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  1. It used to be that it took a year to get a decision, now it takes 7 months just to update the thread.
  2. Hi Everyone - this is our recent piece - a remix of themes from Elemental Master - a 1993 (NA) Genesis game. Would love to hear some feedback. Hope you enjoy it. https://megalixir1.bandcamp.com/track/brother
  3. I'm definitely not getting a 'brutal' vibe from this track. The mixing in general seems very suspect, especially the second half. I do however enjoy tone of the first half up until the vocals come in, it is very reminiscent of Fire Garden Suite.
  4. Thanks so much OmegaBolt - you're right on with the sound direction. We're all prog rock/metal fans and bands like Neal Morse are right in our wheel house. We always try to cover a few different bases with our longer pieces so all of our influences can come thru. Here I got to channel both my inner Steve Vai and John Petrucci
  5. Hey OCR, We just finished our most recent piece which is a medley of SNES RPG themes...well almost all RPGs...we tacked on Final Fight for good measure Feedback of any kind is appreciate as always. Although I should state that the spoken work sections were intentionally placed as this was used for a podcast and we wanted to include some fun soundbites from the show. I don't know if this can be submitted here because it's multiple games involved in one piece, does anyone know? Either way...enjoy and here are the included themes: Lufia II - Final Battle Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace Earthb
  6. I appreciate the response, I really do. I also appreciate the work done here by the staff. But I stand by my original statement. If I finish a piece of music, I don't even remember how to play it 7 months down the line, let alone the 29 other elements that went into making it. I've also probably written 5 other pieces since then which I've also forgotten how to play. Feedback of any media needs to happen with more immediacy or it becomes redundant. None of this is a complaint and I certainly have no place to tell you how to run your site. It's purely an observation, and I'm just looking for an
  7. You have pieces from March 2013 in the 'to be judged' section and that doesn't worry you?
  8. I understand, and I'm not trying to be a jerk here. I guess I'm just curious if you thought the process was working or if you thought it deserved attention. Surely there has to be a better way regardless of quantity. Different tiers of judging for example. I would be glad to help out with any ongoing discussions in an open forum.
  9. I have a question. Hopefully this is the right place for it. How does this site legitimately think that 7-12 months is a realistic time frame to offer feedback on a submission? I can't even comprehend if a piece got rejected for resubmission - a potential 2 year turn around for one piece of music?!?! I mean I appreciate that this site exists to service the community but the process needs to be drastically revamped, because if you think that time frame is acceptable then I would be speechless. Thanks
  10. Sounds like it belongs on Pilotwings Great piece. The only thing I would add is that your cymbals sound a little dry.
  11. I recently submitted this track but didn't initially notice how long the judging cycle was. I would love to get some feedback in the mean time. It's from the 1994 SNES game Demon's Crest and is built on two theme's - Beyond the Colosseum & Metropolis of Ruin. Link to our version http://megalixir1.bandcamp.com/track/demons-crest Source links Beyond the Colosseum Metropolis of Ruin
  12. I'm not sure what some of the judges are referring to but the piece does feel very one dimensional to me. Sonically it stays the same throughout but most importantly, it doesn't change dynamically. I would start with a rewrite and develop more ideas around the central theme, with a focus on instrumentation. Don't rely on the same sounds, be creative and explore other textures and feels. I think what you had was a strong foundation, and with some added depth it could be stronger.
  13. Man Lufia 2 has some great music. There's some really awesome sections in here. Structure wise I think you're good. I don't know why but your tone when playing with keys sounds great, but alone it can be quite grating. I would be inclined to mix those sections differently to compensate. Also when the rhythm drops out and comes back in it's too prominent for me (@ 1:29 for example). The second part of the solo section also feels a little disjointed so I would personally address the transition there. Those would be my main criticisms. Great job though.
  14. For a five and a half minute piece, this really needs some focus. The flute is out of key quite often and as the poster above mentioned, the drums are also quite flat. Timing is also an issue when the rhythm guitars come in and this should be addressed in the mix. Around the 1:52 mark is where things start coming together and the instruments are cohesive. Your different sections flow well and have character, it's really the execution that lets them down. Overall this feels very much like a first draft but I think with a lot of attention to detail it could take shape.
  15. I am a HUGE SX fan I might be inclined to add in a touch of the cutting rhythm, or at least double your existing track and boost the treble. If you listen to something like Accolade or Rediscovery Part II, you can hear how the guitars cut through the mix and snap with the snare/kick. It requires a deft mix but when you get it right it really brings it to life.
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