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  1. Thank you everyone! I should be seeding the torrent for a few days
  2. Loved the trailer, can't wait to hear the whole album in full.
  3. Fantastic news, well done everyone.
  4. Wow, nearly 3 years? A think a big thank you should go to everyone involved in this, you are all so close to the finish line and to see a project run consistently, no large hiatus or change in directions, this is amazing to see. Congratulations to DarkFlameWolf, Modus, Rotten Eggplant and everyone else!
  5. Wow, congratulations to Darkflamewolf and to everyone who is working so hard for this project. Know your fans are excited and cheering you on!
  6. Fantastic, could not have asked for a better pairing of track and artist!
  7. Oh sweet moons yes. I just recently finished Skies (legends) on the 'cube again. I freakin' love this game and it's music. I really wish I had any sort of musical talent. Can I ask if you would consider listing the Dark Rift theme into the soundtrack? Its not on the official OST but it is a haunting and unsettling piece. I spent hours grinding there for items and levels so this song always comes to my mind when thinking of this game. EDIT: Adding link for the theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2D5tafRqCY
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