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  1. First things first, thanks for your interesting in this Project and your usefull Feedback for now. First, thanks for your praise! And now my thoughts to your Feedback: To 1.: I'm not completely agree with this opinion. I think its somewhere right at all. But the Part at 1:40 is a good example for many Mario SFX and not too much in my opinion. This Part of the Track is my favorite and i find, it have a very cool feeling like a "90's Techno-Track" and it don't listening wrong for me. The rest of the Track i overused it possibly a bit too much, thats right. To 2.: I despair
  2. Thanks Guys for your good Feedback! I read your posts intensively and did try to implement some of this things. So now, i have finished a almost completely new version I must say, its have some completely different Patterns then before. I try to get this Time more variations for fewer repetitive feeling ;). I was focused on the melody Part and the Mario Soundeffects. The drumpattern was the same then before, this does not mean that i don't want to change this. The drums are which currently the most repetitive stuff in this Remix, but i want to work on this as next (if there should be a problem
  3. So, I'm back with my current Project. This Time i recording some individual stuff and i was trying, to bring my ideas in this Remix (then that was the Feedback from the Users on my last Project). I had fun to experiment with alot of Sounds and some new note sequences. But now, I'm interested on your Impressions guys! This Project is "work in progress", so i want to try to refine this Remix, with Feedback from you! Here is the Beta Version of this Remix: If you have some Ideas, critique, Impressions or whatever, so i would be glad if you write me your thoughts in a Post in this Thread
  4. Yeah! You're right, the Remix haven't so much new elements at all, but my Vision of this Remix was not so far away from the Original. I find the Original sounds a bit to soft. So it was my ambition, to generate a more punchy and bigger sounds in my Remix (that's a reason for the heavy bottom EQ). I editing a lot of the Drumloops and my Remix is a bit faster. So in the end, its not so wrong to tell it a Remake or remastered or something ;). I find the Idea with the screaming Guitar at 1:34 pretty cool. In the Future, i want to try, to flow in more own Ideas in the future, for a bit v
  5. Wow, the difference between the first Version and the V5 surprising me alot. The new Version have a great clean Sound and a mystic dark feeling! Nice Work man! Greetings Matzino
  6. Hi guys, i want to share my newest Project with you. Its a Remix of the F-Zero X Series for the Nintendo 64! Its my absolutely favorite theme of this game, and i'm very proud on this Remix. I think this Project is finished in my opinion, but i'm very interested, on critique and Reviews from other Users. Hopefully you enjoy it and give me a bit of Feedback guys! My Remix Original Version: Greetings Matzino
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