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  1. Hey everyone, I'm playing MAGStock 2015 and I'll be playing an updated version of this F-Zero remix, along with other chiptune/video game related music. The goal for this was to play all the leads on electric violin, as opposed to that weird six-stringed instrument a lot of other people seem to like to play. Enjoy. https://trevwignall.bandcamp.com/album/silencer-f-zero-dream-chaser
  2. evktalo, thank you! I love seeing how far I can twist my favorite instrument! There's a 'studio' version on my bandcamp you can stream/DL for free if you'd like.
  3. I'm submitting for Ignoring the Crash, the NES tribute album, and this is a live version of the remix. What do you all think? Sorry it's a bit dark - the dim lighting didn't translate well to the video camera.
  4. Thanks! You'll have my others in a day or two. In the meantime - this is a live performance of the Metroid Title tune:
  5. Hey Everyone - Realm of Mind and I just finished this Chiptune/Jazz-Fusion collab. If you like Chiptune, Prog Rock, and/or Jazz-Fusion, there's a good chance this'll groove. I'm on electric violin, RoM with composition and production. Let me know what you think! https://trevwignall.bandcamp.com/album/moonshine-island Trev
  6. Hey There - Super Metroid's one of my all-time favorite games, so I couldn't resist replying! Good work overall, and this is certainly an overlooked tune. It's good to hear someone do it. I like the super-clean electric guitar when it comes in, and feel it brings. Great performance on that. The choir though gets pretty old, and fast. You've got to take it out occasionally, put way more DSP on it, change the line up more often, have another instrument take over, or vary it in some other way. There's tons you can do, so go crazy with it (in the future I guess). The whole track is very very very clean/dry, which doesn't exactly scream 'dim fiery cavern in which Samus is probably sweating bullets and suffering heat damage'. But it's a refreshing direction. it just needs more variation overall. Hope this is helpful! Trev
  7. I used to worry I was not partaking in enough loudness in my mixes. I have found however that it tends to derail what I'm personally trying to accomplish musically. I'd rather not try and measure up to someone else's loudness, that's a battle I'm not interested in attempting to win. I'd rather try to write/mix the best I can. Yeah, like WillRock mentioned, there is a volume knob. Sometimes it's built-in and automated. With the advent of soundcheck in iTunes (which is a wonderful feature I use all the time), I think maximizing loudness can hurt the mix potentially if it's matched down to a more dynamic (within reason/taste) mix. The 'louder' mix would likely sound lackluster in comparison when the volume is brought back down to match the RMS of the more dynamic track. Also, with 24 bit recording, I don't think we're really hurting for headroom anymore? I really think the idea of loudness for sake of loudness (instead of the actual music) is obsolete by now.
  8. This isn't even mine but I'm posting it. If you need a track for a jungle level in your indy game, get in touch with this guy: https://supdoodle.bandcamp.com/track/safari Trev
  9. Nick - I've replied via your site and the FB page. Thanks for the post!
  10. I'll go head and do the titles from MM2. Thanks Touchstone!! I will also go ahead and do Shatterhand (1991). It was an advanced game for the NES, and the music is also killer. So I think it should be included! Any objections? I haven't decided which area to do yet (suggestons?). Like the tracks in MM2 they're all quite good.
  11. Nice work! Incidentally I'm doing the same tune for Ignoring the Crash. Nice feel with the drums and strings and winds when the main tune comes in at 1:53 or so. I think for the atmosphere your going for, I think everything works pretty nicely. The main suggestion I have is that it would so cool if you had a live drummer, I think that would do the main tune sections a bit more justice by adding some fills and things. And, some more electronic candy, but that's just me. The bass is kind of doing that already. Excellent!
  12. I would really like to do the titles from MM2 or 3. Would this be OK and not too many MM tracks? I know they have been done a lot however it's been awhile I think since these two themes have been done. Alternatively - there's Shatterhand too which I'd be into doing.
  13. Rebecca, I really like this. The orchestral samples are very tastefully done (esp. strings/harp/winds), but you may want to take a look at the brass 2:26: it really sticks out and does not fit in or sound as realistic as the strings/harp/winds do. It's not as much of an issue later though. Have you thought about puttign a tad more percussion in too? Cymbal swells and things? Right now you only have hits. Also a bit more panning variation? It's very well mixed so far however aside from the brass I mentioned. Hope this helps! By the way - if you'd want solo acoustic violin for this, please let me know. This is one of my favorite soundtracks. Great work so far.
  14. Thank ya!! Glad you like it! More to come soon too.
  15. Hey, I've just finished a cover of 'No Church In The Wild. Here. It's free to stream/DL. Enjoy!
  16. Hey, if anyone would like some acoustic/electric violin tracks, just PM me! Check out my site for examples of my work if you wish.
  17. Oh right! Sorry about that! Well, maybe it'll get an album someday. There is a lot of great music in it. Is Space Invaders for PS1 fair game? Or is it considered a port? It didn't originate on PS1 but it seems like it was heavily updated. I don't think there are any remixes for it on OCR either. It does have some good techno music which would be my style. I'd probably do the first stage, 'Pluto' if it's OK.
  18. May I do something from FF8? Like the title theme, or the Lunar Pandora (really cool electronic track)? The game does have its flaws but it's underrated IMO.
  19. Thanks for checking it out! There are plenty of albums on my wishlist too.
  20. Trev

    Your "feels" VGM

    The Music of Majora's Mask has some of the heartfelt music I've ever come across in a video game. Three examples: I kid you not, I visited the observatory just to listen to the music when I first got the game back in 2000. It's a wonderful theme that connects the 'celestial other' of the crashing moon and the melancholy of the world below. Actually - look up the movie "Melancholia' by Lars Von Trier. It has elements of MM in film format. It has a wonderful baroque/Bach feel with the harpsichord too. I'm totally covering this on violin at some point. This Clock Town variation is brilliant. It very clearly convey desperate denial in the face an impending end of times. A very human tendency it seems! Listen for the dissonance in the bass, where the line has absolutely nothing to do with the original key and rips any comfortable sense of tonality apart. In game this theme is incredible, and it riffs off of Native Jovian's post below. The midnight theme scared me to death when I first played the game. Those watery, wavering, ghostly string patches!! The sound design makes this theme just as much as the composition. A fine example of where overtly synthetic strings might have been an even better choice than 'real' ones. Note the shimmery texture that comes in right away. I still have no idea how that was done. For utter hopelessness, loss and despair you need look no further. Sorry to ramble a bit. I really love this game and it's music.
  21. Hey Everyone - I finished this awhile ago. It's inspired by 'Metroidvania' games like Symphony of the Night, and Metroid Fusion. Here. It's named after the forest in FFVI, and showcases my electric violin playing and sound design. Thanks for checking it out! Trev
  22. The part in the beginning where Link has knock the ocarina from the skull kid had me absolutely terrified when I first played it many years ago. I had absolutely no idea what to do initially! What a great game, and great music (Astronomy Observatory being a standout for me). I still prefer it to OoT, and that game is excellent too. I think it's the character depth and the poignancy of the side/mask quests that really make it for me.
  23. Hey Everyone - If you all would like acoustic or electric violin for your remixes, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd be happy to help. I've been playing for many years, and can improvise too. For an example of my work, please see I'm really enthusiastic about VGM and Chiptune!My website with more work is: trevwignall.com Cheers!
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