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  1. No matter where in the order I upload the song to my MP3 player, or what download of the song I use, it always goes berzerk at 3:33 in the song and skips to the end. Is there some codec fracturing going on that a few of the MP3's haven't been properly ripped for use on the site, or that the files got slightly corrupted somehow?
  2. I don't know why, because it plays just fine on my computer, but when I upload it to an RCA Lyra it goes berzerk 16 seconds before the end of the song and skips right to the end like a badly scratched CD. I've tried re-downloading the file, re-uploading the song, and pretty much anything you could suggest - but the one thing I've noticed when listening to it with the MusicMatch Jukebox is that even though the song length shows up as 2:59 the file plays past that to 3:00 and almost 3:01. Maybe there's an encoding error that corrupts the playback on non Windows platforms?
  3. When I was home for a vacation, I started downloading music on my mother's computer and I played this for her. "What's that?" she said. "It's the theme for a video game I like, rearranged." "Wow," said she, "I didn't know the music in games was that good now." It was then I remembered her last experience with video games had probably been playing Pac-Man against me, which has about 6-8 seconds of music at the beginning when you hit one player or two player, and that's about it. So I looked at her and smiled, and said "Yes they are." Maybe she didn't realize what was so special about this song was the way AmIEvil arranged it, but for that moment it didn't matter. I was happy that this song set the standard. In that single moment my mom went from Pac-Man to Final Fantasy, and AmIEvil was there. The highest compliment I can pay this song is simply this - there's no better way to reintroduce my mother to video games than this.
  4. McVaffe has both his fans and his detractors, but if you're among the former and not the latter you'll find this another A+ mix from him. It captures that Russian element of the original in a very whimsical yet completely new way. At times it's medieval, at times it sounds like the Tetris Polka. I was very pleased to see that McVaffe is back, fit, and still kicking bottom.
  5. You can buy the GBA version of Rockman & Forte and it works in the U.S. GBA. Aside from the screen size, it's a perfect port.
  6. This remix, and AmIEvil's "Death on the Snowfield." I burned them to a special disc, and they were the first two songs I heard in my new Saturn. What more is there to say than that? What other songs could I possibly give this honor to? There are some on OCR.. but ONLY a few.. maybe GLL's "Thou Art a DJ" Dragon Warrior mix, but when I got my car back in April he hadn't released it yet.. - MMF
  7. The fact anybody would use a vocoder to record their own made up lyrics for the Chocobo Theme is disturbing. Yes I like it, but I can only listen to it once in a blue moon; it's not GOOD funny like Team Gato. -- MMF
  8. For anybody who professes to be a n00b to this site or these boards, this is perhaps one of the three or four MOST definitive remixes on the site in terms of what OCR should be about. If you know nothing about Chrono Trigger, you'll laugh; if you know anything about Chrono Trigger you'll laugh even harder. The Gato Team took what was basically a throw away melody from the original game with some (I'm guessing) poorly translated lyrics that couldn't possibly be sung to it even if the SNES game HAD vocalizations (if you haven't played it, trust me it doesn't, this long predates FFX) and somehow in their demented brains cooked up a way to not only play the melody in a way it COULD be sung to but actually DO sing to it, in a HILARIOUS multitude of different styles which AntonioPizza described so well. The sad part is that this song isn't just funny, it's really damn catchy! Even months after I heard it the first time I'd still catch myself rambling around the apartment, humming "myyy name is gahhh-toe, I have metal joyyynce" when I was bored or in need of a quick video game fix. I nearly drove my wife insane with it. Try this sometime: go to a video game or comic book convention, start singing the "we're a renaissance festival band" version from the beginning, and see how many people either (a) smile politely and ignore you ( back away from the crazy person or © chuckle, grin, and nod. Anybody who does © is obviously both a gamer and a fan of OCR. -- MMF
  9. I wouldn't say this is my FAVORITE EVER remix by Scott Peeples, but it's VERY VERY good all the same. What I like is how it takes one of the most well known themes of Chrono Trigger and gives it a darkly lush and what I would even consider slightly ominous arrangement. A lot of other versions of this theme have been uptempo, high-spirits and gung-ho, but this one is somber.. reflective.. pensive. I think it reflects the spirit of Chrono Trigger in a way a lot of remixes of it haven't to date. KUDOS!
  10. I've heard some good "slashy" remixes on OCR before, and while this wouldn't rank at the top of my list it has some appealing reinterpretations of Final Fantasy on the whole. It seems a little muted though, possibly an effect of playing and recording it live, but there's no OOMPH to the sound. -- MMF
  11. That says it all. Brilliant remix by the way, I like it a lot! Almost as much as the fact that I downloaded it at 212 k/s on my new cable modem.
  12. Somebody was grousing about the "beeping" at the beginning of the song and I just finally realized what they were talking about - the transceiver!! Personally I think including it was a nice touch, a way of putting you right in the nostalgic mood you should be when remembering old Metal Gear. I also read someone's complaint in chat that "it sounds like NSF." That's in fact what's so great about this remix - it really DOES sound like it belongs in a Nintendo or Super Nintendo game. My verdict? Two thumbs up for "Uh oh - the beat have started to move!" And I +LOVE+ the engrish!
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