the last one better, ESPECIALLY the intro! But, eh, this one doesn't do it for me. I dont' know any remix terminology, since I'm just a listener, but this one just... sounds bad. When I first listening to the first one, and heard the intro, I was like 'Oh dear god, this is going to rock the hell out of me isn't it?' ...and then the synths came in and my ears exploded. If you redo the last one with different synths, I think that
  9. Okay, for the slow among you, I made this account JUST to type out what he said, and finally put this to rest. Sorry if I come up harsh, but I absolutely adore this remix, and I thought the intro was pretty clever, even if it was a bit... odd? "Hey buddy, happy birthday! Guess what?! I made ya a remix of... Cid's theme! Let me sing it for you! .... *odd singing ahoy, including some clipping!*" I can't make out the next part, but I THINK it's... "You really think I'd remix like this? Hell no..." That about cover it?
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